What to do at Christmas on the Amalfi Coast? - Trips to Sorrento (2023)

What to do at Christmas on the Amalfi Coast for an unforgettable holiday

What to do at Christmas on the Amalfi Coast? - Trips to Sorrento (1)

Although the Amalfi Coast is often considered a purely summer destination, a time of the year like Christmas can be a wonderful opportunity to fall in love with the beauty of these places.the winter atmosphere, As a matter of fact, give a whole new charmto the impressive landscapes that characterize the coast and offer you a different experience than what you can live during the hot season, but without a doubt unforgettable.

During the holidays,towns and cities are dressed in Christmas magic. It is therefore a great time to discover the many wonders of this country and let yourself be carried away by the warmthlights, DieAroma of typical dessertsand theevents planned for this anniversaryloved and felt by young and old.

As you can imagine, they exist.many things to do at Christmas on the Amalfi Coast, because in addition to the scenic, historical and cultural attractions of this area, there are those of the Christmas tradition. So all you have to do is keep reading to find out how you can have a magical vacation.

Christmas on the Amalfi Coast: many things to do and see to celebrate the holidays

What to do at Christmas on the Amalfi Coast? - Trips to Sorrento (2)

Haymany things to do on the Amalfi Coast during the Christmas period. It is not summer and we certainly cannot dive into the crystal clear waters, but you will love this area even in the winter season.

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In fact, you can take advantage of the Christmas holidays to discoverAmalfiand his many interests: seeingPositano, the pearl of the coast, or admireall the must see places in Sorrento. Then there is the opportunity to explorethe characteristic villages of the Amalfi Coast, includingAtrani, Maiori, Minori, Praiano, Ravello and Cetara, just to name a few. The wonders of this place are certainly numerous and never boring.

In addition, at this time of year, many centers host events related to the Christmas tradition, which will help you immerse yourself even more in the festive atmosphere. Read on to find out more about some of the events that take place in December and other suggestions for a wonderful Christmas on the Amalfi Coast!

Sorrento and "Shine in Winter"

What to do at Christmas on the Amalfi Coast? - Trips to Sorrento (3)

The city of Sorrento, already full of interesting places, has a complete offerEvents calendardedicated to Christmas. the exhibition"Shine in the Winter", which has been organized by the city for years, actually includes a series of initiatives to enjoy holidays with children and adults.

Markets, lights, Christmas partieswill be the protagonists, music will accompany New Year's Eve and in Marina Piccola di Sorrento the fireworks will announce the New Year.

Amalfi and its Christmas atmosphere

What to do at Christmas on the Amalfi Coast? - Trips to Sorrento (4)

a visit toAmalfi, the town that gives its name to this stretch of coast, is undoubtedly one of the Christmas activities on the Amalfi Coast.

In addition to the many attractions of this city, including the magnificent Cathedral of Sant'Andrea and the Paper Museum, you can admire them in their Christmas costume from December 8 to January 6.

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At this magical time of year, indeed,The city looks like a nativity scene, with its many lights rising up the Lattari Mountains. A completely new way to admire the breathtaking views and landscapes of Amalfi, while the streets of the city are enriched with the melodies of the pipers during the main holidays: it will be impossible not to immerse yourself in the warmth of the festive atmosphere!

Ravello, three essential advances

What to do at Christmas on the Amalfi Coast? - Trips to Sorrento (5)

Lots to see in RavelloPlus: In fact, it is one of the most popular places for tourists visiting the Amalfi Coast.

In addition to recognition forspectacular settingthat can be admired from its viewpoints, this city is also famous for the International Classical Music Festival that takes place in summer.

Three main initiatives celebrating the holiday season are associated with the show.The first are two world premieresof the Ravello Foundation, which will close the events celebrating the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri and which will take place at the Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium.

The first is the actor's monologue.Tony Servilo,Dante's voices, which will take place on Saturday, December 11, while the second is the showin the name of DanteconAlexander Edel, which takes place on Sunday, December 19.

However, on December 26, as stated in theRavello Foundationwebsite, the Santo Stefano concert with Lisette Oropesa, a famous American soprano, will also take place at the Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium.

Cetara, many events for young and old.

Cetara is a picturesque fishing village withan ancient seafaring tradition, famous above all for its tuna and anchovy sauce. Among the many things to do at Christmas on the Amalfi Coast, we also recommend a visit to this charming town.


You can bring your children to visit the bouncy castle.Santa Claus Village, immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas with gospel songs for Boxing Day or ring in the New Year with a Christmas concert by local artists. In short, the planned activities are numerous: all you have to do is consult the complete program on theother tourismWebsite!

Naples and Salerno, two unavoidable stops

Why not take advantage of your holidays on the Amalfi Coast to discover cities a little further away but easily accessible, such asNaples and Salerno? These places really deserve to be discovered and visited throughout the year, but they will captivate you even more during the Christmas season.

In Salerno for exampleartist lightsis expected, a famous event in whichartistic lightsbeautify the streets of the city. And Naples?

Here you will find attractions such as the Christmas markets at the Pietrarsa Railway Museum and undoubtedly the magic ofSaint Gregory Armeno, the street that houses craft shops dedicated to the manufacture of nativity scenes throughout the year: a stop not to be missed to immerse yourself in Neapolitan folklore and in the Christmas atmosphere.

Pompeii, the charm of history

What to do at Christmas on the Amalfi Coast? - Trips to Sorrento (6)

If you love archaeology, you can also use your vacation on the Amalfi Coast for aVisit to Pompeii. The venue is also open to the public in winter, as you can see in the schedules published on theOfficial site, allows you to doan incredible journey through history, which discover customs and traditions of Roman society.

If you have the time and opportunity to get some exercise, staying on the Amalfi Coast for your Christmas holidays is certainly an experience.

In this regard, you can find a lot of information about it in a previous articleHow to get to Pompeii.

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Rent a car to explore the Amalfi Coast and have the Christmas of your dreams

What to do at Christmas on the Amalfi Coast? - Trips to Sorrento (7)

In order not to miss any of the many activities on the Amalfi Coast during the Christmas period and experience the festive atmosphere that reigns in all the towns in the area, it is the best choice.Car rental.

And when, as is often the case in southern Italy, even in December, the sun shines and the temperatures allow it, why not choose a fun and original vehicle like a convertible?

Thanks toSorrento Trips rental service, a local company specializing in the rental of boats, scooters and convertibles,You can move along the coast with total freedomand experience all the attractions that this wonderful place has to offer.

This is the most convenient, convenient and safe solution.to discover the beauties of the area, including slightly more distant destinations such as Salerno, Naples and Pompeii. Having a car at your disposal, in fact,You can create a custom itineraryand reach the most famous places.

The Sorrento Trips service alsoGuaranteed advantageous prices, 24-hour assistanceand the opportunity to choosea large selection of car models,all very equipped.

Do you want more ideas for your trip? you can discoverthe best itineraries of the Amalfi Coast by caroto visit the most beautiful places on the coast.


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