'We are in hell': texts reveal January 6 spiral of Ali Alexander, the confidant who denies Kanye's choice (2023)

Al Alexanderthe far-right political agitator notorious for organizing theJanuary 6thProtests that turned into bloody riots – covered his recenttwitter recoverylike a debutante party. He used his handle @Ali to insult political enemies (includingdestroyMarjorie Taylor Greene) and brag about her skills online. "Nobody wants to smoke Ali Alexander," he tweeted last week with typical modesty. "Can you imagine being stupid enough to come?crazy intelligent highly favored Ali Alexander?”

In his flashback to the public eye, Alexander divulged his connection to another humble man: the likely 2024 presidential candidate.Kanye West, now known as Ye. Appears in a newly releasedPodcast, Alexander has presented himself as one of Ye's best political confidants and promotes theRapper Hitlerliebenderas “the best thing to happen to American politics since Donald J. Trump. And I mean it. Without a lid. Not a friendly train.” Alexander urged Ye to prayerfully consider whether "God has really called him to run for office," but that "the answer looks like he's leaning toward a yes."

Alexander's sudden reappearance in American political life follows two years in the desert, when the agent was rocked by the January 6, 2021 fallout. lie that he was stripped of re-election.

As an organizer, Alexander worked with Trump representatives and longtime Tea Party activists to promote the demonstration at the Ellipse, where Trump urged angry crowds to march on Capitol Hill. To publicize the event, Alexandre set up the websiteWildProtest.com. The Capitol storming should not have come as a surprise to Alexander, who tweeted incendiary rhetoric in the run-up to the Electoral College certification, including thinly-veiled threats about what might happen if objections to the vote count were dropped ("Anyone can guess what I do and 500,000 others will do with this building") and revolutionary sentiments like "1776 is always an option". At a separate D.C. rally at Freedom Plaza on January 5, Alexander led the crowd with a chant: "Victory or death!

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Alexander was not prosecuted. And unlike many January 6th players, he did not defend the Fifth Amendment before Congressional investigators, but spent hours talking to the January 6th committee. Thecopy ofThis statement was revealing - suggesting that Alexander gave MP Paul Gosar's team oneViolence early warningBrewing beer outside the Capitol.

In its latest document dump, the Jan. 6 committee also released text messages from Alexander's phone.January 5theJanuary 6th. These hundreds of messages provide a unique insight into events leading up to and during the invasion of the Capitol.

Alexander served as a central point in the information flow for the events of January 6th. He has since texted congressional staffers, GOP advisors, white supremacists, religious fanatics and oath-keepers, including Kelly Meggs.convicted of seditious conspiracy. The lyrics underscore Alexander's prescience that Trump would march with crowds to the Capitol. And while Alexander made futile attempts to calm the crowd at the time, he also advised his collaborators to keep a low profile after storming the Capitol because "the FBI is on the hunt."Rolling Stonesifted through messages Alexander sent to the committee on Jan. 6 and presented a chronological selection below to shed light on how events unfolded in real time for one of the day's top players. (Alexander did not respond to an interview request.)

The output texts sent by Alexander are inItalic.

January 5th

Nick Fuentes (Leader of two white supremacists and confidant of Ye)

12:00 hours. Okay thanks, text Alex tomorrow and see what's up. I'll make a report tomorrow afternoon. Do you know of events I would prefer to speak at?
12:00: Alex hears part of the stage at Freedom Plaza
12:01: Right. Would Alex let me speak at Liberty Square...?
12h05: Sim
12:05: But your adviser might throw a tantrum


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Thomas van Flein(chief of stafffor the Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar)

5:03: Believe POTUS chose Gosar as one of the 3 house members to speak on our stage before the session together
8:31: OK.

Group thread titled "ALI SEC DETAIL"

6:22: (Alexandre)Hello everyone, can you say your names so you can save each other... Since my required entourage is large, I have hired two people from Colorado Security who will be with me at all times. We have Patrick (my regular DC bodyguard) and Anthony (cop friend) who will be with us... And we have two OathKeepers (appointed by Gator) with me and my crew. Since we have over 20 OathKeepers for the larger group, I wanted two to stay with me. Patrick, Anthony and the two OathKeepers live in the same hotel as me…. God blesses
6:24: (Gator) Gator – Kelly Meggs

Liz Willis(News reporter,Right side radio network)

7:17: WH performs Ellipse. Me and the Kremers and Wendepunkt are partners
7:17: Interesting. But great. My 3 favorite groups. Finally
7:19 am: Morning: Ellipse, then US Capital. Trump was supposed to send us to the Capitol at the end of his speech, but we'll see
7:19: Great, thanks. God quick!

Rob Weber(leader ofMarch of Jericho, a religious movement to keep Trump in office)

9:26: Is it true that Grasley will preside over the Senate on the 6th? Not sure about the part??
9:27: Pence was watching. Grasley is better

Jacob Wohl(notorious right-wing troll)

10:23: All Trump people on this DEN-DCA flight
22:28: Sounds kind of hardcore and grandma boomer, kinda

Jeff Morelock(keeper of the oath)

11:00 Hello. This is Jeff Morelock from Oath Keepers. We'll be at the JW Marriott in about 30 minutes for check-in, depending on traffic. Where should we meet you after we check in?
11:01: Lobby, Sir
12:04 am We're in room 706. Do we have time for a quick shower or do you need us somewhere now? We slept in a swamp cabin in North Carolina last night

Thomas Van Flein &Caroline Zaunkönig (Trumpworld representative who coordinated the January 6 Ellipse protest)

4:17: Thomas, call Caroline
4:19 am: With the Trump campaign
4:21: (Van Flein) Fez

Caroline Zaunkönig

6:03: Have we booked Marsha, Cruz, Hawley, Gohmert, Brooks and Gosar?

Joe Flynn(Gen.Mike Flynn'his brother)

6:58: What time does the General speak? any idea
7:06: POTUS speaking at 11 or 12
7:06: Then we all march to the Capitol after he speaks
7:08: Ok

Cassandra Fairbanks(Journalistcom Gateway Pandit)

8:58: I'm getting nervous for you guys tbh
8:58: You're scared to death and it shows. Be careful/safe.
8:58: You're so scared
8:58: We're on the knife's edge
8:58: Thank you

January 6th

Nick Fuentes

1:56 am: Is VIP entry the same as general entry?

Lance Wallnau e Michele Odom(Wallnau is aLeader of the Christian Nationalists; Odom's identity is unclear)

3:06: You and your entire team are on lists in various capacities. If you enter before 9:30am you will receive VIP instructions
7:10: (Wallnau) Thanks
7:14: (Odom) Always. God chose the right man when he chose you. He KNEW you would NOT give up!!!

Thomas Marchi(Alexander has aBusiness partnerwith the same name; he did not respond to an interview request)

3:35: 1776, 2021

Eugen Yu(Managing Director of Konnech, an election logistics company)

3:55 am. I can't book a hotel or anything, Eugene. I organize with POTUS and 1 million people and I have given you the contact details of my replacement. I can't read or respond to 500 texts about hotels.

Mike Coudrey(Stop the Steal National Coordinator; Alexander's Deputy Chief)

4:07: Stuffed chocolate donut - forgot what it's called.
sausage egg cheese croissant
Medium Latte with French Vanilla

Anton Kern(Former Arizona State Representative)

4:53am: How long is the queue
4:54: 2 mile line now.
4:54: Wow
5:14: Thanks Ali! God be with you today!

Caroline Zaunkönig

4:55: I'm told the line is already 2 miles long
4:59: Yeah!!!!
5:00: Just cut the line until you reach the fast-track entrance
5:00: All your names are on the list
5:00: I arrive at 7:00. On my golf carts. Can I write to you then?

"Army of God"(Group chat with Jericho March leaderArina Grosso)

5:23: I have two passports for all of you

Thomas van Flein

5:36: Non-speaking members of Congress must be there by 8:30. We don't have transport. I'll make sure they have security escorts heading back to the capital when the meeting time comes.
5:37: We want at least 30 members
5:38: Ok.
5:48: Can we email the entire House Freedom Caucus if everyone needs to be on Ellipse? POTUS wants violence!

Jeremy Oliver(Owner,attack media group; with Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano on January 6)
6:07: When do you recommend I have Senator Mastriano on the Ellipse?
6:25: Now it's good
6:25: Or at 8

Jacob Wohl

7:24: Best place to meet you at 1pm?
7:44: South side of the Capitol between the Senate and Scotus side

Roger Stein (Alexander's mentor and long-time dirty republican crook)

10:02: As I expected, nowhere to talk, no VIP entry for any of my people -
10:09: I can get in the VIP for your people, but yeah, we fuck each other
10:26 am: I understand that the funder of today's event is not happy - I never thought it was real.
10:42: Time to process

NOTE: Alexander testified to the January 6 committee that he was ordered to leave the Ellipse early with Alex Jones - while Trump was still speaking - to lead the sold-out crowd to the Capitol

Mike Coudrey

12:12: Can you leave early?
12:21: We have it
12:22: Have half the speakers with me
12:22: By the way, we lost most of the oathguards
12:22: We have 3 of 24 down
12:22: SMH
12:22: We'll have Alex's security guard the stage until we get there, you know

Caroline Zaunkönig

12:19: Is POTUS working? Can you give me an update every five minutes?
12:29: He is not
12:29: How it looks

Markus Finch (Arizona State Representative and Guardian of the Oath)

12:19: You still let me speak in the Capitol?
12h20: Sim
12:41: I got carried away by the crowd, I'm 15th and I'm in good shape. I assume you want me to get as close to the top as possible and I'll admit it, you already know the cowboy hat.
12:42 am: I'm sitting in one of the golf carts on the way to you

Matt Libmann(identity not clear)

12:35: "Does it" happen?

Roger Stein

12:46: Go to the US Capitol
12:47: We have a stage and the President's order

Caroline Zaunkönig

12:56 pm: We decal in front of the capital
12:56: We go to the south side, Senate side
12:56: Okay, KEEP THE PEACE
12:58: No control at the front. The police withdrew
12:59: I think you should go. It will hit you hard. Nothing good comes of it.

Joel Nordrup(allegedlya technical contact associated with Stop the Steal)

12:57: Do we have access to the SMS system?
12:57: Tell everyone to leave the front of the capital. i want them on the south side
12:59 pm: So
1:03: Tell them not to piss off the police

Mike Coudrey

12:56: We're about to send over 50,000 people there
12:56: We are in front of the capital trying to decalcify
1:00: They broke down the barriers they enter
1:02: Alex and I talk to the police
1:10: it's over
1:10: They broke through and stormed the Capitol

Thomas van Flein

1:10: I think maybe you and your team should go
1:10: This is hell
1:31: Call me

Thomas Marchi

1:15: Storm!
1:20: Storm!

dente(Identity unknown)

1:44: Do you have any statements about MAGA people invading the Capitol?

Group chat titled "STS Patriots"

(Mike Coudrey) 1:33: They've invaded the capital, our event is being postponed
guys where are you
(Ashley St. Clair) 1:39: It can't go on like this
(Mike Coudrey) 1:46: We leave the capital
The red torch just went up
I advise you to leave now
(Scott Presler) 1:56: Back at the hotel?
(Mike Coudrey) 1:56: Sim
we came back
(Brandon Elster) 2:03: Damn no!! I'm in the Capitol and I just entered Breach!!! I just got gassed! I have never felt so damn alive in my life!!!
(Brandon Straka) 2:03: We heard someone got shot
(Mike Coudrey) 2:03: Hahaha
(CJ Pearson) 2:03: No way
(Brandon Straka) 2:04:E
(Mike Coudrey) 2:08: A moment in history, y'all
(Ali Alexander) 2:34: Everybody out there. And don't text to start a sign group. The FBI is on the hunt
(Ali Alexander) 2:34: Please combine check-in times with each other. And let me know if anyone gets arrested for civil war

Kimberley Fletcher(Founders Moms for America)

1:49: Are we lined up in the Capitol?
2:00: That's a madhouse over there
2:00: Makes all of us and the President look really bad
2:28: I had it demolished after I discovered the mess
2:36: The Capitol is a mess. All the chances we had to win are gone. I am literally heartbroken.
2:38: POTUS doesn't ignore what his words would do
2:39: Did he want this to happen???
2:40: I don't know, but people's anger would never go away without a legitimate outcome - I wish it hadn't, but understand people and I won't report them

Thomas Marchi

3:46: Hell, they actually broke into the main building.
3:46: Crazy
3:46: Get healthy right there
3:46: Sad what happened
3:46: Pence fucked us up

Lucian Wintrich(Former White House Correspondent, Gateway Pandit)

2:41: I spent a small fortune getting out of here...it would be nice to know what to do...
3:41: Be indoors by 6
3:44: That sucks man...
3:45: So I basically spent 700 walking around the capital in the cold looking for you guys and now you're telling me to sit in my hotel?
3:47: What the hell? There are hundreds of thousands of people here in DC. I had to manage around 500 people. I can't control crowds, police or riots
Thrrrs a curfew 6. I don't think it will be safe.
3:53: Where are you and the security team?
3:53: I'm with Alex Jones
Constitution Avenue, 101
Top of OANN

Joel Nordrup

6:58: I condemn the government's attempt to end the protests and Congress of Petitions. Declined! I'll probably have more to say tomorrow. Be sure. Good night patriots. ~ Ali Alexander
6:59: Only send people to Jan6?
7:01 a.m.

Jacob Wohl

7:09: DC is hell
8:01: Of course
8:02: Why all MOLE disk supports? It was so strange to see. We used discreet Kevlar, not those bizarre camouflaged monstrosities. I saw her everywhere

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Jordan Harrison(Alexander described it to the Jan. 6 committee as "a web provider that I use a lot for computer-related stuff.")

9:01: Turn the WildProtest into a blank page.
9:53: Doing it right. only seen
9:59: Done
10:02: Thank you. we are in hell

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