The most unexplored destinations in the world and how to travel in style (2023)

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The true wonder of travel lies in coming face to face with the unknown and getting lost in the beauty of a place that is on the cusp of discovery. There is no feeling more rewarding than being among the first to arrive and explore a destination others have not yet visited. From remote islands to unexplored deserts and jungles teeming with wildlife, this glorious planet constantly presents new unexplored destinations that will leave even the most intrepid traveler swooning. Go out as true adventurers and discover this ultimate treasure trove of untouched global treasures and find your own inspiration.


Puglia, Italy

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The heel of Italy's elegant boot, Puglia has a wonderfully distinctive appeal, born of its rural landscape and patchwork past of Norman, Spanish, Greek and Byzantine influences. The region is fast rivaling Tuscany's gourmet title and offers a glimpse into true Italian traditions and values.

This unspoilt region, with miles of coastline dotted with verdant countryside dotted with olive groves and vineyards, produces some of the country's finest, often undiscovered, wines and oils. Indulge in sensory overload and savor Puglia's famous Cucina Povera, a stripped down, authentic style of Italian cuisine with an emphasis on simple, fresh ingredients and traditional cooking methods - it's the slow food movement at its finest.

The region is also home to luxury accommodation such as the fabulous Hideaway,Borgo Egnatia, a stone-carved refuge amidst the shady olive groves of Puglia. The creation of one of the most inspirational hoteliers, Aldo Melpignano, and his family, Borgo Egnazia is modeled after a traditional Apulian borgo (village). Here, the cream-colored property offers romantic suites and villas, decorated in soft tones and elegantly furnished to provide every comfort. In town, check out the beautiful sister boutique hotel,Masseria Torre Maizza, which reopened in May 2019 under the cherished Rocco Forte banner, setting the stage for what is truly a very chic oasis.



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For those looking for an escape that's "still relatively under the radar," look no further than wild and largely unexplored Madagascar. This thriving biodiversity hotspot is a naturalist's and adventurer's dream; The island is teeming with endemic wildlife, 80% of which cannot be found anywhere else on earth.

Unknown to most, Madagascar has some of the best beaches in the Indian Ocean. Visit Nosy Be, Madagascar's most scenic coastal town, where guests can spot humpback whales and lemurs offshore. Located on the northeast coast of the island,It's sunnyIt's the perfect private escape. With just 14 private villas, staying at this luxurious eco-lodge will feel like your very own Robinson Crusoe retreat. Imagine days exploring lush rainforests and spotting turtle nests on deserted white sand beaches.



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The Himalayan kingdom of Ladakh is one of the few places on earth that remains virtually untouched and unexplored. Ladakh sits at an average elevation of 11,500 feet and is traversed by four mountain ranges, the Great Himalayas, Ladakh, Zanskar and Karakorum. With mesmerizing views around every corner, it is one of India's best kept secrets. Enjoy the calm serenity of the fresh mountain air, incredible views and rich Buddhist heritage throughout the region. Guests in Ladakh can choose to stay in beautiful homestays like this oneShakti-Dorfhäuserin undiscovered villages of the Indus Valley and remote luxury camps. Tour the city of Leh with local royalty, meet local monks, gaze at the stars to your heart's content and even watch a round of Ladakhi Polo while enjoying the ultimate runaway dream.


Salta, Argentina

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In contrast to the Italo-Spanish metropolis of Buenos Aires and the surrounding pampas grasslands, northwestern Argentina has a strong Andean and spiritual heritage as a meeting place for South America's indigenous communities. The region is famous for its spectacular scenery and colorful landscapes - think red rocky valleys, multicolored and monochromatic hills and terracotta peaks magically placed against the absolutely blue sky. The diversity of this area makes it a paradise for trekking, horseback riding, rafting, 4x4 tours and a multitude of other adventure activities.

The city of Salta has some of the best-preserved colonial architecture, attractive plazas, and regional cuisine in all of Argentina, making it a cultural gem off the beaten track. Entering La Merced del Alto, in the heart of the Calchaquí Valley, feels like discovering a local secret. Built like a traditional mansion with spacious courtyards and high galleries,The grace from aboveis a beautiful reflection of its rustic setting in the heart of the Argentine countryside.


Faroe Islands, Denmark

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Lying in the frigid waters between Scotland and Iceland, the Faroe Islands are a true paradise. The dramatic landscapes redefine the notion of 'pristine archipelago', giving travelers access to a wilder side of the Danish kingdom.

Rugged coastlines once thought to be Viking territory are home to natural wonders best explored on old fishing boats for mystical effect. But the Faroe Islands are also beginning to take the first steps toward modernization, with chic shops and the island's 2-Michelin-star restaurant.DIE, serving inspired Faroese delicacies.

Check into the new boutiqueHotel Havgrim Seaside Hotel, a beautifully restored historic waterfront home full of Nordic charm. The design here is inspired by the calm sea, with large glass windows and private balconies offering mesmerizing views. The property has a palpable sense of calm to remind you that this is exactly where you are meant to be. With good reason, the Faroe Islands restrict tourism to preserve the ecosystem and authentic culture. So plan ahead (well in advance) if this adventure catches your interest.



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With renewed enthusiasm for this country and its importance in Silk Road history, now is the time to travel to Georgia while still being very "informed". Travelers have little idea where hospitality and warmth shine through when travelers and guests are viewed as "God's gift."

Rich in history, unique culinary traditions, green hills, snow-capped mountains and spring water, Georgia will easily catch your eye. The birthplace of wine, Georgia's Signagi has a history of winemaking that dates back to the 5th millennium BC. and many winemakers still use the traditional methods of their ancestors. Oenophiles will rejoice at the rare opportunity to staySchloss Svanidze, owned by the eponymous winemaking family, a truly engaging way to discover the importance of wine (and even bring back a bespoke bottle).

Georgia's delicious culinary specialties, which include cheese-stuffed khachapuri and Mtsvadi skewers cooked on aged wine, leave room for a glass of chacha, a local whiskey that's a regular on Georgians' menus, so go them to the local pubs.

Ach ArtdecoStamba-Hotelin Tbilisi, a converted Soviet printing works, now serves as a testament to modern-day Georgia's growing interests in art and design, and is an inspirational backdrop to the historic churches, iconic statues, and 11th-century castles scattered throughout the city.


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Stockholm archipelago

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Located east of Stockholm, the Stockholm archipelago is the low-key place where Sweden's well-heeled crowd flock in the summer. Known to locals as Skärgården, setting sail is the best way to see all the reefs and rocks in this Swedish gem.

Unexplored by tourists and untouched by locals, the Stockholm archipelago is a collection of 3,000 islands offering incredible views and access to Stockholm's beautiful soft sandy beaches, historic castles, lush forests and stunning coastline. Locals and visitors alike can sail like royalty as you split your time between land and sea, cruising the scenic, pristine waters in the morning and exploring fairytale villages and Stockholm's Old Town in the afternoon.

From the calm waters of Grinda to the charm of Wardhaus, the gorgeous sea views of the Stockholm archipelago and the country's cobbled streets are simply enchanting. Post yourself stylish and charmingRivale des Hotels, perfect for lovers of Swedish culture as this property is owned by Benny Andersson from ABBA.


Insel Guacalito, Nicaragua

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Located on Nicaragua's Emerald Coast, home to 30 miles of pristine beaches, Guacalito De La Isla is an under-the-radar Central American paradise. Make sure you stay indoorsResort Mukul, the brainchild of local entrepreneur Don Carlos Pellas, whose family has put their heart and soul into the region, preserving its beauty and sharing it with like-minded travellers. The property's name translates from the Mayan word for "secret" and lives up to its status as a hidden gem consisting of fairytale beachfront villas and "Bohios" nestled along the stunning 1 mile stretch of Manzanillo Beach. , awash in bright, dusty sand and glorious Pacific sunsets.

From surfing and volcanoes to nature trails and bike trails in pristine jungles teeming with monkeys, iguanas and tropical birds, the adventure opportunities here are endless. Again, don't underestimate the endless joys of doing nothing; Just sit back, relax and enjoy the panoramic views of the Pacific.


Sao Tome and Principe

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In the Gulf of Guinea, off the coast of West Africa, the Nation of Principe is an intimate and reserved island oasis surrounded by enchanting flora and fauna, sea breezes and lush rainforests.

Eco-conscious travelers will appreciate the pristine, well-protected environment as a remarkable base from which to explore this lost world of beaches, bays and jungles.sundy beachesA luxury tented accommodation on the wild north-west tip of Principe Island will help you lose all sense of time and place while keeping an eye out for turtles, whales, birds and dolphins. True explorers will enjoy discovering historic churches on hidden biosphere trails across the island.

Between September and April you can watch the incredible hatching of sea turtles, while you can spot each of the island's 29 endemic bird species year-round. When you're not relaxing in a private villa or 4x4 driving through local plantations, dine at Sundy Praia's excellent restaurant, which has adapted local traditions and flavors like tuna, wahoo, passion fruit and pineapple. A dinner (or two) here is a must.



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For travelers looking to get off the beaten path and go where few tourists have gone before, there are few destinations that can rival Congo. A new generation safari destination, Congo offers lush forests, rare and exotic wildlife and safe cities in between.

The Congolese capital of Brazzaville is known as "the Paris of Africa"; is a must, with some of the safest and cleanest roads in Africa. Hike, paddle and sail through the heart of Odzala-Kokua National Park and track endangered western lowland gorillas before roaming Lango Bais in search of elephant and forest buffalo.

Stay indoorsOdzala Discovery Campsand discover a green paradise where you can be closer to nature than ever before. These three beautiful camps in North West Congo are all about laid-back luxury and unleashing your inner explorer. For the true globetrotter, this is truly adventure at its purest.


Mancora, Peru

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Often overlooked, Mancora, Peru is home to tranquil Mancora Beach and beautiful boutique hotels made of stone, wood and adobe.KiChic🇧🇷 Once the owner's private home, Kichic is now a destination in its own right for visitors who can retreat and relax with yoga, catch the daily catch, and indulge in nutritious, pescetarian, and vegetarian food. Of course, all the dishes here feature locally sourced ingredients and flavors like coconut and gomasio.

Rooted in its love of sun, fresh fish and surf, Mancora's barefoot bohemian vibes make it a must-visit for anyone with an uninhibited affinity for the great outdoors. Seemingly in a constant summer, Mancora is a year-round paradise for kite surfing, swimming and fresh restaurants all year round. Humpback whale watching season is the best time to visit and runs from June to October.


Wadi Rum, Jordan

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Jordan's dramatic and desolate desert landscapes have lured explorers to trek through the unforgiving landscapes for millennia. But what most travelers don't realize is that it's cheaper than you might think; Unlock the area's hidden gems and Bedouin culture via Wadi Rum, a must-see on any intrepid traveler's bucket list.

Planning a comprehensive trekking tour of this historic and otherworldly landscape is highly recommended and is the best way to explore the movie set sceneryLawrence of Arabiawere staged. A cultural must-see, travelers can explore the seven jagged pillars of rock, the natural landmark from which T.E. Lawrence's famous novel The Seven Pillars of Wisdom bears her name. The more adventurous can ride a camel or jeep, stopping at Bedouin communities along the way and staying in luxurious desert camps where traditional meals are served around open fires under the stars.



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A hidden jewel off the coast of western India, the Andaman Islands are a remote haven known for pristine beaches and stunning marine life. The tropical jungles and secluded islands are a peaceful (and pretty much perfect) way to end a trip after spending time in mainland India.

the newly openedTaj Exotica Resort & Spain Havelock gives travelers more reasons to visit than ever before. With its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, the Taj Exotica Resort and its surrounding countryside sets the stage for your days spent peacefully exploring the archipelago and enjoying the hotel's sun-drenched pool and spa. A few days in the Andaman will help you unwind after immersing yourself in the vibrant colours, bustling crowds and sensory overload of exploring bustling Mumbai or romantic Udaipur.



Lofoten archipelago, Norway

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This unrivaled wilderness offers intrepid travelers the perfect base for sailing, kayaking and hiking in Norway's remote fjords. Spend a few nights inManshausen, a remote glassworks island enclave above the waters of Lofoten, from which you can hike the island ridges of Maløya and Grøtøya, scale the red cliffs of nearby Nordskot, or completely unwind with a cool water bath in your room.

Explore the impressive mountains that dominate the landscape on foot and enjoy incredible views of the steep peaks and sea of ​​the frozen jungle. For a spectacular experience, cruise down the pristine snow slopes to shore where an ancient schooner awaits. In arctic waters, be sure to look up - the beauty of the Northern Lights is enhanced by the water. There are also some wildlife sightings not to be missed; White-tailed eagles can often only be seen in Lofoten in summer when there is access to steep fjords such as Trollfjorden.



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One of Africa's most fascinating and culturally intriguing countries has only recently become more accessible to intrepid travellers. The area has seen a surge of new experimental accommodations in remote parts of the country (now with easier access), offering travelers a chance to discover the cultural and natural wonders of Ethiopia (which hosts the largest UNESCO World Heritage site of any country). . in Africa).

Go on safari in this stunning setting in search of the elusive Ethiopian wolf and fully immerse yourself in local culture by sampling coffee and wild honey at the local markets. The more adventurous stay overnight in the Denakil Depression, where guests can ride camels across salt lakes, see volcanoes lighting up the night sky, and climb to the top of Erta Ale for the best sunrise views.

For accommodations, look to the unforgettable, rusticBale Mountain Lodgeand the breathtakingSimien-Lodge, the tallest hotel in Africa, towers over a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Southern Namib Desert, Namibia

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This remote Namibian destination is known for its mesmerizing dark skies, making it a peaceful and awe-inspiring backdrop for nighttime stargazing (and one of the best places in the world to do so).

Refined, luxurious and newly openedSonop LodgeThe tented camp is located in the Karis region, high above cliffs with breathtaking views of the desert - it really is the best place to experience this destination. Spend your time here hiking, biking, horseback riding and flying in a hot air balloon while enjoying the fragrant aromas wafting from the opulent cigar lounge. Aromas and flavors also abound at the lodge's five-course gala dinner.

Easily switch between other Namibian destinations in this region such as Sossuvlei, Windhock and Omaanda Camp, or stay overnight at the lodge and immerse yourself in the majestic surroundings and wildlife. If you are looking for the ultimate tranquil experience, take a dip in the infinity pool overlooking the enchanting Namib Desert.

Tom MarchantContributing Travel EditorTom Marchant is the co-founder of a luxury travel company and travel planner,black tomato, which offers world-class experiences through inspirational itineraries and access to emerging, exclusive and off-the-beaten-track destinations around the world.


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What is the kindest country in the world 2022? ›

1. French Polynesia. The friendliest country in the world according to you, our readers, is French Polynesia, a collection of more than 100 islands in the South Pacific.

Is it cheaper to go to Maldives or Bora Bora? ›

Both Bora Bora and Maldives are expensive destinations on cash, points and miles. There are strategies to reduce the cost a bit in either location, but on average, it's probably easier to have a slightly more budget-friendly vacation in Bora Bora than it is in the Maldives.

Can you use US dollars in Bora Bora? ›

U.S. dollar and European euro notes (but not coins) are widely accepted as cash in the islands, although at less favorable exchange rates than at banks. You will probably get a more favorable rate if you change your money in French Polynesia rather than before leaving home.

What currency does Bora Bora use? ›

In the French Polynesian Islands, including Bora Bora, they use the Pacific Franc which has the code XPF. If you go to a currency conversion website like XE you will be able to get an accurate rate for today. As a rough guide $1USD is about 90XPF.

What is the most underrated city in the world? ›

Top 10 Most Underrated Cities in the World
  • Bolivia's capital, La Paz. Bolivia's de facto capital, La Paz, is the world's highest capital city. ...
  • Israel's Safed. ...
  • Budapest is the capital of Hungary. ...
  • Valparaiso is a city in Chile. ...
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin. ...
  • Galway is a city in Ireland. ...
  • Argentina's Mendoza. ...
  • Philippines' El Nido.
4 Jun 2022

What is the least touristy island in the world? ›

Tuvalu: the least visited island country in the world.

What island Cannot be visited? ›

North Sentinel Island is one of the Andaman Islands, an Indian archipelago in the Bay of Bengal which also includes South Sentinel Island. It is home to the Sentinelese, an indigenous people in voluntary isolation who have defended, often by force, their protected isolation from the outside world.

What is the most forbidden island? ›

India has banned its citizens from visiting North Sentinel Island or attempting to make contact with the people who live there. Going within three miles of the island is illegal. The Sentinelese people are known for their violence and unwillingness to communicate with any outsiders.

What is the prettiest island? ›

Top 10 most beautiful islands in the world
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Finland has been ranked happiest country in the world for the fourth year in 2021 as per the World Happiness Report. Finnish people are one of the friendliest, making it to the top position.

What is not famous country? ›

Nauru. Nauru is the least visited country in the world and according to 2017 estimates, 160 tourists visited the country. Nauru is among the smallest countries in the world. This island has 21 square kilometers and 10,000 inhabitants.

Which country is naturally most beautiful? ›

Coming in at the top of the list as the most beautiful place on earth is Indonesia, which has a natural beauty score of 7.77 out of 10. Indonesia is home to more than 17,000 islands.

Is there an island without laws? ›

The land of no laws refers to the island of Saint Eustatius, known by the locals as Statia. The writer, Rosamond van der Linde lived on this quaint Caribbean island for 30 years. She has recorded many stories related to her life there.

Are there secret islands in the world? ›

The big-shot isles of the world certainly have their place on any dream travel list, but there are secret, unknown islands hidden all around the globe that you can visit — if you know where to look.

What island has no people on it? ›

Located in Baffin Bay, Canada, Devon Island is the largest uninhabited island in the world. With an area of 21,331 square miles, it is also the 27th largest island in the world —its area is just slightly smaller than Croatia! Devon Island was not always uninhabited though.


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