The 20 best album covers of all time (2023)


The 20 best album covers of all time (1)

The Beatles/Apple Corps die

The 20 best album covers of all time (2)

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The best album covers of all time is a complex discussion, but we've compiled a list of what we think are the best. It wasn't easy, but we did it.

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Since the early days of recorded music, album covers have long been a way for musicians to express their artistic vision. Capturing memorable and eye-catching artwork on record sleeves has become almost as important as the music itself in evoking emotion and identity. Through colorful compositions, bold imagery, and symbolic imagery, many iconic album covers are instantly recognizable symbols of generations past, drawing us into the world of an artist and leaving lasting impressions. ofSergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandaThe velvet subway and NicoBehold our list of the best album covers of all time, spanning all genres and decades.

20. Green Day - "Dookie" (1994)

The 20 best album covers of all time (3)

replay records

First up on our list of the best album covers of all time is Green Day's third album,Dookie. The album featured his most striking artwork to date, and the music it featured made the same impression.Dookieit was memorable in many ways and carries an immortal legacy to this day.

19. NWA - "Straight Outta Compton" (1988)

The 20 best album covers of all time (4)

priority records

NWA's debut album featured highly creative cover art that suited similarly describable songs; The artwork featured the entire group facing the camera, which immediately put them in a position of power before the first listen. The music would further solidify that notion, and more than thirty years later, his music still shines bright.

18. Led Zeppelin - 'Led Zeppelin III' (1970)

The 20 best album covers of all time (5)

atlantean records

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Led Zeppelin's third album isn't the only Led Zeppelin project on our list (sorry for the spoiler). This album has reached the eighteenth position on our list thanks to its qualities that were very atypical for works of art of the time. It stands out both visually and musically, to say the least. This album sounds significantly different than their previous albums and features a variety of different vibes. You'll find that while they've maintained their sonic and visual edge, they've made it clear that they continue to evolve with each album they release.

17. 'Rage Against the Machine' (1992)

Rage Against the Machine has always been about social commentary. What could have fit better on his self-titled album than one of the most iconic photos of all time: the burning monk? Like the music, they hit the nail on the head with the cover art.

16. David Bowie - "Aladdin Sane" (1973)

The 20 best album covers of all time (7)

music group warner

David BowieAladdin SanéThe album is so characteristic of him that it had to be on this list. Rarely does an album cover have this ability to capture an artist so accurately, and the music reflected the same effect. Classic.

15. The infamous B.I.G. - "Ready to Die" (1994)

The 20 best album covers of all time (8)

bad boy records

In 1994, The Notorious B.I.G. presented his first and last album, ironically named like that, during his lifetimeReady to die. his next albumLife after deathit was abandoned just two weeks after his tragic death. This album tells the story of a long and vibrant life for Biggie Smalls not only through the title but also through the image to match. However, the music is the one that speaks the most.

14. Prinz - "Purple Rain" (1984)

The 20 best album covers of all time (9)

NPG Records/Warner Records

Purple Rainit is arguably Prince's most popular album, thanks in no small part to the classic collection of hits it contains. However, the album cover turns out to be one of the most memorable of all time, even inspiring a mixtape cover for Future in 2016.

13. Die Rolling Stones – „Sticky Fingers“ (1971)

The 20 best album covers of all time (10)

universal international music

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sticky fingersit's an absolutely legendary Stones album, and a rock album for that matter. The classic album featured artwork that had the same effect, and features some of their most incredible songs of all time.

12. Die Beatles – „Sargento. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' (1967)

The 20 best album covers of all time (11)

apple body

beatles dieSergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandIt was arguably one of his most popular covers of all time, and was reportedly fronted by Paul McCartney. Featuring some of the most iconic characters of all time, the cover sets the stage for an equally impressive project.

11. The Velvet Subway - "The Velvet Subway and Nico"

The 20 best album covers of all time (12)

UMG recordings

Everything Andy Warhol touches turns to gold, and the cover of is no exception.The velvet subway and Nico, which originally had real skin revealing a flesh-colored banana underneath. Quirky but somehow entertaining, just like so much of Warhol's work.

10. Fleetwood Mac - "Rumores" (1977)

The 20 best album covers of all time (13)

Warner's Records

rumorsit is arguably Fleetwood Mac's most popular album, and the cover art has been remembered as a classic through the centuries. Featuring Stevie Nicks and the band's drummer Mick Fleetwood, there's an interesting energy to the album, not to mention the balls hanging from Mick's waist, which was reportedly no joke at all.

9. Kanye West – „My beautiful dark twisted fantasy“ (2010)

The 20 best album covers of all time (14)

UMG recordings

What's more iconic than letting people guess the image behind a blurry panel? Well, I think it's safe to say that everyone has the Kanye West photo.My beautiful dark twisted fantasy, to say the least. The album also became one of her best. Not only did a musical winning streak continue, but a good cover streak as well.

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8. Miles Davis - "Bitches Brew" (1969)

The 20 best album covers of all time (15)

Sony Music Entertainment

Miles Davis was ahead of his time in many ways, but the cover of hisbitches get readyalbum made that very clear. This 1969 project still looks like it's from the future despite being over 50 years old.

7. Blink 182 - "State Entrance" (1999)

The 20 best album covers of all time (16)


When you think of Blink-182, you can bet this album cover comes to mind. It was the quintessential angsty album of the time, they absolutely nailed it with the cover art and the music on it.

6. The Clash - "London Calling" (1979)

The 20 best album covers of all time (17)

Sony Music Entertainment

london is callingIt is the best Clash album, as we said. Although many are familiar with the music on it, did you know that the album art is based on Elvis Presley's self-titled album? The only difference is that it gives an accurate account of the evolution of rock that has taken place since Elvis's reign as king.

5. Kendrick Lamar – „To Pimp A Butterfly“ (2015)

The 20 best album covers of all time (18)

Aftermath / Interscope / TDE

cool a butterflyit was a bold statement from Kendrick Lamar, both musically and visually. He took his Compton roots and totally flaunted them with the cover, placing an obnoxiously loud image of a group outside the White House bragging about money and booze, which at the time definitely symbolized some sort of takeover. Lo and behold, he took over.

4. Nirvana - "Whatever" (1991)

The 20 best album covers of all time (19)

geffen records

It doesn't matterit's an absolutely unforgettable cover, and in no small part thanks to the naked babe gracing the cover chasing a dollar. The image is not only obviously explicit, but also sends a symbolic message that we're chasing a buck from birth. Needless to say, the music that came with this iconic album was absolutely unforgettable. Talk about the hits: "Smells Like Teen Spirit," "Come As You Are," "Lithium," "In Bloom," and "Something In The Way," to name a few.

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3. Pink Floyd - "The Dark Side of the Moon" (1973)

The 20 best album covers of all time (20)

musica de pink floyd

Pink Floyd have had an incredible impact on rock and roll and music in general. your album,The dark side of the moon, was arguably the most impressive, both visually and aurally. The album cover featured an image that has sparked countless symbolic theories. One thing is for sure, it's simple but complex at the same time, and the music hits the mark. Of all the artworks on our list of the best album covers of all time, this one has a special character that has earned its place in the top three.

2. Led Zeppelin - 'Led Zeppelin' (1969)

The 20 best album covers of all time (21)

Swan Song / Atlantic

Led Zeppelin's debut album had a cover that clearly showed chaos and the second half of their name. The music within supported the bold imagery and set the tone for the rest of his impressive albums. Not only did it represent a checkpoint in the band's history, it represented the same for rock 'n' roll history. While all of their albums featured unforgettable covers, this was a carefully chosen track, so iconic of the group and wildly messed-up rock 'n' roll that it would prove to be a go-to release through the years. From their first to their last album, this cover sums it up perfectly.

1. Los Beatles – „Abbey Road“ (1969)

The 20 best album covers of all time (22)

apple body

Abbey Roadis by far the most recognizable album cover of all time. Anyone old enough to read and write can probably identify the album as a Beatles project, that is, if they can't name it exactly. Simple but effective seems to be the trend here on our list, andAbbey Roadis the best example of this theme. This is exactly why the album cover made it to number one on our list of the best album covers of all time. The Beatles have released many albums, but this is a clear highlight for many reasons.

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