The 11 best things to do in Bonn. Germany (2023)

Good be oneGerman citywhich is located near the country's western border withBelgium, and for a short period it was the capital of the country. Many sights make Bonn worth a visit. Located on the scenic River Rhine, it is home to a prestigious university and is the birthplace of the great Beethoven. Bonn is one of Germany's oldest cities and is a beacon of great German culture with museums to prove it.

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Botanical gardens on the palace grounds

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Bonn Botanical Gardens(officiallyBotanical Garden of the Friedrich-Wilhelms University in Bonn) on which they are basedPoppelsdorf-paleis. Once the castle grounds of the Archbishop of Cologne, this refreshing location dates back to 1340. Construction of the castle did not begin until 1715, replacing an earlier palace. To match the baroque château, the gardens were renovated in a renaissance style to complement the château.

During the fighting in World War II, the gardens were removed and painstakingly rebuilt between 1979 and 1984. The elegant 16 acres are now open to the public and free on weekdays. More than 8,000 plant species are cultivated here, including endangered species such as the lady's slipper. There is an arboretum, Mediterranean and fern houses and even a carnivorous house. Note the exemplary mineralogical museum.

Visitors who have the opportunity to visit during the summer should not miss the regular Poppeldorf Palace concerts, which feature classical music in front of the palace.

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Bonn's impressive cathedral symbolizes the city with its five spires reaching into the sky. Known in German asMinister of Bonn, is one of the best examples of a Romanesque church in theRhine.

Before the cathedral was built, the site was a Roman temple and a Christian church. The cathedral was built between the 11th and 13th centuries, making it one of the oldest in Germany.cathedrals. Located on today's Münsterplatz, it was built on the graves of two martyred Roman soldiers who became the city's patron saints. It is also the place where two Holy Roman Emperors, Charles IV and Frederick the Fair, were crowned in the 14th century.

Step inside and around the current restorations (expected to continue in 2019) to admire the Gothic details and Baroque decoration. The main attractions are the 11th century crypt or the 12th century cloister and the expressionist art defined in the windows made by Saint Heinrich Campendonk. One of the most recent discoveries is the tomb of Siegfried von Westerburg, Archbishop ofColony, from 1275 to 1297.

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cathedral square

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The square in front of Bonn Cathedral is the largest in the city and the cathedral is not the only attraction here.

Lying in the east, Bonnold town hall(town hall) is all pristine pink and gold rococo elegance dating back to the 18th century. A double staircase leads to the mayor's office. This noble building was once the place of all official business when Bonn was the capital ofWest Germany. Important visitors from John F. Kennedy to Mikhail Gorbachev have climbed those steps.

Today, this square is the center of Bonn's city life.Autumnbrings the annual Bonn-Fest, and inwinter, this is a picturesque siteChristmas market(Christmas market). From December 1 to Christmas Eve, theCity Hallturns into a massAdvent calendarwith new windows every day.

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honor a classic

The 11 best things to do in Bonn. Germany (4)

Bonn is the birthplace of the great Ludwig van Beethoven and there is also a monument to him on Münsterplatz. A bronze statue of the classical composer dates back to 1845, erected on the 75th anniversary of Beethoven's birth during a festival led by another famous composer, Franz Liszt. HeBeethovenfestivalit still happens every year and celebrates Germany's most important musician.

At the foot of the statue are symbolic representations of Beethoven's musical genres such as fantasy, spiritual, fidelio and eroica. Behind it is a cheerful yellow baroque.palacethat is now just a post office, but it makes up for the monument beautifully.

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Beethoven's house

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If you want to pay more homage to Bonn's most famous descendant, visitBeethoven-Haus. This is the place of his birth in 1770.

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AmuseumDedicated to his life and work, it was inaugurated in 1893. A humble exterior gives way to rare artifacts and documents from his life, such as an original portrait of his family, personal letters, and handwritten sheet music. Examine his instruments, trumpets on his bad hearing and a death mask. A digitized research center contains all of his best work and even rare recordings, plus an interactive 3D show. All this includes the most extensive Beethoven collection in the world.

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cherry blossom canopy

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japanese linescherry tree(cherry trees) are a top attraction every 10 to 14 daysprimavera. They appear all over the country, but Bonn has become world famous for its avenue of flowers.

Photographers flock to this street to gawk at the heavy flower buds hanging overhead, creating a tunnel-like canopy. There may be more people than flowers, but it's still a pretty sight. Visit early evening to avoid the crowds and enjoy the light of the pink lamps.

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Museummijl Bonn

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The culture of Bonn is not hundreds of years old. One of the main attractions of the city is itsMuseummail(museum mile). Here are some of the highlights of the Museum Mile.

Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany:He called theFederal Art Salon, this modern museum is dedicated to the art of the 20th century. This is the most extensive collection of Rhineland expressionism in the world, as well as works by August Macke (one of the founders of Der Blaue Reiter) and Joseph Beuys.

House of history:The House of Contemporary German History (HDG) covers everything leading up to World War II, including the city's reign as the capital. There are artifacts from the city's Roman origins to accounts of daily life in the East and West.

Museo Alexander Koenig:One of the best natural history and zoology museums in Germany.

German Museum Bonn:Covers historical technological advancements.

Bonn Art Museum:Museum dedicated to modern art, founded in 1947. It focuses on Rhenish expressionism and in particular on August Macke, one of the founders of thethe blue rider. Post-war artists such as Joseph Beuys, Georg Baselitz and Blinky Palermo are also featured. Also watch out for the extensive video collection.

Arithmetic:Extensively explore the history of mathematics with over 1,200 artifacts, from vintage calculators to rare books. These pieces of antiquity are housed in a thoroughly modern frame of steel and glass.


Rheinisch State Museum in Bonn:One of the oldest historical museums in Germany.

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Cruise the Middle Rhine

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Bonn marks the beginning of theMedio Rin(Middle Rhine), aUNESCO world heritage. This is one of the most beautiful areas along the Rhine, a popular onecruise destinationwith frequent stops in the many charming riverside towns.

Routes run from Cologne to Koblenz, where the Rhine meets the Moselle. From here, cruisers can enjoy views of castle after castle.

If you want to get off the more popular cruise route, try the Ahr, a tributary of the Rhine that offers more destination cities with half the tourists.

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Visit a modern castle

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An easy day trip from Bonn,Paleis Drachenburg is in neo-Gothic style high above the RhineNeuschwansteinThis is not a great example of a medieval castle, but it sure is beautiful.

Located in one of theSiebengebirge(seven hills) ofDrachenfels, this castle was completed in 1884 by order of a wealthy banker, Stephan von Sarter. However, he never lived there and the castle passed through many hands before it was granted protected historic status.

Visitors can walk the long path along the strikingcastilloto an older ruin at the top, or take the charming and historic oneDrachenfelsbahntrolley car. Inside, the place is decked out in extravagant baroque excesses, but the real draw is the view across the river and towards Bonn.

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Visit a medieval castle

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InDrachenburgdidn't live up to your medieval fantasy, nearby Godesburg Castle certainly will.

This austere stone castle was built in the 13th century, but was largely destroyed during the colonial war at the end of the 16th century. Fortunately, the castle was restored to its original character in 1959 with modern conveniences such as arestaurantwith spectacular countryside views.

Another part of the restoration is that the interior of the castle has been converted into apartments. Every man's home is his castle, but for these residents it really is.

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Experience nature

The 11 best things to do in Bonn. Germany (11)

Just south of Bonn and part of a public park lies the Waldau Forest. This much-loved back-to-nature gateway has plenty of game reserve animals, including deer, owls, badgers, bats, and dangerous wild boars (seriously, wild boars are a real threat in rural Germany).

This forest offers many relaxing walks amongst the established hornbeams and oaks. the historicalnature cottage, an environmental education center, is open to the public and provides information on the surrounding history spanning over 1,000 yearsKottenforst(To access that area directly, there's a handy Bahnhof Kottenforst on the S-Bahn.) Popular amongfamilies, there is also a large playground.

how to get there

Cologne-Bonn Airport (CGN) is the closest connection, but most international travelers arrive via land.Frankfurt's busiest airport. Düsseldorf Airport (DUS) is an alternative. If you arrive at GCN, the SB60 airport shuttle bus departs outside the arrivals hall of Terminal 1 every 30 minutes. Another option is the train between the airport and Bonn-Beuel Hauptbahnhof (main station). If you take a taxi, you will have to pay about 45 euros.

Bonn toowell connectedand tren. the bonCentral Stationit connects it to the rest of the country and beyond.

when you pass byauto, the city is also well served by landextensive road network.


The 11 best things to do in Bonn. Germany? ›

Bonn is the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven, Germany's greatest composer whose symphonies still enchant those who appreciate classical music. The Beethoven family home at Bonngasse 20 and the neighbouring buildings have been converted into the Beethoven House, a museum and memorial site of the late composer.

What is special in Bonn? ›

Bonn is the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven, Germany's greatest composer whose symphonies still enchant those who appreciate classical music. The Beethoven family home at Bonngasse 20 and the neighbouring buildings have been converted into the Beethoven House, a museum and memorial site of the late composer.

What are 3 interesting facts about Bonn? ›

It is a university city, was the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven and was the capital of West Germany from 1949 to 1990. Bonn was the seat of government of reunited Germany from 1990 to 1999. Founded in the 1st century BC as a Roman settlement in the province Germania Inferior, Bonn is one of Germany's oldest cities.

Is it worth going to Bonn? ›

1. Bonn is the birthplace of Beethoven. Music lovers should definitely visit Bonn as it is also the birthplace of Ludwig Van Beethoven. Bonn honoured their famed musician by preserving his birth house, Beethoven House, from demolition and it is currently a small museum, worthy of a stop.

What food is Bonn Germany known for? ›

What to eat & drink in Bonn? 10 Local Foods & Drinks You Have To Try in Bonn
  • Asparagus. Bornheimer Spargel. Bornheim. ...
  • Asparagus. Walbecker Spargel. ...
  • Sausage/Salami. Oecher Puttes. ...
  • Sausage/Salami. Aachener Weihnachts-Leberwurst. ...
  • Mustard. Düsseldorfer Mostert. ...
  • Herbal Liqueur. Killepitsch. ...
  • Sausage/Salami. Flönz. ...
  • Herbal Liqueur. Underberg.
Jan 3, 2023

Which is better Bonn or Berlin? ›

The vote also broke along generational lines; older legislators with memories of Berlin's past glory favoured Berlin, while younger legislators favoured Bonn. Ultimately, the votes of the eastern German legislators tipped the balance in favour of Berlin.

Why is Bonn Germany famous? ›

Bonn is the birthplace of the great Ludwig van Beethoven, and a monument to him also sits in Münsterplatz. A bronze statue of the classical composer dates back to 1845, erected on the 75th anniversary of Beethoven's birth at a festival helmed by another renowned composer, Franz Liszt.

What is the famous street in Bonn? ›

The Cherry Blossom Avenue in Bonn is an entire street lined on both sides with cherry blossom trees. This street is famous around Germany, and the world, for being highly concentrated with cherry blossom trees. At their peak bloom, you almost can't even see the sky!

What language is spoken in Bonn? ›

Bönnsch is a Ripuarian dialect of German, which is spoken in Bonn and the bordering municipalities. Bönnsch is very similar to the more northern Kölsch of Cologne and distinct from the latter only in particular points.

Which is better to visit Bonn or Cologne? ›

West Germany is great for enjoying both urban life and nature. Bonn, the former West German capital, is a small town with lots of parks and hip pedestrian streets. Cologne, one of Germany's largest cities and a host to carnival, has a cosmopolitan population that enjoys both tradition and modernity.

Is Bonn costly? ›

Bonn is 34.2% less expensive than New York (without rent). Rent in Bonn is, on average, 72.5% lower than in New York.

What is a good salary in Bonn Germany? ›

The average salary for jobs in Bonn, Germany is 51.648 € (EUR) per year or an hourly rate of 25 € (EUR).

How much do you need per day in Germany? ›

As a visitor who intends to eat out most of the time during the trip to Germany, you should budget on average $35 – $50 per day on food and drinks.

How much money do I need to spend a week in Germany? ›

The average price of a 7-day trip to Germany is $1,379 for a solo traveler, $2,217 for a couple, and $2,208 for a family of 4. Germany hotels range from $50 to $222 per night with an average of $90, while most vacation rentals will cost $130 to $400 per night for the entire home.

What is open in Bonn on Sunday? ›

On Sundays, generally shops are closed, but in emergencies you can find a few essentials (milk, butter, bread, wine!) in petrol/gas stations, or you can find grocery stores in train stations or the airport. Some bakeries, flower shops and kiosks are open on Sunday mornings as well.

What is a typical German dinner? ›

Dinner. In Germany, the evening meal is called Abendessen or Abendbrot – the latter is actually more like a supper, and literally translates to 'evening bread'. Following a hearty lunch, Germans traditionally enjoy a lighter dinner, with breads, hams, sausages, cheeses, and pickles all being very common.

What is Germany's national meal? ›

Sauerbraten. Sauerbraten is considered as the national food of Germany, and unless you're vegetarian or vegan, you should definitely have yourself some sauerbraten when you travel to Germany. It's a true traditional German food that takes quite a lot of time to prepare.

What is the nicest German city? ›

Munich. One of Germany's most famous cities hosts historic sites and buildings, outstanding tourist activities, green parks, castles, and more. The Bavarian city is known for castles and amazing forested surroundings (the views in winter are spectacular).

What American city is most like Berlin? ›

Portland, Oregon

It's been said that Portland has a Berlin-like feel, with its Gothic-style St. Johns Bridge and waterside buildings.

What is the cheapest city in Germany to visit? ›

Hamburg. Hamburg is a fun and affordable city that is often skipped by tourists in Germany. But that means it's full of locals and you can have a cheap and authentic experience here. Visit the museums, stroll along the canals, check out the historic landmarks, and live it up at the many clubs, bars, and restaurants.

What does Bonn in German mean? ›

[ bon; German bawn ] SHOW IPA. / bɒn; German bɔn / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun. a city in W Germany, on the Rhine: seat of the government; former capital of West Germany.

Is Bonn a fun city? ›

Bonn makes a great starting place to travel pretty much all over Europe. In particular, it's the gateway to the Benelux. Bonn itself also has a lot of lovely green areas and a good student culture with lots of sports and activities to get involved with.

Is Bonn more expensive than Berlin? ›

Cost of living in Berlin (Germany) is 26% more expensive than in Bonn (Germany)

Is Bonn a cheap city? ›

The average cost of living in Bonn is $1517, which is in the top 29% of the most expensive cities in the world, ranked 2711th out of 9294 in our global list, 21st out of 662 in Germany, and 5th out of 201 in North Rhine-Westphalia.

What is the sister city of Bonn? ›

The partnership between Potsdam and Bonn began back in 1988, but received its first real push at the fall of the iron curtain. The city of Bonn has 310,930 inhabitants and extends over an area of 141.22 square kilometers.

Is Bonn a walkable city? ›

Bonn is a walkable city. It's relatively flat and has abundant pedestrian infrastructure.

Is Bonn nice to live? ›

Bonn is a wonderful place to live

Just like BIS, Bonn is big enough to have many opportunities and choice, small enough to be family-friendly and easy to navigate.

Who was born in Bonn Germany? ›

Ludwig van Beethoven (December 16, 1770 –March 26, 1827) was born in Bonn, Germany.

What is the oldest German language? ›

Old High German (OHG; German: Althochdeutsch (Ahd.)) is the earliest stage of the German language, conventionally covering the period from around 500/750 to 1050.

Is 2 days enough for Cologne Germany? ›

You can explore the riverfront, walk through the Old Town, and visit the famous Cologne Cathedral all within a few hours. What is this? If you want to dive deeper into the city's history and culture, 2 days in Cologne is great too. More than one day will allow you more time to take in the city at your own pace.

What is the number 1 Cologne in the world? ›

1. Atlantis Eau de Parfum by Blu Atlas. Our top pick for the best perfume for men in the world is Atlantis by Blu Atlas.

How much is a taxi from Cologne to Bonn? ›

How much is the taxi fare to and from Cologne and Bonn? For a taxi from Cologne Bonn Airport to Cologne you will pay at least € 35. A taxi to Bonn is more expensive, the taxi fare is € 50. The taxi ranks at Cologne Bonn Airport can be found directly in front of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

How much is rent in Bonn? ›

How much does it cost to rent a property in Bonn? The monthly rent for a rental property in Bonn is between 339,00 €. and 3.615,00 €. The average rent per m2 is 1.977,00 €.

What is the most expensive city in Germany? ›

Germany's most expensive cities by cost of living
  • Berlin: €15.69 per m2.
  • Stuttgart: €15.31 per m2.
  • Freiburg: €14.88 per m2.
  • Dusseldorf: €14.20 per m2.
  • Mainz: €14.17 per m2.
  • Heidelberg: €14.14 per m2.
  • Hamburg: €14.04 per m2.
  • Darmstadt: €13.84 per m2.
Dec 13, 2022

Where is the most expensive city in Germany? ›

Germany's Most Expensive Cities
  • Number 1 – Munich.
  • Number 2 – Frankfurt am Main.
  • Number 3 – Hamburg.
  • Number 4 – Düsseldorf.
  • Number 5 – Stuttgart.

What is the average income in Germany in US dollars? ›

Average income around the world
RankCountryAvg. income per year
16Finland53,510 $
17Austria52,760 $
18Germany51,660 $
19Belgium50,490 $
65 more rows

Is 1000 euros enough for a month in Germany? ›

On average, to cover your living expenses in Germany you will need around 934 euros per month (around $906 US dollars) or 11,208 euros per year (around $10,876 US dollars). The prices for food, accommodation, bills, clothes and entertainment are basically in line with the EU average.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Germany? ›

The average cost of living in Germany in 2023

As a basic estimate, you can expect your total costs to be between €1200 – €3000 per month as an individual living in Germany. At the cheaper end of this range, you would likely be living in a flatshare outside of the city centre.

How much is rent in Germany? ›

In general, the average monthly expenses in Germany can add up to €1,698 for a single person or €3,561 for a family of 4. However, these averages can vary depending on where you live, as rental prices are higher in cities popular among expats. For instance, the average rent in Germany is €800 per month.

Can Americans buy property in Germany? ›

Unlike in other countries, such as Denmark and Switzerland, there are no restrictions to foreigners to purchase real estate in Germany. Currently, many foreign purchasers acquire properties in large German cities such as Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich.

How much does a house cost in Germany? ›

The average sales price of single-family and duplex homes in the biggest cities in Germany varied between approximately 5,000 euros and 11,000 euros per square meter in the third quarter of 2022.

How many hours do Germans work a week? ›

Legal working days in Germany are from Monday to Saturday, but for most workers, a standard work week is from 8 or 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Employees are allowed to work up to 10 hours per day, as long as the total weekly work time is not longer than 48 hours.

What is the cheapest time to go to Germany? ›

The cheapest time to visit in Germany's big cities is between January and March, though you will have cold temperatures and long, dark nights to contend with. If that sounds unappealing, you should try to plan your vacation around late spring (March to May) or late autumn (October to November).

Is 800 euros enough for a month in Germany? ›

On average, international students will have to spend around EUR 800 - EUR 1000 per month or EUR 10,000 - EUR 11,000 per year.

Are grocery stores closed on Sunday in Germany? ›

Other than shops in gas stations, train stations or airports, most shops are usually closed on Sundays. All that is open are restaurants, museums and transportation centers. This is due to the Ladenschlussgesetz or "Store-closing law," which forbid stores from operating on Sundays.

Is there Sunday shopping in Germany? ›

As in the other German-speaking countries, Sunday is a no-shopping day, except for up to four shopping Sundays per year, depending on the city or canton. Even in cantons with regulations, there are usually many exceptions for family businesses, bakeries, newsstands, and florists.

Can I drive in Bonn? ›

2014, all drivers need a green badge to enter Bonn. Entrance is therefore allowed only to vehicles with a minimum level of air pollution that falls under the Euro 4 and Euro 1 emissions classes for diesel and petrol, respectively. Failure to comply with these rules is punished in Germany with a fine of 80 euros.

What is Bonn university known for? ›

Located in Bonn, a center of research and academia, our Rhineland location places us at the heart of Europe. As the German city of the United Nations, Bonn hosts 20 UN centers and a range of international organizations.

Is Cologne or Bonn better to visit? ›

Cologne and Bonn are comparable places to visit for backpackers and budget travelers. Cologne is popular with backpackers and budget travelers. There are a few good hostels around town and many free sights that make this a budget-friendly destination for backpackers. It's common for backpackers to visit Bonn.

Is Bonn expensive to live? ›

Summary of cost of living in Bonn, Germany: A family of four estimated monthly costs are 3,429.4$ (3,193.1€) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 1,012.2$ (942.4€) without rent.

What GPA do you need for University of Bonn? ›

A minimum GPA of 2.8 (50-65) is required for standing a good chance to get admission to the University of Bonn.

What is the rough city in Germany? ›

Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Bremen and Hamburg have the highest rates of crime of all German cities.

What is the coldest month in Bonn? ›

average temperature Bonn

January is the coldest month, with temperatures averaging 2.7 °C | 36.8 °F.


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