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Medicines for medical abortion are also obtained through providers in informal settings or on the Internet. Women's groups and local and international NGOs also disseminate information about medical abortion through the Internet, printed materials, and hotlines that provide instructions on how tohttps://mujer-absoluta.com/mujeres-latinas/self-perform a medical abortion. “Women on the Web”, an international digital community, provides online medical abortion services in different languages ​​to women living in countries where safe abortion services are not available. Activism became institutionalized and the feminist movement grew in many directions. In the late 1990s, what began as a spontaneous social movement with radical ideas about patriarchy, militarism, and democratization found its way into the corridors of institutions and organizations that stifled feminist activism. So profound was the institutionalization of feminism that its political promise seemed lost.

  • Despite this difficult scenario, I am confident that we can reverse this scenario as we did before the pandemic, when countries in the region made significant progress in reducing persistent gender disparities.
  • Many women, but particularly those who go through the process without counseling or supervision, have emotionally draining experiences marked by fear of negative consequences, anxiety, and worry.
  • Support a research and advocacy project to document and educate appropriate constituents about the socioeconomic status of Latinas in Chicago.
  • “Believing in our potential as women is important and urgent to transform our society”, says Segura, and this will be possible in countries that guarantee frameworks that protect women in various domains, including work.
  • His ideas of social change were translated into general statements about access to education and the transformation of material working conditions.

The Latina Women's Initiative has become one of Houston's premier Hispanic fundraisers, providing financial donations and volunteers to non-profit organizations that primarily serve Hispanic women and children. Since its inception, the Latin Women's Initiative has donated more than $2 million to local nonprofit organizations, making a significant difference in the lives of thousands of people. The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice strives to comply with all applicable laws and regulations to the best of our ability, including changes to Texas law that became effective September 1, 2021. Nothing in this communication is intended to encourage, assist, aid or encourage any violation of these changes or any other law.

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In fact, a 2009 study looking at teen sexual health factors by race and ethnicity shows that the rate of teen sex among Latino and non-Latina white women is identical, with 45% of teens from both racial/ethnic groups who reported having had sexual intercourse. While feminists regularly cite the gender pay gap as a scourge preventing women from working, in fact, for Latinas, the gap is much worse. By some estimates, Latinas earn as little as 55 cents for every dollar earned by non-Hispanic white men. Additionally, the proportion of Latinas earning the minimum wage or less is rising, tripling from 2007 to 2012 and contributing to an overall poverty rate of 27.9%, nearly three times that of non-Latina white women. Just 27% of Latinas say a senior co-worker has advocated for a raise for them, and Latinas are significantly less likely than white women to say their manager shows interest in their career development, Lean In and McKinsey & Co report . combination with misoprostol as a medical method for early abortion in some countries where mifepristone is not available. However, a WHO toxicology panel has advised against the use of methotrexate to induce abortion, based on concerns of teratogenicity if the method fails and the pregnancy is not terminated.

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Some women seek medical attention soon after the bleeding starts, either because they fear that something bad might happen to them or because the person who told them how to use the medication instructed them. In many Latin American countries, pharmacies are widely used as a source of medical advice, especially by low-income populations, and women traditionally go to pharmacies for medications to trigger menstruation when they have a late menstrual period. Misoprostol is purchased from retail pharmacies, in packs or pills, usually without a prescription, although government regulations require a prescription [11, 20–22, 34]. Pharmacy staff often recommend misoprostol for termination of pregnancy, but their knowledge of dosage, route of administration, side effects, complications, and effectiveness is often insufficient. In these cases, we only select information that can shed light on the experience of undergoing a medical abortion.


This report summarizes the profiles, needs and challenges of women STEM entrepreneurs in the Latin America and Caribbean region. Since the launch of the IDB's WeGrow 2013, LAC has witnessed a significant improvement in high-impact female entrepreneurship, with more women entrepreneurs creating and growing businesses in STEM fields.

A woman is the victim of femicide in Latin America every two hours.

The letters collected here date from the 4th to the 13th centuries and are presented in their original Latin as well as their English translation. Letters are organized by name and biography of writers or recipients. Biographical sketches of the women, descriptions of the subject of the letters, and the historical context of the correspondence are included where available. Sandra López Vergès is a Panamanian biochemist with a Ph.D. in Microbiology with a specialization in Virology.

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Only a minority of studies include women who completed the MA process alone, without pre-abortion counseling and/or post-abortion care. Adolescent women are under-represented in available studies and the experience of those under 15 is completely absent. We know nothing about women who had unsuccessful medical abortions and continued with their pregnancies, and very little about those who had legal abortions within the health care system or those who received misoprostol for postabortion care. Furthermore, most of the literature comes from large urban areas and few studies include rural or indigenous women. More up-to-date scientific evidence on medical abortion in Latin America is needed for researchers, activists, policymakers and health professionals to have a better and more comprehensive understanding of its impact on women's lives and health. The idea that class is a fundamental dimension of women's lives is rooted in Latin American feminist activism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. As noted in Section 1 above, women's struggles for equality at this time were framed in terms of equal access to social goods (eg education).

In several Latin American countries, medical abortion has allowed the implementation of harm reduction policies. Based on the right to health, autonomy, confidentiality and information, health professionals provide women with unwanted pregnancies with pre-abortion counseling, including information on self-induced medical abortion and post-abortion care. Medicines are not provided because it would be illegal, women must obtain them themselves. Medical abortion has radically changed abortion practices around the world, especially in legally limited contexts. Women can now access a non-invasive, safe and effective method that is more affordable than surgical methods and does not require a third party to be involved in the procedure. In Latin America, women have been using misoprostol for self-induced home abortions for over two decades.

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If you accepted everything you've heard about Latinas, you might think they are conniving, hypersexual, but socially conservative women whose "equal educational opportunity" and "competitive purchasing power" signify their "arrival." of #WeAllGrow Latina, an online community and lifestyle brand that connects Latinas with professional resources, didn't realize she was being unfairly paid until another black woman saw Santos' paycheck on her desk and alerted her to the discrepancy. Bleeding usually starts a few hours after the first dose and is heaviest 6 to 12 hours after insertion, but can also take much longer.

The safety of a clandestine procedure depends on the conditions under which it is performed, mainly determined by the woman's socioeconomic level. Women living in vulnerable social conditions and unable to afford safe clandestine abortions often resort to risky methods, such as inserting foreign bodies into the uterus, ingesting toxic solutions or procedures performed by unqualified professionals. Social and cultural beliefs against abortion, as well as stigma, are other barriers to safe abortion that lead women to resort to unsafe methods. In addition, fear of mistreatment and legal retaliation can prevent women from seeking immediate medical care after an abortion. This article summarizes the results of a literature review of women's experiences with medical abortion in Latin American countries where voluntary abortion is illegal.

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