Cheap Flights from Montreal to Vancouver Airport from $78 | (YUL - YVR) - KAYAK (2023)

Contras:"Free appetizers."

Contras:“The staff did not want to accept my ticket purchased on the kayak, told me I should have purchased the ticket directly from the air liner, and told me to purchase a new ticket elsewhere if I wanted to travel that day. I bought a same-day ticket with Air Canada for an additional $900 CAD, and my ticket purchased on the kayak was worthless, causing me to waste the entire cost of the ticket purchased on the kayak."

Advantages:"The staff was excellent."

Contras:"The seat space was too tight for an international flight."

Advantages:"Amazing crew. Great passengers"

Contras:"Seats are too small. Aisles too narrow. The recent acquisition of Air Canada should improve passenger comfort."

Contras:"Latest Aircraft"

Advantages:"I loved the extra legroom."

Contras:"The food was horrible, he took two bites and didn't eat the rest."


Contras:"Boarding took forever. The seats were tiny"

Advantages:"The staff was good"

Contras:"I couldn't fit my hand luggage on their plane so I was forced to check, the plane was very cold with little to no leg room"

Advantages:"Great Crew"

Contras:"Best Inflight Entertainment"

Advantages:"Good flight, good crew, good jet"

Contras:"The luggage took an hour to leave... unacceptable"

Advantages:"Very comfortable plane. Everything on time. Good experience."

Advantages:"The crew was friendly and attentive. Boarding was efficient."

Contras:"Smallest seats I've been in in a long time. Very poor inflight entertainment (one 10" screen for every 4 rows, damaged audio ports, annoying movie options). Very limited cabin storage space."

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Advantages:"Gone quickly. Service was efficient. Seat was comfortable."

Advantages:"Great price! For the price we didn't expect much, just travel and arrive safe - NO FRUITS. We paid a bit more for legroom and were glad it wasn't an inflated price. We prepaid for our suitcase and received A small discount was also appreciated."Get what you pay for" without feeling "small and broke" is what we consider a cheap and cheap treat."

Contras:"Again, it's considered 'you get what you pay for'. However, to be critical, the choice of movies was a bit stressful and one-sided. (Star Wars and The Avengers). Brought my own entertainment, but I felt bad for the older generation, who might have preferred something a little more relaxing and less CGI explosions.Also, the plane's interior decor and hardware was very aged and worn, which could use for an update soon.

Contras:"The small cabin and the seats of the old plane hurt after 4 hours."

Advantages:"The flight was punctual"

Contras:"The plane noise was loud"

Advantages:"Modern planes. Leg room was good. It was a busy flight."

Contras:"Boarding was delayed but was on time. Needs better seat selections."

Contras:"My suitcase was damaged and they did not treat me well at the airport and I have not had a response from the airline"

Advantages:"Convenient hours, good food and no delays."

Contras:"No plug, no inflight entertainment, uncomfortable seats and not very friendly crew"

Advantages:"Staff: friendly, polite, professional"

Contras:"Couldn't see TV screen. Seat wouldn't recline. Tight and uncomfortable for such a long flight. When I got to Vancouver and picked up my luggage, the wheel and part of the suitcase were missing (broken). How do I file? a claim for this? Thank you"

Contras:"my bag is gone"

Contras:"2 hours late waiting for a passenger. Service on board is very limited. No water served! Food is very basic."

Advantages:"Helpful and pleasant staff."

Contras:"There was no room. It was clasterphobic. The front seat was so close you couldn't move. The movie screen was small and far from the seat and everyone's head was in the way. Hard for short people like me to see anything. Not very clean. Not enough toilets."

Advantages:"At that time, I was able to charge my cell phone"

Contras:"Smart screen cursor was difficult to use"

Advantages:"Efficiency and Environment"

Contras:"The food was terrible and the seat cushion was very uncomfortable."

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Advantages:"Good flight, uneventful. I enjoyed the food"

Contras:"Audio not working, no personal TV screens"

Contras:"Flight delayed from 10:30 PM to 2:30 AM. Horrible experience. No personal entertainment, food was disgusting!"

Advantages:"Loved the view and the ease of booking a kayak. One of my fastest flight bookings with minimal headaches"

Contras:"Ability to check in with the airline through the kayak app. At least through a link to the airline's website with the necessary information pre-filled"

Advantages:“The plane smelled like vomit from boarding to landing. The seats were uncomfortable. I had to pay $9 for the headphones. a night flight. I have had much better service on other airlines. The staff were nice but very impatient."

Contras:"I don't like the fact that I'm still at the Montreal airport looking for a flight out of Montreal. I arrived 3 hours before the flight, I tried the machine, I couldn't find my reservation. I thought the problem was with the machine, I went to the agent anyway problem I was given this number +18553331101 to check with Transat Aerial customer service, they couldn't find the reservation either, so I tried to call the number on the reservation confirmation +18774964815, no answer , even the flight was delayed almost 30 minutes, I still couldn't board. Now I'm still in the airport looking for a flight to leave. My question now is after all this, are they still going to charge my card for this $226.43?"

Advantages:"The staff was professional, the plane was clean and the comfort was good"

Contras:"The flight was delayed 2 hours"


Contras:"Very crowded plane, horrible food, not very nice crew. The entertainment system was broken and nothing was offered to customers. At least give everyone a free drink or something. We were told they tried to fix it, but obviously this is not was true." And they tell us that once we were on the air, which is unfortunate because some of us might have downloaded stuff ahead of time if we'd known. We just handled it exceptionally badly. I will not fly Air Transat again after that experience. Once was enough."


Contras:"the 9 hour delay"

Contras:"Outdated Electronic Product Usage Procedures"

Contras:"Late boarding, no assigned seats, virtually no options to buy food on board (and the little snack they gave away was not good), no entertainment system, and no plugs to charge electronics."


Contras:"Plane boarding and takeoff was delayed. Also when we landed we got mixed up with international flights so I had to go through customs! It took me 2 hours to get out of the airport. Longer than the flight!!"

Advantages:"Seats were good"

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Contras:"Lost luggage and no communication since we landed"


Contras:"Our flight from Barcelona was delayed and we had to rush through the airport to catch the connection to Toronto. When we landed, it was almost time for the flight from Toronto to leave. No information was given to the passengers when we landed, informing them that we the flight from Toronto was waiting for us.The ground staff didn't give us any information either, they just told him to leave his checked luggage and get to the gate and hope the flight was still there.It would have been a lot less stressful if someone had said "don't worry, the flight from Toronto is waiting for you""

Advantages:"When I finally got on board, it was fast and the staff were helpful"

Contras:"Very uncomfortable, I have a bad back and found it difficult to sit down when wearing a seatbelt. Once again the staff were making faces, showing their impatience with the customers. The staff banged on the top lockers and clearly sighed showing what unimpressed that I was". They were."

Advantages:"Air Transat is a great airline. Everything from the food to the service was amazing. I would 100% recommend them for your next vacation."

Advantages:"Super friendly crew from my seat area, clean plane and friendly service"

Contras:"Lack of movies available on the plane that appeal to a variety of audiences."

Contras:"No individual screens for entertainment"

Advantages:"Friendly staff, comfortable flight"

Advantages:"Na hora, barato"

Contras:"Uncomfortable space, narrow seats and aisle, bad food"

Advantages:"Comfortable seats, good selection of entertainment available and drinks on short flights."

Contras:"The delay and disorganization at the airport left passengers frustrated with at least 3 gate changes prior to departure. Added to this was the incorrect announcement on the public address system at 6:55pm, a gate change for leave at the original time (7pm), only to have a stampede of passengers arriving at the newly designated gate to have no airline rep there and soon a new/revised departure time of 9:05pm. Customers with international connections have made it, but I suspect several had their plans changed with this >2 hour delay."

Advantages:"The plane itself and the entertainment system were fine"

Contras:"Extremely late, the crew at the desk received information AFTER the passengers were informed of the delay. Turbulence during the flight and forced landing"


Contras:"No food and 1 hour late"

Contras:"3.5 hour delay at 7:30 am?"

Advantages:"nice soft"

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Advantages:"The staff was friendly"

Contras:"The plane stayed at the gate for almost an hour before we left."

Awful airline. That trip didn't even happen! We arrived at the airport and were told at check-in that our tickets were canceled WITHOUT NOTICE! I begged the agents for more information and was told we were blacklisted for using a fraudulent credit card. The card was a debit card and the funds have already been withdrawn! All the front desk agents left and we were left with no solution. We had to book another flight with a different airline that cost us $2300 on top of the $550 Flair already took from us. I was online for 30 minutes to speak to an agent. It doesn't look promising. AVOID FLAIR AT ALL COSTS.

They make you pay for everything: - carry in hand, seat, check in and not even a glass of water! It is much more expensive than air conditioning!

Didn't you like anything because of the delays and last minute cancellations? No entertainment, not even charging points on the plane.

Apart from being twice late and wasting half a day waiting at the airport, everything was very, very good.

delayed flight

Advantages:"cabin crew was kind enough"

Contras:"The flight was delayed over an hour on the runway because an engine wouldn't start!"

Advantages:"Great crew, fast boarding, almost empty plane so I had all three seats to myself."

Contras:"The hydraulic pump for the inboard flaps seemed to be on its last legs and howled every time adjustments were made. The cabin pressurization system beeped so loud I had to put headphones on to protect my hearing (takeoff/landing only) Proper maintenance is important!"

Advantages:"Comfortable seat with plenty of hip and leg room."

Contras:"They charged me $35 for luggage because I didn't know I could go to the Flair Air website and pay before check-in. They were nice and advised me to do this in the future."

Advantages:"The plane didn't crash like the website and they didn't charge $10 to print my boarding pass like no one would with their website down. Also some budget airlines now only allow £40 in checked baggage, they seem to allow 50 pounds".

Contras:"Similar problem on the way home, I couldn't reserve the luggage online but I was able to check-in. The store closes at 5 CST, so I couldn't call. Although we said at check-out that it was due to the Christmas volume online, we still had to pay at the airport (extra) to check in. They said maybe I could get the ticket back if I called.

Advantages:"The plane didn't crash like the website and they didn't charge $10 to print my boarding pass like no one would with their website down. Also some budget airlines now only allow £40 in checked baggage, they seem to allow 50 pounds".

Contras:"Similar problem on the way home, I couldn't reserve the luggage online but I was able to check-in. The store closes at 5 CST, so I couldn't call. Although we said at check-out that it was due to the Christmas volume online, we still had to pay at the airport (extra) to check in. They said maybe I could get the ticket back if I called.

Advantages:"The staff was excellent."

Contras:"Transat told me to download an app to watch entertainment, only to be told by Flair Air that they don't provide the service and I got the wrong information. So I didn't watch TV for 5 hours."

Contras:"New Leaf stopped Sunday's flight from Halifax to Hamilton, which would have been my return flight home. They offered me a full refund if I needed to cancel or rebook on a different flight, but I couldn't get the new dates to work, so I accepted the full refund. I booked the flights in December for a flight in February and they canceled in mid-January so there wasn't much notification"

Advantages:"Everything about Newleaf was amazing."


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