Cheap Flights from Bali to London from €342 - KAYAK (2023)

The space is getting smaller and smaller.


Advantages:"everything, the crew was efficient"

Opposites:"More African entertainment will be added on route to Johannesburg"

Advantages:“Crew service is good. Not great but still above average for other flagship airlines.”

Opposites:"The seat (B787-10) is so narrow!"

Advantages:"great seat"

Opposites:"Free internet on long flights"


Advantages:"The crew was excellent"

Opposites:“Seats and legroom are not as comfortable as on older planes. The entertainment system was confusing to use (again, older model) so not that easy to use.”

Advantages:"The crew was very helpful and polite."

Opposites:"The flight was delayed and I cut my time in Singapore"

Advantages:"The crew was exceptional."

Opposites:"If you could lower the seat back a little further in upper economy, that would be perfect."

Advantages:"Eat. Beverages. Entertainment."

Opposites:"Nothing. Everything is so perfect!"

Opposites:"The Singapore stopover was a nightmare with inadequate hotel accommodations, nothing but Asian food and overly intrusive security guards."


Advantages:"The journey was terrible, we have to sit three places apart."

Advantages:"Once again, friendly and efficient staff and a smooth flight. Singapore Airlines best attributes."

Opposites:“The business class seats were smaller than I thought and not as comfortable as the 777. The seats are hard and unforgiving and you really feel it when you sleep in them. Also, the platform arrangement means you're basically lying on a question mark position, not so silly for tall people like my husband. The food was good but uninteresting, and I think for an overnight flight, smaller, lighter, non-spicy options should be offered instead of full dinners.

Advantages:"Wide and comfortable bed."

Opposites:“The food wasn't that great. Average at best.”

Opposites:"The plane was freezing, absolutely freezing. Too cold. Not enough fluid was given. Since we couldn't even get water brought in from the airport onto the plane, fluid distributions had to be regular on the flight as on the plane." Flight from London to Singapore. It's a long flight and being dehydrated on a plane is not a good thing."

Advantages:“The ability to order food in advance has helped develop the bigotry of the good guys. The team was helpful in getting us out of the venue first because they knew we were short on time for our connection.”

Opposites:"The delayed flight meant a stressful flight where we wondered if we were going to make our connection. Also, the quality of the pilot on the intercom was poor - mumbling and unclear information."

Advantages:"Excellent service"

Opposites:"Very poor entertainment on board"

Advantages:"The main course"

Opposites:“Vegetables were missing or replaced but ok for regular meals. A portion of vegetables did not include a salad or dessert. Margarine instead of butter only for vegetarian dishes.”

Advantages:"Excellent flight experience"

Advantages:"Plane, service on board en route without dxb"

Opposites:"What you had to fly Silk Air on any of the four flights."

Advantages:"The cabin crew were fantastic...they are without a doubt the superstars of the company...I wish them all the best in a bright future."

Opposites:“The flight service is impeccable. But the ground staff near check-in wasn't like that. I hope they were a little considerate as I was traveling due to a family emergency and had to return all my belongings as I wasn't sure. Date you would return. I was overweight, but I wish they'd thought a little about the fact that they'd have to pay another $300 extra..."

Advantages:"Excellent entertainment, excellent cabin crew"

Advantages:"Great service and comfort."

Opposites:“Food was bland and breakfast availability was a joke. On every flight, passengers don't want spicy food or dinner, and having a limited amount of breakfast available wasn't fun. The crew had made 5 rows and we were 6 rows apart. "out of the kitchen. and they were done".

Advantages:"Frequent drink service, great selection of the latest movies on the big screen, easy drive"

Advantages:"I liked the space I had to stretch out, 3 seats to myself in economy class gave me a good nights sleep between meals. The crew was always very polite and friendly."

Advantages:“Ground and cabin crew service is very professional. Friendly and very helpful.”

Advantages:"Crew friendliness and efficiency. Comfortable seats and entertainment on board."

Opposites:"Not much. This airline is one of the best."

Advantages:“I love traveling with Singapore Airlines. They have excellent service and are always on time. Your entertainment system is very good.

Opposites:“They didn't give us the landing cards and we had to fill them in at the airport. Many were like us and I am surprised. Even for business class passengers, they don't get into a priority lane like seen with Emirates and others. airlines. Although the Singapore airline is very good, it still lacks details."

Advantages:"I liked that there was entertainment"

Opposites:"It was a tired old plane"

Advantages:"Finally an airline that loads from the back to the front. Makes sense to me"

Advantages:"Flight schedules are very good"

Advantages:"Food was good"

Advantages:"Very comfortable, excellent personal service. Flight smooth, on time."

Advantages:"The best services will always fly"

Advantages:"The staff is very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend traveling with the airline. The A380 is a great way to travel with more space in Economy Class. I have booked seats on the upper deck where there is a smaller economy cabin a bit more civilized upstairs!"

Opposites:"Economy class isn't great for a long haul flight but the staff makes it so much more bearable."

Advantages:"Had quite a few to myself both ways, great companions, in-seat flight displays and charging stations, frequent meals."

Opposites:"Clean up bathroom trash more often"

Advantages:"Comfort and food plus drinks."

Opposites:"Delay in the delivery of food, long wait due to many people, but only two groups of service staff"

Advantages:"Crew Friendliness"


Opposites:"The leg rests didn't have enough room to be useful. I'm only 5'10" which is average, not tall so they should have had more leg room."

Advantages:“As usual, the aircraft is in good condition and the crew is well trained. Nothing wrong with the fundamentals, but Singapore Air has definitely lost its luster.”

Opposites:"For heaven's sake, don't announce a boarding procedure and then don't follow it. If you want a free rugby scrum to get on the plane, so be it. But don't announce the approach to rank." /groups and then don't even make a lame attempt to stick to it."

Advantages:"Good food and lots of movies. Friendly team"

Advantages:"Excellent service, food, inflight entertainment (what options!) and the plane was very modern too. It was a very, very enjoyable flying experience. Especially for the duration of the flight (about 18 hours)"

Opposites:"The Hong Kong departure and return stop. Pretty much the entire flight had to do this, quite a waste. Bad customer experience. Please find a better way! If Hong Kong is forcing you to make this change to another airport, better not yet I am flew direct from SF to singapore before so not sure why i'm high.

Advantages:"All on time."

Opposites:"Nothing really bad, a meal on the return flight isn't great, but it's okay."

Advantages:"Lots of movie and game options"

Opposites:“The staff was slow to attend to my needs (e.g. water) and kept bumping into my shoulder or leg. Couldn't manage to get my seat next to my wife's because a couple wanted a whole row to themselves. Very frustrating."

Advantages:"The crew staff was excellent. The food was quite good. Overall the trip was flawless including the early arrival."

Opposites:"It lacked movie options for inflight entertainment."

Advantages:"Everything about this airline was excellent. It would be impossible to go hungry on this airline. Half the time I can't get a bag of peanuts on a 6 hour flight. With Singapore Airlines there was always someone available to keep you satisfied. Am Best service I've ever had, I highly recommend this airline!”

Advantages:"Customer service, the crew was nice"

Opposites:"The food was terrible outside of MEL. I had no choice. Tasteless, should be improved."

Advantages:"Singapore Airlines was amazing. I really enjoyed the hospitality of the cabin crew. They were very helpful and eager to meet my needs. I will have no hesitation in flying Singapore Airlines again."

Opposites:"Be more descriptive about the connecting flights we need to take. Little did we know to take Silk Air as one of our connecting flights, but we finally figured it out. It would be really helpful if they let us know about their subsidiaries."

Advantages:"Singapore Airlines was amazing. I really enjoyed the hospitality of the cabin crew. They were very helpful and eager to meet my needs. I will have no hesitation in flying Singapore Airlines again."

Opposites:"Be more descriptive about the connecting flights we need to take. Little did we know to take Silk Air as one of our connecting flights, but we finally figured it out. It would be really helpful if they let us know about their subsidiaries."

Advantages:"The crew was great and the food was great too!"

Opposites:"More snack bags"

Opposites:"Very good flight. Good airline Eva."

Advantages:"The crew was very friendly"

Advantages:"The crew was very well trained and mastered the flight excellently"

Opposites:"Better communication at the doors through SMS or communication via the applications"

Advantages:"Yeah, they were both great."

Opposites:“The flight was delayed 2 hours when we landed and then another 30 minutes.

Advantages:"Food, service and video entertainment were very good!"

Opposites:"Put seats out for sleeping!! ))"

Opposites:"Get in early so the plane can depart on time."

Advantages:"The flight was what I expected."

Opposites:"Another delay so scheduled departure would have been good."

Advantages:"Friendly crew and comfortable seats"

Opposites:"The food wasn't that great."

Advantages:“I was impressed how they had everyone ready to board, they called all the sections and lined everyone up and boarded quickly. The flight was long and comfortable, they had toothbrushes with a tube of toothpaste, hand lotion and even an orchid in the luggage bathroom good seats no complaints"

Opposites:"Actually, I think this was by far the best airline I've been with in a long time. If I had to make one suggestion, it would be to make the menu bolder...but honestly, that wasn't a problem".

Advantages:“EVA Airways seems to have gone all out today as the cabin crew service was excellent. Not a single problem, not a single complaint. The flight departed on time and arrived at Heathrow almost early apart from the air traffic delay.”

Opposites:“I know you're not involved with reservations, but Vayama took me to Bali without a return ticket. I even emailed them to confirm my reservation when I was in Bali, but when I wanted to fly home I didn't have a reservation and had to buy a flight home. That's rude and I'm pretty sure it's illegal. Now I know you had nothing to do with the booking. My original search started with you, which is why I won't be using a Kayak, Vayama, or Eva Air. again and again and I will suggest to everyone that I can do the same. It's outrageous that I had to buy a return ticket home until I get a refund, I won't stop.

Advantages:“Service and food were good. Friendly staff."

Opposites:"Nothing. I flew business class and it was very good. I can't speak for premium economy and economy."

Advantages:"Professionals. Attentive. Meals included. Drinks included. Nice bathroom. They do their best"

Opposites:"Nothing, everything was great"

Advantages:"Flight attendants were very friendly and helpful."

Opposites:"The seats were uncomfortable for us taller people in economy."

Advantages:"Good service, ground and flight crew"

Advantages:"Very spacious seats. Great staff and smooth flight. PLUS I got my vegetarian meal as requested."

Advantages:“The staff and amenities were top notch. The seats seemed a little roomier than I've experienced in the US lately."

Opposites:“The website was terrible. Couldn't remember any of my personal details for the return flight, even though I entered them on the outbound flight and their Plus (Infinity?) mileage program.”

Advantages:"Leave Row Seats"

Opposites:"Delayed. Gates also had to be changed and boarding took longer than advertised via PA, a bit chaotic. Had to rush to catch connecting flight. Inflight entertainment had to be restarted."

Advantages:"The selection of films and the offering of water and tea was excellent."

Opposites:"Food quality was not the best."

Advantages:“I had a question about my ticket and needed to call customer service and I spoke to a REAL PERSON who was really helpful to me in 5 minutes! Miracle Airline. Very friendly check-in, great service on board.”

Opposites:"Try to snag an island seat, the seats feel small."

Advantages:"Service on time and great staff"

Opposites:"all is well"

Advantages:"Limited movie selection. Otherwise very good experience."

Advantages:“Had to reschedule flight from Jakarta due to Bali airport closure. The staff was very helpful with this, especially Betty Chen, Agent Code: 364. She was a great customer service ambassador.”

Advantages:"My surprise class of Hello Kitty in business class"

Opposites:"That my flight wasn't longer hahaha"

Advantages:"Everything was wonderful".

Opposites:"I can't think of anything I didn't like."

Advantages:"The best airline I've been with for several years and I have over 500,000 AA miles."

Opposites:"Personality of the Cold Hostess"

Advantages:“The crew was very sweet and nice and there were LOTS of them. They offered me drinks every hour – water, juice.”

Opposites:"I ordered a couple of special dishes that were much tastier than the regular select menu."

Advantages:“When I arrived in Taipei, I had a 22-hour layover. I called to see if I could get an earlier flight and was told there was one. I only had to speak to Eva to inquire about the price. The woman was rude and then told me there were no more flights. I am in the process of starting a business in Bali, Indonesia and will be flying from the US, but I will not be using or recommending Eva.”

Advantages:“Very helpful ticket seller. Comfortable seating and arrangements.”

Opposites:“During the flight, the crew could use a little help. Some were downright rude when asking for simple requests like water.”

Advantages:"The staff is great. Service, comfort"

Opposites:"Not Enough Water"

Advantages:"We enjoyed the meals and the inflight entertainment"

Opposites:“We ordered the vegetarian meal. And the food quality was terrible. Also, there was a hair in my food.

Advantages:"I ordered a meal with a vegetarian option just to be sure because you never know what you're going to get with airplane food. I got on the plane and saw another option that I would rather have and the crew quickly made the change."

Opposites:“The biggest disadvantage is the hand luggage. If you are happy to carry your bag, it can weigh a maximum of 15 pounds. If you exceed that weight, you must give it up. I checked my bag both ways with transfers and had no trouble getting my bags. Overall a good experience. I will definitely fly EVA again."

Advantages:"Great film selection. Comfortable in my seat.”

Opposites:"Small glasses of wine. Bad food."

Advantages:"Friendly crew, overall good place."

Advantages:“Comfortable and modern interior on the plane. The staff was excellent.”

Opposites:"Check-in was seamless and the staff knew exactly how to handle my surfboard bag and calculate the correct price."

Advantages:"Hello Kitty's jet added to the fun of the experience."

Opposites:"The food wasn't good."

Opposites:"The flight has been cancelled. Eva did not send an additional plane. They stripped hundreds of people who put themselves on waiting lists for their one-day flight option to Taipei. All flights were full flights. They did not provide meal vouchers or grocery vouchers. Hotel.” They told us to leave the airport and come back tomorrow with no solution. We had to rush to the office and force them to board other airlines to finally get home. If that hadn't happened, we would have been stuck at the airport for 5 days."

Advantages:"Eva's flight was fine."

Opposites:“Handling the kayak was a nightmare. After Kayak canceled the whole flight because my husband was too ill to catch his outbound flight to Bali, they canceled his return. Kayak didn't release their seats so we couldn't rebook," Eva said couldn't." I rebooked until they released the kayak. Had to take another airline to Bali. After 7 days, they finally released seats. After I had talked to them for about 8 hours. He will never use the kayak again."

Advantages:"Flighted safely and on time"

Advantages:"He's a coach. He sucks"

Advantages:"The entertainment system was excellent. New releases are a plus"

Opposites:“Economy seats are small and uncomfortable. Tight and hard for a 13 hour flight. The food was mediocre and used to be better.

Advantages:"Great team"

Opposites:"small seats"

Advantages:"Excellent crew, good entertainment system. Fairly comfortable seats EXCEPT..."

Opposites:“All of the Economy Class aisle seats on this aircraft (Airbus A330-200), *all* (including mine), have severely and unacceptably restricted legroom and underseat storage as there is space under the seat. Seat of a large, aluminum entertainment box. They really need to change that."

Advantages:"Attentive crew, good restrooms, comfortable but still an airplane."

Opposites:“The food wasn't very good. The entertainment needs updating.”

Advantages:"The toilets were always kept clean. The staff was very friendly."

Opposites:"The seats were a little uncomfortable, even though that's the new norm for economy class airlines."

Advantages:"Easy, fast shipping and excellent price."

Opposites:"Not much everything was acceptable"

Advantages:"The flight attendants were friendly and took care of everything."

Opposites:"The food wasn't good but they tried to make room for my daughter whose vegetarian request was ruled out."

Advantages:"The flight attendants were very polite."

Opposites:"The seats could be wider."

Advantages:"Everything - leg room, crew was great, relaxed atmosphere, great entertainment systems"


Advantages:"Great squad!"


Opposites:"Nothing! Everything was great! If it was free it would be perfect!"

Advantages:"The crew was amazing :)"

Opposites:"The availability of vegan meals..."

Opposites:"Registration in Denpasar is terrible. Airport services are very inefficient."

Advantages:"The staff was fantastic."

Opposites:"The best films, please."

Advantages:"The seats are great!"

Opposites:"The food options weren't that good this time."

Advantages:"The less crowded flight meant we could move around and choose more comfortable seats."

Opposites:“The TV unit didn't work, I was lucky. They tried restarting and rebooting twice but to no avail. The clerk said I had a choice of not watching or sitting in an empty seat. I chose to sit next to my wife."

Advantages:“The food was ok but not as good as what we get on other airlines. For example, on a flight I ate a fish dish that was overcooked, very dry, and didn't have any sauce to make it palatable. I don't like wasting food, but halfway through eating I'd had enough. Except that Qatar Airlines was really top notch. The flight attendants were the best we have ever encountered. Their clothes were spotless, they were very friendly and attentive and went there to make the flight as comfortable as possible and to accommodate any request".

Opposites:"The food which was generally very bland and tasteless at all. Sauces with some dishes would be helpful."

Advantages:"Comfortable seats, pretty good food, extremely friendly cabin crew."

Opposites:"The lactose-free breakfast option was fish...I understand some people like fish for breakfast, but for me it was a bit gross. I just ate around and it was good, though. Air vents could be improved, felt a bit flat." towards the end of the flight."

Advantages:"Fabulous service from start to finish. Excellent cabin, spacious and spotlessly clean. Great selection of food and beverages. We traveled in the Business cabin which I must say rivals many so-called 'first class' products. The crew was polite to call us by name and nothing was too much trouble".

Opposites:“Bali airport boarding is chaotic. It can hardly be blamed on Qatar Airways, but it needs to be resolved. When boarding started it started with 'Group 1' instead of business customers and other priority customers. It ended up being quite messy upon boarding. Stopped at the bottom of the escalator which made for a very awkward situation as people struggled to get off the escalator.

Opposites:"too hot groups called too fast to board"

Advantages:"great team"

Opposites:"the plane was not cleaned (garbage/leftover food in the seat pockets), the plane was very hot"

Advantages:"Very impressed with the service. Very friendly staff"

Opposites:"My entertainment device on the Perth-Doha route never worked, even after multiple restarts"

Advantages:"Nothing about American Airlines, never fly it again"

Opposites:"Poor service to passengers. Flight attendants are just plain rude. I don't even know why anyone would want to work when they can't even smile. There were only a few seats available, but they were offered to other passengers who happened to be a different skin color person. So, I, the airline of America, I've lost my family business forever.


Opposites:"Nothing Was Great"

Advantages:"Price, Comfort, Food"

Advantages:“I have not flown with Qatar for several years, but my memories of an extraordinary experience have been repeated. Fantastic modern aircraft, brilliant crew and excellent food.”

Opposites:"Only a minor complaint, the passengers sitting behind me kept talking non-stop and made my attempts to sleep impossible. I asked if earplugs were available but they couldn't find any. My fault, I should have packed my own."

Advantages:“The seats on the economy class plane were comfortable for the very long flights I have taken on Qatar Airlines. The seats had enough space between the backrests of the other seats. The seat reclined to a comfortable position Headrest “The in-seat TVs were the biggest I've seen on a budget flight. The staff was helpful and great. The food and drinks were decent!”

Advantages:"The service was up to par. The crew was very helpful."

Opposites:"The online registration system was down so we all had to queue to register."

Advantages:"The food was good. Legroom was nice.”

Opposites:"I went through two bags and marked them as 'fragile' as I had valuables in them that I had packed securely. When I retrieved the bags from the carousel, the fragile label was shredded and both items in both bags were torn. Artworks I cannot replace. Also, after several calls, it took the operator over 30 minutes to confirm I needed help."

Advantages:“My husband and I recently traveled from New York to Bali, Indonesia for our honeymoon. We received an upgrade to Business for all four flight segments. The flight attendants were incredibly nice and polite and were surprised when we only ordered one drink and one food at a time! The food was great especially for an airplane meal and whatever I wanted they had it.”

Opposites:“The boarding in New York was not arranged. Those traveling with young children or requiring assistance were not first boarded, nor were business and economy boarded from separate gates.”

Advantages:“Excellent and attentive crew. Wide range of entertainment options.”

Opposites:“The food was disappointing. No western option even though it is a flight to London.”

Opposites:“They announced everything in English and Arabic and repeated the same announcement several times. The entertainment is good but frustrating because it's constantly interrupted with announcements about everything. I've never heard so many on any other plane. The announcement about customs papers was long and made 2 times in English and 2 times in Arabic. The safety video is sooo long and again it's done in two languages. It was too much. Otherwise everything was great.”

Opposites:“Customer service is terrible. They refused to accommodate me for a 19 hour layover with a complimentary airport hotel stay, claiming there was an earlier flight still 12 hours away that I would have to pay to book from all modes. Pure scam to trick you into paying for an upgrade on your flight, a hotel, or being sentenced to stay at the airport for a whole day. Never again! Don't fly with them!”

Opposites:"There aren't that many options in movies"

Advantages:“The flight wasn't full so you could stretch out. And the crew was friendlier because they didn't feel overwhelmed."

Advantages:"The curators were very engaging, the entertainment had many movie options."

Opposites:"The food was terrible, the seats were extremely uncomfortable."

Advantages:“Qatar is arguably the best airline in the world, especially for its long-haul flights. It is far better than the other two major airlines in the Persian Gulf. All of the staff I dealt with were excellent and customer focused. The planes between Doha and London were new, had more space than older planes and had an excellent selection of films and TV shows. I ordered special meals on all flights and was very satisfied. I've been a fan of Qatar Airways since I flew to Australia in 2011. He continues to do excellent work, including in economics."

Advantages:“Food and entertainment systems were good. Airplane crew was nice.”

Advantages:“Big monitor and lots of movie options. Good food, efficient boarding.”

Advantages:“Another B787. She had vacancies next to me.”

Opposites:“No menus were handed out by the crew and there was little explanation as to what the meal was other than beef and rice or chicken and potatoes. For some reason they only serve a snack instead of a second meal on this flight.”

Opposites:"Not enough check-in counters in operation - very long waiting times"


Opposites:"The check-in crew in Lahore conspired against me and wanted to extort £200 from me for bringing my laptop on board with my carry-on luggage. No airline anywhere in the world has asked me to do this, and I've been flying quite a bit since then, I didn't allow them to blackmail me, they made me throw my new Delsey handbag at the airport, I had no cover as they threatened to carry my luggage and not let me fly home, not a 5 star airline by any angle. I will never use Qatar again! That was my first and last flight with them.”


Opposites:“We sat on the runway for 3 hours with no explanation from the crew or cabin. Due to the delay, everyone missed their connecting flights in Doha. The crews could have a few slightly longer flights for people to do their flights. The desk was very crowded and very messy. There were so many people working there, but nobody could give you a clear answer, so it was very confusing. I had to wait 4 hours at the airport to sort it out and they gave me a $50 meal voucher for the entire stop. I asked for a flight voucher and they laughed and said they didn't even though it was their fault. The crew was friendly and the food was good, but I will never fly Quatar Airways unless they fix the situation."


Opposites:"Quatar Airway headrests are uncomfortable, especially for someone who is short and whose neck becomes very stiff."

Advantages:“I was upgraded to business class for the first time in my life. The food was good and plentiful in both classes. The waiters were outgoing and friendly, the seats were comfortable. The film selection was good.”

Opposites:"I was stuck in the window seat because my neighbors were sleeping. It's not Qatar's fault.”

Advantages:“After a long delay in take-off, I made up most of the time to land with less delay. The luggage arrived faster than I have ever experienced at a Hamad airport.”

Opposites:“Boarding started very late, so we knew take-off would be delayed. The flight attendant woke me up and asked if I would like breakfast.”

Opposites:"I'm hard of hearing. I would appreciate it if you offered more films with English subtitles."

Advantages:"I slept most of the time"

Opposites:"Narrow seats on long flights. Non-adjustable headrest."

Advantages:"boarding was fine"

Opposites:“Flight operated by BA. Cannot compete with Qatar Airways even if the ticket is a Qatar ticket.”

Opposites:"Missed connecting flight due to delay. Had to sleep for a night. Very impractical. New flight was very late next day. Messed up all my reservations and schedule.”

Advantages:"The quality of the service, the food, the plane and the attention was great."

Opposites:“The flight from Doha to London was delayed. And I lost my bag.”

Opposites:“Check-in took several hours because the plane coming from Doha to Bali was delayed, causing most of us to miss our connecting flight in Doha. The line was long, slow and uncomfortable and the airline did little to ease our discomfort. They refused to let us use the lounge in Bali. I had to speak to several people in Doha to gain access to the Oryx lounge there and they reluctantly ended up letting me use it.”

Opposites:"I love Emirates"


Advantages:"Great crew!"

Opposites:"The seats weren't the best and it would have been nice to have a meal other than just a small breakfast."

Advantages:"The crew was amazing"

Opposites:"The film selection was bad"

Advantages:"Same again. Have a good flight and be well fed."

Advantages:"Excellent team. Very polite."

Opposites:"Overcrowded plane. Uncomfortable seats. No room to move."

Opposites:"Flight delayed and paperwork took a long time."

Opposites:"Best Inflight Entertainment"

Advantages:"The entertainment was fantastic. Lots of new movies"

Opposites:“The flight was delayed an hour and we missed our connecting flight. That was the most frustrating part of the trip. The crew and the plane were fine, nothing special as expected.”

Opposites:"Good flight."

Opposites:"Poor WiFi".

Opposites:"The loaves should be at least lukewarm. The loaves were frozen."

Advantages:"The Experience"

Opposites:"The food was bad"

Advantages:“I had a quick and easy check-in at Ngurah Rai Airport. The flight service by the cabin crew was very good as I usually take business class with Emirates. The flight left Denpasar on time and arrived in Auckland about 30 minutes early which was nice Enjoyed a late dinner - the mie goreng ayam was particularly delicious!"

Opposites:“In the past I have been given pajamas in Business Class on Emirates night flights which made it very comfortable to sleep in. But this time they didn't give me one, so I had to sleep in my day clothes, which was a bit awkward."

Advantages:"Very pleasant flight"

Opposites:"Shit boarding like any airport in India"

Advantages:“Modern and spacious aircraft, the onboard experience is excellent. The bunks in Bysiness are great.”

Opposites:"The boarding is chaotic - no signs, no announcements, first class passengers crammed in with the others in a large corral, resulting in no reliable priority boarding. Flight is delayed 25 minutes (recommended by kayak, not by Emirates); no confirmation of this - departure boards never reflected, no announcement."

Advantages:“The round trip flight time, for the price I paid, felt like I was on more than a cheap flight. The food, the baggage fee, the entertainment. Time flew by because as the movie ended we started to sink I will always look for this flight on Emirates there is no other flight compared to what you get for your dollar. I think other airlines e.g. B. Qantas, Virgin Aust offer you a flight and service for almost the same price but you only get 7kg luggage, no food, just the basic entitlement, tea/coffee/water with biscuits or something and NO ENTERTAINMENT, NO COMPARISON!! !!"

Advantages:"Everything was perfect"

Opposites:“I asked for regular vegetarian food and they served me vegan food! Also, on my flight from Chicago to Dubai on January 30th, they didn't offer me a vegetarian meal because they said I didn't select a meal and they said they don't have an additional vegetarian meal. "Meal!"

Advantages:"Loved the legroom, staff were very friendly, cabin was a comfortable temperature."

Opposites:“I have no complaints based on this flight alone. I look forward to flying Emirates again.”

Advantages:"It wasn't crowded so there was a bit of street clearance. The flight attendants were polite and attentive: they checked at all times if drinks were needed (on other flights they disappeared between meal services). Good selection of films".

Opposites:"While the good stuff was really good on this flight, I don't like the fact that Emirates no longer offers vegetarian food - I have to have a vegan meal instead, which often means things are left over (not replaced) that I do." could eat, like cheese and crackers or a croissant."

Advantages:“Excellent facilities. Staff not that helpful at this leg of the trip.”

Opposites:"Just leave it. Not much fuss was made."

Advantages:"Not much. The crew was bright and happy. Ish."

Opposites:“Emirates has applied EasyJet's seat ramming techniques to its A380 business class product. This makes even the spacious upper deck of an A380 feel cramped. The width of the seats in business class is the same as in the budget class, so side-sleeping is impossible For all but the youngest or children, 4-5 times the cheap price is difficult to justify, to be on such a cramped "stack it up, sell it cheap" -seats Breakfast served just before landing at LGW was honestly the most disgusting meal I've ever eaten was served on board an airplane and I've flown Monarch cheaper ( in every way) might work for some, but if I'm going to spend thousands s, I think going forward I'll choose an airline that treats me less like self-loading cargo."

Advantages:"Ample legroom in the economy seats on the A380 DXB-LGW Good inflight entertainment"

Opposites:"Scarce inflight service Food of a reasonable standard Both used to be much better at Emirates"

Advantages:"Good film selection"

Opposites:"Boarding delayed, passengers are not informed. Rush and rush. Not enough seats at the airport. Food was ok so crew was ok, no compliments or complaints."

Opposites:“After we landed, there was a small problem with the availability of buses at DXB. Otherwise the flight was excellent.”

Advantages:"Meal options included vegetarian options"

Opposites:"Confusing Shipping Companies"

Advantages:“Friendly staff, wide range of entertainment!”

Opposites:"There was nothing I didn't like"

Opposites:“Rude crew, constantly hitting customers. No vegan food. No drinks on most flights. Poor entertainment, screen not working properly.”

Advantages:"Dining and entertainment options, inflight service, seat width and legroom (I'm 6'1")"

Opposites:"N / A"


Opposites:“Bad experience, my 73 year old mother booked a wheelchair in advance but it was not provided during Dubai airport time transfer and she also drove us a very short distance on foot. Faced with many difficulties in walking.”

Advantages:“Good food, nice staff. Entertainment possibilities were also plentiful. Seating was good too.”

Advantages:"Get Flight Credit"

Opposites:"Emirates overbooked the flight and we were bumped into."

Advantages:"The crew was friendly, they're helpful. The flight was on time. I like it when airports are busy."

Opposites:"There's not enough legroom or people wiggle as they walk past. You need freedom of movement.”

Advantages:"Overall a good standard, nowhere to sit but had a selection of current and old movies and TV shows, good food and fairly comfortable seating."

Opposites:"While the food was good, there were some odd omissions in the vegetarian dishes that sometimes made them seem smaller or inferior compared to non-vegetarian options. Still better than what I've had on other airlines."

Advantages:"The service on board was good."

Opposites:"The approach was really bad. It has to be systematic. Lots of confusion and the announcement was difficult to hear."


Opposites:"Food from crappy entertainment screens was a bit blah (stale bread products, slimy fruit)"

Advantages:"It was a good service"


Opposites:“On my flight from Milan (MXP) to New York (JFK) I had a seat in 63C (aisle seat). A woman sitting next to me asked me to swap my seat with her son who was in 74F (seat, I said no because it would be a seat several rows back and in the middle. I had more for the aisle seat paid, so there was no point in changing to a middle seat. However, a few minutes later, an Emirates employee asked me again if I could change seats. It was such an awkward situation that it was impossible not to sit in the I tried to argue that he gave me no choice but to accept the change." Long story short, I had a good seat due to the higher fare I had paid, but was turned up Moved a middle seat back. I thought Emirates was a reputable company. As I told your employee, I don't want to fly with them anymore."


Opposites:"India to Dubai had a bad entertainment system"

Advantages:"Emirates are always very good in all departments, unfortunately on the third outbound flight in a row they ran out of main course on the evening menu."

Advantages:"The flight was empty, so everyone had a chance to get better treatment from the flight attendants."

Opposites:"no complaints"

Opposites:"everything was good"

Advantages:"The crew took excellent care of us. They got us a special meal even though we didn't order it before the flight. Very impressed."

Advantages:"The plane was good and new. The bigger plane and the ride is much more comfortable for longer trips. Overall a good travel experience."

Opposites:“Vegetarian food, especially Asian vegetarian, was inedible on the longest flight. The kids were hungry at Dubai airport.”

Opposites:"Long time to board and staff not clear about baggage policy."

Advantages:"The food was good."

Opposites:“The toilets were dirty and some of the staff were unprofessional. They threw boxes of food and trays at passengers, including me.”

Opposites:"Halfway through the flight, the pop-up screen on my bulkhead seat would not stay latched upright, so I had to prop it up with extra pillows."

Advantages:“EVERY seat was super comfortable, the LCD screens were like super HD! The crew was welcoming and everything was just perfect!”

Opposites:“Crew was unaware of Emirates baggage transfer procedures to JetBlue (Dubai – Boston _ Pittsburgh). Knowing this ensures 100 percent customer satisfaction.”

Advantages:"Meals, comfort and crew all above average."

Opposites:"Not really"

Advantages:“This flight was delayed almost an hour which really hurts at 1am. The crew were fine but the flight seemed understaffed and our premium economy service was pretty average.”

Opposites:"Quite a gong show to get to our connecting flight in Hong Kong, but Cathay Pacific got us there in just a few seconds."

Advantages:"The crew is very friendly and the seats are fabulous as I was able to sleep as I have no place to eat :-)"

Advantages:“Eastern vegetarian food was good. Film selection was good.”

Opposites:"The plane was delayed 1 hour. I was not notified in time to make arrangements to go to the airport a little later."



Opposites:“The food is extremely salty and causes gas. The bathrooms were always dirty and without toiletries. The economy cabin was freezing and the blankets provided are paper thin.”

Opposites:“Economy class travel has really deteriorated. I'm 5ft2 and it's tight!”

Opposites:“Anything compared to Emirates or Etihad”


Opposites:“All first class passengers baggage was delayed beyond last flight time… ridiculous… also flight was delayed as usual for all flights to and from Bangkok. Eating in flight is not attractive. .. the front part of the seat fell on the legs..”

Opposites:"It was not allowed to reserve seats until check-in"

Advantages:"The staff was excellent. On time. That's the most important thing."

Opposites:"The seats weren't good. They don't recline properly. Food is very salty. Not WyFy. Issue with scoring and issue entering the business lounge. Membership purchased for this purpose. My Marco Polo membership was downgraded. On Airline mistakes. I won. As a result, I will not fly with this airline again."

Advantages:“The food and seating comfort were excellent for a premium economy seat. All flight attendants were extremely cheerful and helpful. I have nothing but good things to say about this flight.”

Advantages:"Friendly service at flight time"

Opposites:“The boarding for premium economy had no special boarding. We had to stand in a long line even though we paid almost twice as much for premium economy. All our other flights that we have boarded earlier. I did not do it. They gave no explanation when I asked”

Advantages:"The staff was friendly, everything was well organized, the food was good. The trip was comfortable."

Opposites:"More options for vegetarian dishes"

Opposites:"The plane couldn't take off on time. Arrival in Hong Kong was delayed and our connecting flight didn't want to wait for us.”

Advantages:"The crew provided excellent service, the seats were comfortable and the food and drinks were excellent."

Advantages:"The crew was friendly and efficient. The flight took off and arrived on time. The plane was clean."

Opposites:"Self-service check-in and bag drop in Brisbane was ineffective and required a lot of intervention and help from staff."

Advantages:"Comfortable. Good service. No waiting for the toilet.”

Advantages:"Everything. Great staff, on time departure times, good communication. I have been on many airlines and this is the best, if not one of the best. Keep up the good work. The only suggestion I would say is to show what types of food offered. By special food I mean the menu".

Advantages:"Adequate legroom, which is very important on a long-haul flight. On time."

Opposites:“We ate lunch and then breakfast and skipped dinner. Considering we were there for over 14 hours, dinner would have been nice instead of breakfast or lunch.”

Advantages:"No drinks served before meal. No water brought overnight. Cabin crew efficient if a bit energetic. Food not quite right, no imagination. Movies really good."

Advantages:"Always consistently good.."

Opposites:"N / A"

Opposites:"The flight was absolutely full"

Opposites:“The system wasn't happy with me, they misspelled my name on the ticket and said it was a scam on me and I had to pay the extra cost to get on board. I never use it and recommend everyone to stop using it".

Advantages:"Fantastic Flight"

Opposites:"All is well"

Advantages:"Fast and on time"

Opposites:"It was cold, no sleep, oxygen sea, very dirty bag"

Advantages:"Entertainment facilities were good, too bad my system wants to work well"

Opposites:"My entertainment system was very patchy like I was streaming from an internet connection from a program that wasn't working properly so I couldn't really enjoy anything they had. I asked for a reset and it didn't help or they reset it. When I wanted to ask for another reset they served us dinner while carts blocked the aisles. Me and my wife weren't given seats. It was a 3-3 seat configuration. There were no empty seats and I ended up sitting behind my wife in the middle seat. So no window or aisle for the two of us. :("

Advantages:“Since we were in Economy Class for a flight of more than 15 hours, everything went very well. The seat was fine, the food better than average, the entertainment adequate.”

Opposites:"I didn't like that it was in business and I would have preferred business, but I paid for that so it's all good."

Advantages:“I was in premium economy from Hong Kong to London. Pretty comfortable seats. I slept about 7 hours. The food was decent.”

Opposites:"Crew seems uninterested in service."

Advantages:"Time management and orientation. We enjoyed playing on the screen. We watched a movie. How we fly on Google Maps. Hospitality is good."


Advantages:“Entertainment has to do with my film choices. I wish my screen was a little bigger.”

Opposites:“My flight from Los Angeles to Hong Kong was canceled due to an aircraft issue. I stood in line at the airport for 2 1/2 hours just to find out this. There was no apparent sense of urgency on the part of Cathay Pacific employees and they appeared to have no contingency plan to deal with such a situation. I felt particularly sorry for some of the older folks who were also lined up with drink notes all the time and nowhere to sit."

Advantages:“The food was better than other airlines for the low price. The movie selection was pretty good as were other options. Audio was good. I liked the maps.”

Opposites:"Limited legroom."

Advantages:"More legroom, seat tilt, blanket, pillow."

Opposites:“All ads on Premium Economy with Cathay Pacific are inaccurate. NOT your isolated compartment. Economy curtain is ALWAYS kept open...NO privacy. Dining is EXACTLY THE SAME as Economy. At LAX, I had to REMIND YOU that Premium Economy has priority boarding. No champagne when you get to your seat.. You have to ask for it. The crew is always in a hurry. If you order a drink or a snack, the stewardess have and hostesses ATTITUDE.It's like they're doing you a HUGE favor. Really? We spent a lot of EXTRA MONEY to be in this class. It was difficult to access the toilet. Overall a HUGE disappointment."

Advantages:"Service and Time"

Advantages:“Despite not having a preferred aisle seat and a last minute seat change, the flight was comfortable enough to get some sleep. Enough space and a good temperature.”

Opposites:“An eye mask would help block out the constantly flickering screens from surrounding seats. The staff almost went out of their way to accommodate a few simple requests but were obviously busy with other priorities. The food wasn't bad.”

Opposites:"Same reason for flying from Sydney to Hong Kong"

Advantages:“I do the Canada-Australia trip quite often to see my family and Cathay-Pacific is my new favorite. Cheaper than usual, no stops in the US and everything went perfectly. Thank you for taking care of me!”

Opposites:"The food was good but could be better. Healthier, purer"

Advantages:“We travel quite a bit and use different airlines. We had never heard of Cathay Pacific but loved the whole experience. The plane was CLEAN, people were very friendly and helpful. The seats were comfortable and the food was delicious. All in all, we were very satisfied, it was cheap too.”

Opposites:"The seat belt buckle is at a weird angle so your arm is on it."

Advantages:"Excellent. The food was good."

Advantages:“Every flight crew was very friendly and helpful. They know how to treat children properly. My kids are vegetarians memorable 1 they made my trip very comfortable and memorable."

Opposites:"Ground staff in HK need more attention before going to the counter to understand passenger needs and respond accordingly."

Advantages:"I liked the fact that the plane wasn't delayed... I was very impressed because I fly a lot and some of the worst offenders of flight delays have to be those flying within the US. Boarding the plane was very organized.”

Opposites:"The food... could have been better... but you get fed often."

Advantages:“Our connecting flight was delayed due to the weather and Cathay Pacific Airlines was waiting for us at security to take us to the plane that was waiting for us! Wow! Fantastic service! Thank you for your incredible kindness!”

Advantages:"The food was delicious and plentiful and the crew was nice."

Opposites:“It was a miserable flight in the smallest imaginable seats. I'm 1.80m tall and flights are generally tolerable, it was miserable.”

Advantages:“-The staff was incredibly attentive and friendly at every turn. I couldn't ask for more. The flight attendants also took care of the comfort of the passengers very conscientiously, but also discreetly, for example keeping the windows mostly closed. The time and lights were turned off to allow people to sleep between meals, and to move someone who was sick to a more comfortable and private place, both for the sick person and for the comfort of the people originally around them sat around. - The complementary movie options were great and really helped pass the time on the 24+ hour flight from New York to Western Australia. - 1 free large suitcase which was very nice. - I think the complementary food and snacks were really delicious and generous for airline food. I really enjoyed the meals and snacks. Also the complementary wine was a nice treat and tasted surprisingly good. - The complementary pillows and blankets were nice and warm and soft. -Flights were on time, much better than the American airlines I have flown with. - The toilets were cleaned regularly throughout the flight and were much cleaner and smelled better than other airlines I've been on."

Opposites:"The only thing that could really be improved (less the fault of the airline than the aircraft manufacturer) is that the economy seats and cabin design could be more comfortable for long flights. I understand how difficult it must be to design an aircraft to fit so many people and be comfortable for more than 24 hours of flight time, but I think a few improvements could be made relatively easily that would improve the experience drastically: - If the seats were softer (and maybe more ergonomic with the average person's shape in mind) would make a big difference I think - Being able to put your arm on the wall side of the window seat would make it much more comfortable - Padding on too the poor It would help. - Of course more legroom and wider seats would make a big difference, but I know it's hard to achieve as space is limited."

Advantages:"Everything was fine, I had no complaints about the service or the flight time"


Advantages:“boarding was a bit free although they called specific lines. Nevertheless, it went quickly and everything else was fine. The seats were about as comfortable as you'd expect from an economy. The food was pretty good, the service entertainment was excellent and the crew were polite and helpful.

Advantages:"Seats were wider and more leg room in economy, better food than other airlines, crew helpful, entertainment system offered good selection."

Opposites:"An entertainment system was frozen and not working for the last 4 hours of the flight, the lavatory needs to be cleaned more frequently."

Advantages:"Overall experience is good"


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