Benihana Menu with Prices [Updated March 2023] (2023)

Benihanais a famous American chain of fast casual restaurants in theUSAspecializing in serving Japanese cuisine. They offer a wide range of menus such as sushi platter, appetizers, noodles, lunch entrees, seafood, steak, chicken, hibachi fried rice, ramen, sushi rolls, desserts, drinks and more. If you are ready and want to taste the best food, you must visit Benihana and experience the delicious food of Japanese cuisine. In this article, I'll tell you about Benihana's budget menu and much more.

What is Benihana famous for?

Benihana is famous for its teppanyaki (hibachi). They also offer kids meals and family meals in their restaurants. They have both delivery and takeaway services at their restaurants. So if you want to taste the best food at home, just order online in seconds.

Information on the Benihana franchise

In this section I will share with you the details of the franchise, the headquarters and many more details. Benihana has 116 restaurants in the United States, the Caribbean, Central and South America. Currently headquartered in Miami, Florida, USA. If someone wants to open a Benihana franchise, they need at least a $50,000 franchise and an investment between $1,300,000 and $1,800,000.

Who is the founder of Benihana?

In this section I will also tell you about the founder of Benihana and his beginnings. Benihana's founder was Rocky Aoki and he opened the first restaurant in 1964 in New York City, USA.

They opened a restaurant on the outskirts of New York City in Chicago in 1968. In 1982, Joel Schwartz was appointed President of Benihana. Aoki died in 2008 at the age of 69. Joel Schwartz was succeeded as CEO by Richard C. Stockinger in 2009.

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Currently, Benihana's CEO is Thomas J. Baldwin and the owner is Angelo Gordon. Check out the updated Benihana menu with prices and everything else here.

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Benihana menu with prices

Benihana Family Meals Menu Prices

family dinnerfor 2for 4for 6
chicken and shrimp35,00 $65,00 $$ 95,00
Steak and Chicken48,00 $$ 91,00$ 134,00
Filet mignon$ 58,00$ 101,00$ 144,00
Tokyo wing$ 25,00$ 50,0075,00 $
Tokyo wings and rice with hibachi chicken35,00 $70,00 $$ 105,00
Steak and Shrimp52,00 $$ 95,00$ 138,00
Spicy shrimp$ 50,00$ 93,00$ 136,00
Spicy shrimp and filet mignon$ 62,00$ 105,00$ 148,00
Filet mignon and scallops68,00 $$ 116,00$ 164,00

Benihana Favorites Menu Prices

Hibachi Chicken Rice (12 ounces)14,60 $
Crispy Shrimp Roll14,80 $
Ensalada benihana6,40 $
Tokyo wing16,90 $
Fry shrimp15,40 $
Benihana Zwiebelsuppe6,70 $
Yellow Tail with Ponzu Chili18,30 $
Shrimp tempura15,10 $
Ginger Sauce (1 pint)6,60 $
Benihana Raspberry Lemonade (1/2 Gallon)9,99 $
Benihana Mango Lemonade (1/2 Gallon)9,99 $
Benihana Strawberry Lemonade (1/2 Gallon)9,99 $
Benihana Maracuja-Lemonade (1/2 Gallon)9,99 $
Benihana-Lemonade (1/2 Gallon)9,60 $

Lunch Main Courses Benihana Menu Prices

Lunch duet27,40 $
Pollo Hibachi21,70 $
Filet mignon27,60 $
Chicken Picante Hibachi$ 22,30
Veal julienne$ 24,60
Hibachi scallops$ 24,80
Hibachi Shrimp24,50 $
Chicken yakisoba21,70 $
Yakisoba-Steak$ 22,00
Camarones Hibachi Yakisoba$ 22,00
bistek hibach25,30 $
Sushi Combination23,90 $
Boat Lunch (Chicken)$22,90
Boat Lunch (Salmon)$ 23,20
Lunch on the Boat (Juliana De Ternera)23,80 $
Lunch on the boat (filet mignon)26,10 $
Lunch Boat (Colossal Shrimp)$24,90
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Appetizers and side dishes menu prices

Tokyo wing16,90 $
Hibachi kurze Rippen19,80 $
Crispy Spicy Rice (Salmon)15,80 $
Crispy Spicy Rice (Tuna)15,80 $
Crispy Spicy Rice (Tellowtail)15,80 $
spicy edamame9,90 $
Shrimp tempura15,10 $
Tokyo Wings appetizer sampler21,90 $
Rib Appetizer Sampler$ 24,80
Fried Pork Gyoza Dumplings11,10 $
Spicy Chicken Gyoza Dumplings11,10 $
tuna13,90 $
Soft-shelled crab17,70 $
Fry shrimp15,40 $
Algensalat8,60 $
Takoyaki11,80 $
Edamame8,90 $
Vegetable Tempura11,60 $
Sushi-Sampler$ 18,00
Sashimi-Sampler18,60 $
we want18,30 $
Yellow Tail with Ponzu Chili18,30 $
Benihana Zwiebelsuppe6,70 $
Miso soup$ 7,10
Ensalada benihana6,40 $

Signature Hibachi Fried RiceMenüpreise

Hibachi Chicken Rice (1 portion)$ 7,30
Hibachi Chicken Rice (serves 2)14,60 $
Hibachi Chicken Rice (Serves 4)29,20 $
Spicy chicken rice (1 portion)7,90 $
Spicy Hibachi Chicken Rice (Serves 2)15,80 $
Spicy Hibachi Chicken Rice (Serves 4)31,60 $
Fried rice with vegetables (1 serving)$ 6,10
Fried rice with vegetables (2 servings)$ 12,20
Fried rice with vegetables (4 servings)$ 24,40
Hibachi Steakreis (1 Portion)8,50 $
Hibachi Steak Rice (serves 2)$ 17,00
Hibachi Steak Rice (Serves 4)34,00 $
Hibachi Shrimp Rice (for 1 person)8,50 $
Rice with hibachi shrimp (2 servings)$ 17,00
Rice with hibachi shrimp (serves 4)34,00 $
Steamed Rice (2 servings)$ 5,90

Prices for the signature sauce menu

Ginger Sauce (1 pint)6,60 $
Ingwer-Dressing (1 Pint)6,60 $
Benihana Original Garlic Sauce (1 pint)$ 8,10
Salsa Teriyaki (1 Pinta)7,90 $
Senfsauce (1 Pint)6,60 $
Benihana hot sauce6,60 $
Spicy Mayonnaise (1 ounce)0,70 $
Aalsauce (1 oz)0,70 $
Devil Sauce (1 ounce)0,70 $
Spicy Teriyaki Sauce (1 ounce)0,70 $

Gluten sensitive menu prices

Hähnchen à la carte16,80 $
Garnelen à la carte22,80 $
Lachs à la carte19,80 $
Hibachi Chicken Rice$ 7,30
Spicy Hibachi Chicken Rice7,90 $
Miso soup$ 7,10
Sushi-Sampler$ 18,00
Sashimi-Sampler18,60 $
Fry shrimp15,40 $
we want18,30 $
cucumber roll9,30 $
Lachsrolle11,60 $
vegetable roll9,90 $
Yellowtail Role11,60 $
tuna roll11,60 $
Philadelphia-Rolle12,60 $
Shrimp Nigiri & Sashimi8,60 $
Nigiri aus Albacora und Sashimi9,00 $
Snapper und Sashimi Nigiri9,00 $
Oktopus und Sashimi Nigiri9,00 $
Lachs-Nigiri und Sashimi9,00 $
Tuna nigiri and sashimi9,70 $
Yellowtail Nigiri and Sashimi9,00 $

Keto menu prices

Yellow Tail with Ponzu Chili18,30 $
Sashimi-Sampler18,60 $
Fry shrimp15,40 $
tuna13,90 $
Miso soup$ 7,10
Benihana Zwiebelsuppe6,70 $
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Ramen menu prices

chashu ramen21,10 $
Spicy Chili Garlic Ramen18,80 $
Ramen-Tonkotsu15,30 $

Noodle and tofu menu prices

Seafood Devil39,70 $
Spicy tofu fillets30,90 $
Chicken yakisoba34,10 $
Yakisoba-Steak34,70 $
Yakisoba-Garnelen34,50 $

Steak and chicken menu with prices

New Hibachi Ribeye$ 47,60
Filet mignon$ 44,10
Pollo teriyaki36,20 $
Chicken Picante Hibachi36,20 $
Pollo Hibachi$ 35,60
bistek hibach41,10 $
Bistec Teriyaki41,10 $
Hibachi Chateaubriand53,00 $

Seafood menu prices

Hibachi Shrimp40,40 $
Spicy hibachi shrimp40,90 $
Surf page50,10 $
Colossal Hibachi-Garnelen43,70 $
Hibachi-Thunfischfilet40,60 $
Hibachi Salmon with Avocado Tartar Sauce40,60 $
Hibachi scallops42,20 $
treasure of the ocean$ 61,60
two lobster tails$ 63,00

Specialty menu prices

New Hibachi Ribeye and Chicken$ 52,80
New Hibachi Ribeye & Lobster$ 62,90
New hibachi ribeye and scallops57,50 $
Neue Hibachi Ribeye & Colossal Shrimps57,20 $
Kaiserfest49,30 $
Rocky's choice$45,80
Benihana-Trio57,40 $
Besondere Benihana58,50 $
Benihana's delight46,40 $
Benihana Excellency46,90 $
Splash 'N Meadow48,80 $
luxurious gift59,70 $
land and sea$ 54,10
Samurai-Deal$ 53,70
hibach supremo67,30 $
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Prices for menus with sushi and roll specialties

Hummerrolle29,70 $
Spicy lotus tempura roll18,80 $
New katana reel16,60 $
Shrimp Lovers Roll17,70 $
Alaska Roll17,70 $
Chili Shrimp Roll19,80 $
vegetable roll9,90 $
Spicy tuna roll13,90 $
Philadelphia-Rolle12,60 $
Fried Las Vegas Roll13,70 $
Crispy Shrimp Roll14,80 $
dragon roll$ 20,30
rainbow roll19,70 $
Spinnenrolle19,70 $
Baked Sumo Roll19,10 $
Spicy Salmon Roll13,90 $
Lachsrolle11,60 $
Yellowtail Role11,60 $
tuna roll11,60 $
cucumber roll9,30 $
Rollo California$ 11,00
aal roll12,60 $
Shrimp tempura roll14,50 $

Sashimi/NigiriMenú Precios

Tuna Sashimi and Nigiris9,70 $
Salmon Sashimi and Nigiris9,00 $
Shrimp - Sashimi & Nigiri8,60 $
Yellowtail Sashimi and Nigiri9,00 $
Albacore tuna and nigiri sashimi9,00 $
Snapper - Sashimi und Nigiri9,00 $
Oktopus-Sashimi und Nigiri9,00 $
Aal-Sashimi und Nigiri9,70 $
Geruch Rogen Sashimi und Nigiri$ 8,20
Lachsrogen-Sashimi und Nigiri9,70 $
Huevo Tamago Sashimi & Nigiri$ 8,20
Smoked salmon sashimi and nigiri9,70 $

Sushi combinations menu prices

Different nigiris35,50 $
Sashimi Assortment43,60 $
Combination of sushi and sashimi37,80 $
Sushi-Chirashi34,30 $

Kabuki children's menu prices

Kinder Filet Mignon$ 27,00
Hibachi steak for kids23,90 $
Hibachi shrimp for kids23,10 $
Hibachi chicken for kids$ 22,30
Chicken strips for kids22,70 $
Chicken tempura for kids22,70 $
Chicken and shrimp combo for kids$ 26,00
Children's fillet mignon and chicken29,50 $
Chicken and steak combo for kids26,60 $
Steak and shrimp combo for kids$ 27,00
Children's fillet mignon and prawns29,90 $
California roll for kids18,40 $
Hibachi chicken rice for kids$ 7,30
children noodles6,40 $
Children Edamame8,90 $
I ninja mug$ 7,00
Taza Sensei$ 7,00
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Prices of the dessert menu

traditional cheesecake9,70 $
Mount Fuji Chocolate Cake9,70 $
Strawberry mochi ice cream9,00 $
Traditional cheesecake for 438,00 $
Mount Fuji Chocolate Pastry for 438,00 $

Beverage menu prices

Himbeerlimonade (1/2 Gallone)9,99 $
Mango-Limonade (1/2 Gallon)9,99 $
Strawberry Lemonade (1/2 gallon)9,99 $
Passion Fruit Lemonade (1/2 Gallon)9,99 $
Lemonade (1/2 Gallon)9,60 $
Erdbeer-Shake 16oz9,90 $
Cookies & Cream Shake 16oz9,90 $
Strawberry Lemonade 16oz$ 5,80
Mango-Lemonade 16oz$ 5,80
Maracuja-Limonade 16 oz$ 5,80
Mango-Colada-Smoothie 16oz9,90 $
Erdbeer-Maracuja-Delight-Smoothie 16 oz9,90 $
Banana Berry Smoothie 16 oz9,90 $
Acqua Panna Quellwasser$ 5,80
San Pellegrino$ 5,80
Dose Pepsi2,80 $
Can of Diet Pepsi2,80 $
fog can2,80 $
Mountain rope can2,80 $
Red Bull5,20 $
Red Bull without sugar5,20 $
tropical red bull5,20 $
Ramune-Original$ 5,80
Strawberry Ramune$ 5,80
Uva Ramune$ 5,80
I ninja mug$ 7,00
Taza Sensei$ 7,00

Cups menu prices

I ninja mug$ 7,00
Taza Sensei$ 7,00
dragon mug$ 7,00
Taza Kendo$ 7,00
Taza Sakura$ 7,00
Ninja-Becher$ 7,00
fresh koi$ 7,00
Banzai-Becher$ 7,00
lucky cat mug$ 7,00
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Catering – appetizers and side dishes menu prices

Edamame33,40 $
spicy edamame37,00 $
Steamed Rice$ 11,00
Verduras Hibachi13,20 $
Benihana Zwiebelsuppe$ 24,60
Miso soup$ 26,00
Ensalada benihana$ 23,30
Pork Gyoza41,40 $
Tokyo wing63,40 $
spring rolls41,40 $

Catering – Fried Rice & Noodles Menu Prices

yakisoba134,10 $
Yakisoba with chicken184,10 $
Yakisoba with beef187,40 $
Yakisoba with shrimp186,10 $
Hibachi Chicken Rice26,80 $
Hibachi Chicken Rice with Shrimp$ 35,60
Spicy Hibachi Chicken Rice$ 29,00
Hibachi Chicken Rice with Steak$ 35,60

Catering – dishes sushi menu prices

Kyoto into the bay72,00 $
Sushi-Garten$ 113,00
Tokyo fountain$ 105,00
rising sun plate90,00 $
Samurai-Platte$ 113,00
California roll pan40,90 $
California roll and spicy tuna platter$ 46,00
Philadelphia roll compartment47,10 $
Rainbow California Rollentablett57,00 $
Platter of Spicy Rainbow Tuna Rolls$ 63,00
rainbow roll tray73,90 $
Spicy Shrimp Roll Tablett$ 51,90
Avocado Cucumber Toll Tray34,00 $
Spicy tuna roll tray$ 51,90

Catering: Menu prices for steak, chicken and seafood

Pollo Hibachi192,70 $
Chicken Picante Hibachi196,00 $
bistek hibach223,70 $
Bistec Teriyaki223,70 $
Colossal Shrimp238,90 $
Hibachi Shrimp219,80 $

Catering – combination packages menu prices

Teppan-Trio$ 205,00
Seafood lovers206,10 $

Use:-We cannot guarantee that the menu prices we quote are 100% correct and may not apply to all locations of a particular brand name. Please contact the official restaurant.Location of your interest for menu prices of restaurants, cafes, etc.

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Benihana's contact details

Benihana ADDRESS21500 Biscayne Blvd #900, Adventure, FL 33180, USA. UU.
Benihana E-Mail-AddresseN / A
Benihana phone number305238-2131
Benihana Contact formVisit here
Benihana Official

Benihana's social profiles

Facebookvisit now
Instagramvisit now
bloodvisit now
Pinterestvisit now
Youtubevisit now

Frequently asked questions about Benihana

Who is the owner of Benihana?

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Angelo Gordon owns Benihana.

How many cities are in Benihana?

There are 116 restaurants in the United States, the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Who is the CEO of Benihana?

Thomas J. Baldwin is the CEO of Benihana.

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Who founded Benihana?

Rocky Aoki founded Benihana.

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So this is all about the Benihana menu with prices and we have also mentioned some other details about the restaurant that you will find useful. Thanks for comingmenupricess.comWe wish you a good meal.


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