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Benihana is a Florida-based American company that owns franchises and Japanese restaurants in various parts of the world, including the Benihana Teppanyaki brand and sushi restaurants RA and Haru.

Explained in Japanese, Benihana means saffron, which is mainly used as a dietary supplement and also as an edible oil. However, most people associate this name with the popular teppanyaki restaurant founded by famous athlete and entrepreneur Rocky Aoki.

It is said that his father suggested the name of the restaurant. But there is something interesting about these restaurants - restaurants in America are known as "Benihana in Tokyo" while restaurants in Tokyo are known as "Benihana in New York" which is where Rocky started his career.

If you want to indulge your taste buds with a delicious Japanese flavor, Benihana is the place to be. This restaurant can give you an amazing taste of Asian food that you have never tasted.

The table below shows the current prices for the Benihana menu.



salty seaweed$4,35
seasoned tofu$ 5,90
Vegetable tempura$ 6,95
Meat Sashimi$ 8,70
Sushi-Sampler8,95 US-Dollar
Sashimi-Sampler9,95 US-Dollar
Shrimp tempura8,95 US-Dollar
Braised Shrimp$ 9,25
Soft-shelled crab$ 11,75
We love each other$ 11,25
Miso soup$ 3,20
Benihana Zwiebelsuppe$ 3,20
parallel orders
Hibachi Chicken Rice$ 3,75
Salat Benihana$ 3,20
Brown rice$ 2,75
Benihana Sushi Arroz$ 2,75

sushi dishes

Served with Benihana Salad and Miso Soup.
Combo-Sushi$ 16,60
Deluxe Combo-Sushi$22,90
Combination of sashimi with rice$ 21,75
Sushi/sashimi combination with rice$ 21,75

Sushi specialty

Shrimp Lovers Roll$ 12,75
Alaska Roll$ 12,75
Rolle Bostons$ 12,75
crawler roller$ 12,75
vegetable roll$ 5,20
Rolo Benihana$ 6,50
Roll with salmon skin$ 6,50
Spicy tuna roll$ 7,75
Philadelphia-Rolle$ 7,25
Las Vegas roll (fried)$ 9,20
Crispy Shrimp Roll$ 9,75
dragon roll$ 12,90
rainbow roll$ 12,90
Spinnenrolle$ 12,75
Sumo roll (roast)$ 13,75
Hummerrolle$ 19,75


cucumber roll$ 3,75
Lachsrolle$ 5,35
yellow tail roller$ 5,35
California Roll$ 5,75
tuna roll$ 6,50
aal roll$ 7,50
Shrimp tempura roll$ 8,50

hand rolls

Cucumber (hand rolls)$ 2,90
Lachshaut (Handrollen)$ 3,90
California (hand rolls)$ 3,90
Shrimp Tempura (hand rolls)$4,25
Philadelphia (Handrollen)$4,25
Tuna (hand rolls)$4,75
Eel (Hand rolls)$4,75
Spicy Tuna (Hand Rolls)$ 5,50


Ovo$ 2,35
Atum albacore tuna$ 2,75
Krabbenstock$ 2,75
sole$ 2,75
Izumidai – Tilapia$ 2,75
horsetail$ 2,75
Staub$ 2,75
Salmon$ 2,75
Shrimp$ 2,75
sniff roe$ 2,75
Lula$ 2,75
clam surfing$ 2,75
Marinated salmon$ 2,90
yellowtail$ 2,90
Aal$ 3,20
Lachseier$ 3,20
Atum$ 3,20
sweet shrimp with head$ 3,90
sea ​​urchins (market price)$ 0,00


Noodles and Tofu
5 course meals served with steamed rice, homemade dips, hibachi shrimp appetizer, benihana salad, benihana onion soup, hibachi vegetables and Japanese hot green tea.
Seafood Diablo$23,75
Spicy tofu steak$ 17,75
yakisoba$ 19,75

Steak and Chicken

5 course meals served with Benihana Onion Soup, Benihana Salad, Hibachi Shrimp Appetizer, Hibachi Vegetables, Homemade Sauces, Steamed Rice and Japanese Hot Green Tea.
Filet mignon$ 26,50
Franco Teriyaki$ 19,75
Spicy Chicken Hibachi$ 20,25
Hibachi Chicken$ 19,75
Bife Hibachi$ 24,25
Bife Teriyaki$ 24,25
Hibachi Chateaubriand$ 35,75
Bife Imperial$ 38,50


5 course meals served with Benihana Onion Soup, Benihana Salad, Hibachi Shrimp Appetizer, Hibachi Vegetables, Homemade Sauces, Steamed Rice and Japanese Hot Green Tea.
Shrimp Hibachi$ 25,00
Surfing Page$ 30,75
colossal shrimp$ 26,25
Hibachi tuna steak$ 26,75
Hibachi Salmon with Avocado Tartar Sauce$ 25,25
Hibachi scallops$ 26,75
treasure of the ocean$ 39,00
two lobster tails$43,75


6 course meals served with Benihana Onion Soup, Benihana Salad, Hibachi Shrimp Appetizer, Hibachi Vegetables, Homemade Sauces, Steamed Rice, Hot Japanese Green Tea and Ice Cream or Ice Cream.
Rocky's choice$ 28,00
Upgrade Rocky's Choice for filet mignon$ 3,20
Benihana-Trio$ 38,50
Special Benihana$ 38,75
Delicatessen of Benihana$ 28,25
Excellency Benihana$ 29,25
Splash ‘N Meadow$ 30,75
treat luxury$41,50
land and sea$ 35,50
Guloseima de Samurai$ 34,00
Hibachi Supremo$ 48,75

lunch cards

Served with Benihana Salad, Hibachi Vegetable Rice and Hibachi Vegetables.
Chicken Hibachi (Lunch)$ 11,75
Filet Mignon (Lunch)$ 16,00
Spicy Chicken Hibachi (Lunch)$ 12,00
Beef Julienne (Lunch)$ 14,00
Hibachi Scallops (Lunch)$ 14,25
Shrimp Hibachi (Lunch)$ 13,75
Yakisoba (Chicken)$ 11,50
Yakisoba (Steak)$ 12,00
Yakisoba (Garnelen Hibachi)$ 12,00
Steak Hibachi (Lunch)$ 13,60
Lunch duet$ 15,90
Boat Lunch (Chicken)$ 11,40
Boat Lunch (Salmon)$ 11,70
Lunch on the Boat (Beef Julienne)$ 11,95

soft drinks

Limonade Benihana$ 3,90
Freshly brewed iced teas$ 3,75
Ramune$ 3,85
Water$ 3,85
Refrigerator$ 2,85
Frozen specialties
glued sleeve$ 5,75
strawberry delicious$ 5,75
Banana Smoothie$ 5,75


Japanese handmade cold sake
Mio Sparkling Sake (bottle)$ 15,75
Dassai 50 "Otter Festival" (Glass)$ 10,50
Dassai 50 „Otterfest“ (jarra)$ 19,00
Dassai 50 "Otter Festival" (Bottle)$ 53,00
Kikusui „Chrysanthemenwasser“ (Glas)$ 9,50
Kikusui „Chrysanthemenwasser“ (Glas)$ 17,00
Kikusui "Chrysanthemum Water" (Bottle)$ 48,00
Shimizu-No-Mai ``Pure Dawn'' (Video)$ 11,50
Shimizu-No-Mai ``Pure Dawn'' (Karaffe)$ 21,00
Shimizu-No-Mai ``Pure Dawn'' (Garrafa)$ 59,00
Rihaku "Wandering Poet" (Glass)$ 12,50
Rihaku “Wandering Poet” (Karaffe)$ 23,00
Rihaku "Wandering Poet" (bottle)$ 65,00
Suigei "Drunken Whale" (Glass)$ 9,50
Suigei "Drunken Whale" (Carafe)$ 17,00
Suigei "Drunk Whale" (Bottle)$ 48,00
Shirakabegura „A Brand White“ (Glas)$ 9,50
Shirakabegura „The White Label“ (Karaffe)$ 17,00
Shirakabegura "A Marca Branca" (decanter)$ 48,00
Chilled premium sake
Sho Chiku Bai Ginjo (Video)$ 7,75
Sho Chiku Bai Ginjo (Garrafa)$ 15,25
Hana Fuji Apple Sake (Glass)$ 6,75
Hana Fuji Apple Sake (Glass)$ 12,50
Hana Fuji apple sake (bottle)$ 37,00
Sho Chiku Bai Nigori (Vidro)$ 5,70
Sho Chiku Bai Nigori (Garrafa)$ 13,70
Ty Ku Coconut Nigori (Video)$ 8,30
Ty Ku Kokosnuss-Nigori (Garrafa)$ 16,80
Japanese premium spirits
Shochu (2 Unzen)$ 8,70
Whisky (2 Unzen)$ 11,50
Plum Liqueur (2 ounces)$ 8,30
hot sake
Benihana Hot Sake (Jarra)$ 9,75

wine list

sparkling wine
Mumm Brut Prestige (sparkling wine) – bottle$ 12,80
Domaine Carneros Brut (sparkling wine) – Bottle$ 49,00
Rose Regale (Sparkling) - Bottle$ 11,00
Cantine Maschio (Prosecco) – Garrafa$ 37,00
Moet & Chandon Imperial (Champagne) - Bottle$ 84,00
White wine
Columbia Crest (Chardonnay) – Vidro$ 8,30
Columbia Crest (Chardonnay) – Garrafa$ 12,60
Columbia Crest (Chardonnay) – Garrafa$ 31,00
Kendall-Jackson (Chardonnay) – Vidro8,95 US-Dollar
Kendall-Jackson (Chardonnay) – Garrafa$ 13,50
Kendall-Jackson (Chardonnay) – Garrafa$ 34,00
The Cream (Chardonnay) – Glass$ 10,95
The Cream (Chardonnay) – Karaffe$ 16,50
The Cream (Chardonnay) – Karaffe$ 44,00
Joel Gott (Sauvignon Blanc) – Vidro$ 8,75
Joel Gott (Sauvignon Blanc) – Garrafa$ 13,75
Joel Gott (Sauvignon Blanc) – Garrafa$ 34,00
Kim Crawford (Sauvignon Blanc) – Copo$ 10,75
Kim Crawford (Sauvignon Blanc) – Garrafa$ 16,50
Kim Crawford (Sauvignon Blanc) – Garrafa$ 42,00
Coppola 'White' (Pinot Gris) - Vidro$ 8,50
Coppola 'White' (Pinot Gris) - Garrafa$ 12,25
Coppola 'White' (Pinot Gris) - Garrafa$ 31,00
Santa Margherita (Pinot Gris) – Vidro$ 13,75
Santa Margherita (Pinot Grigio) – Garrafa$ 21,00
Santa Margherita (Pinot Grigio) – Garrafa$ 55,00
Beringer (Muscat) – Vidro$ 7,20
Beringer (Maskat) – Garrafa$ 11,20
Beringer (Maskat) – Garrafa$ 27,00
Castle Ste. Michelle (Riesling) – Vidro$ 7,80
Castle Ste. Michelle (Riesling) – Garrafa$ 11,75
Castle Ste. Michelle (Riesling) – Garrafa$ 30,00
Beringer (White Zinfandel) – Glass$ 7,30
Beringer (White Zinfandel) – Garrafa$ 16,75
Beringer (White Zinfandel) - Bottle$ 27,00
red wine
Estância ‘Pinnacles Ranches’ (Pinot Noir) – Copo$ 9,75
Estância ‘Pinnacles Ranches’ (Pinot Noir) – Garrafa$ 15,25
Estância ‘Pinnacles Ranches’ (Pinot Noir) – Garrafa$ 38,00
Sanford 'Flower of the Field' (Pinor Noir) - Glass$ 12,00
‘Flor de Campo’ von Sanford (Pinor Noir) – Karaffe$ 17,50
Sanford 'Flor de Campo' (Pinor Noir) – Flasche$ 45,00
14 Hands (Merlot) - Cup$ 8,20
14 Hands (Merlot) – Bottle$ 12,50
14 Hands (Merlot) – Bottle$ 32,00
Rodney Strong (Merlot) – Vidro$ 9,75
Rodney Strong (Merlot) – Garrafa$ 14,75
Rodney Strong (Merlot) – Garrafa$ 38,00
Hayes Ranch (Cabernet Sauvignon) – Copo$ 8,50
Hayes Ranch (Cabernet Sauvignon) – Garrafa$ 12,60
Hayes Ranch (Cabernet Sauvignon) – Garrafa$ 32,00
Louis M. Martini (Cabernet Sauvignon) – Taxes$ 10,90
Louis M. Martini (Cabernet Sauvignon) – Bottle$ 13,00
Louis M. Martini (Cabernet Sauvignon) – Bottle$ 40,00
Simi (Cabernet Sauvignon) – Copo$ 13,70
Simi (Cabernet Sauvignon) – Garrafa$ 20,50
Simi (Cabernet Sauvignon) – Garrafa$ 54,00
Beringer ‘Knights Valley’ (Cabernet Sauvignon) – Copo$ 14,50
Beringer ‘Knights Valley’ (Cabernet Sauvignon) – Garrafa$ 22,00
Beringer ‘Knights Valley’ (Cabernet Sauvignon) – Garrafa$ 57,00
Don Miguel Gascon (Malbec) – Vidro$ 9,75
Don Miguel Gascon (Malbec) – Flasche$ 14,75
Don Miguel Gascon (Malbec) – Flasche$ 39,00
Benihana Plum Wine (cup)$ 7,50
Benihana Pflaumenwein (Dekanter)$ 11,50
Benihana Plum Wine (bottle)$ 28,00
Reserve list
Rugged mountain range 'Te Muna' (Sauvignon Blanc) - Garrafa$ 48,00
Château Montelena (Chardonnay) – Garrafa$ 59,00
Cake Cellar (Chardonnay) – Garrafa$ 70,00
Sanford (Pinot Noir) – Garrafa$ 53,00
Hirschsprung ‘Artemis’ (Cabernet Sauvignon) – Garrafa$ 70,00
Kamingestein (Cabernet Sauvignon) – Garrafa$ 86,00


japanese brands
Sapporo (large)$ 8,75
Asahi (Big)$ 8,75
Kirin Ichiban (Grande)$ 8,75
Light of Sapporo$ 5,30
domestic/imported beer
Bud light$4,20
Corona$ 5,30
heineken$ 5,30
O'douls$ 4,30
Samuel Adams Boston Lager (12 ounces)$ 5,80

special cocktails

Benihana Punch$ 8,50
Caneca Benihana punch in signature$ 14,90
Mai Tai$ 8,90
Benihana Mojito$ 8,90
Kokosnuss Mojito$ 9,50
White Peach Sake Sangria$ 8,75
Tokyo Maultier$ 9,25
Haiku Colada$ 8,75
exotic mojito$ 9,50
Erdbeer-Whiskey-Smash$ 9,75
Red plum sake sangria$ 8,75
Yuzu Margarita$ 11,75
Blue Ocean punch (for 2 or more)$ 27,00
baby blue ocean$ 9,20
Signature of Caneca Benihana$ 7,25
exklusive Martinis
Eu-Tini$ 11,00
Litschi Blume$ 11,00
Rising sun lemon candy$ 11,00
Tiki Martini$ 11,00
1964 Saketin$ 11,00
Kabuki-Menu Infantil
California Roll (price for children)$ 9,75
Chicken Hibachi (price for children)$ 10,75
Shrimp Hibachi (Child price)$ 10,75
Steak Hibachi (price for children)$ 11,50
The combination
chicken and shrimp$ 13,50
Hühnchensteak$ 13,50
Steak and Shrimp$ 14,50
parallel orders
white pasta$4,20
Hibachi Chicken Rice (kids)$ 3,60
Edamame (kids)$4,20
kids drinks
Banana Berry Blast (pro Kind)$ 5,50
Ramune (of child)$ 3,75
Benihana Fruit Punch (pro Kind)$ 3,50
Benihana Lemonade (pro Kind)$ 3,50
Pink Crush (by child)$ 3,50
2% milk (per child)$ 2,90
juice (per child)$ 2,90
Soda (pro Kind)$ 2,90

history of the brand

The first Benihana restaurant was opened by Rocky Aoki on West 59th Street in New York in 1964. After graduating from college in Tokyo, Japan, he moved to the United States with dreams of opening his own restaurant.

The interior design of the Benihana restaurant was an authentic Japanese farmhouse and the food was prepared on steel teppanyaki grills right in front of the guests.

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The second restaurant Benihana was also opened in New York and the third in Chicago. At the end of 1972 there were six Benihana restaurants in the United States.

Today there are over 70 locations worldwide.

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Our rating

One interesting thing about the restaurant is its extensive and delicious dining options, including California flatbreads, seaweed salad, and salmon sashimi. In addition, the restaurant offers several types of sushi to choose from and other interesting options.

The restaurant is also famous for its hibachi and teppanyaki cuisine, which attracts many diners. However, you should be careful with these two types of preparation, because they can be harmful to health if consumed regularly and lead to various lifestyle diseases. However, that shouldn't stop you from enjoying a Benihana experience every now and then.

Benihana Menu Prices - In 2023 - The Pricer (1)One thing everyone loves about Benihana is the use of high quality, handpicked ingredients. The restaurant uses fresh vegetables that are hand-cut daily and a variety of sauces that are made from scratch. In addition, the restaurant usesUSDA cuts of meat. Benihana's chefs spend a great deal of time preparing their dishes, ensuring that all the ingredients used are of the highest standards.

Menu prices at Benihana are reasonable and worth every penny. Appetizers, for example, cost approx.$ 8,5, while the price of Teppan tickets is approximate$21This includes about six dishes of foods such as hibachi vegetables, soup, hibachi shrimp appetizer, salad and hot tea. Lounge specials prices are also nearby$21and contain elements likeFilet mignonand fish tacos. The average cost of lounge and teppan menus are everywherebetween $10 and $16.

In addition to serving lunch and dinner, Benihana also offers a happy hour menu. If you have children, they will be given special treatment with the restaurant's children's menu.

Visiting Benihana means more than just lunch or dinner. The ambiance of the restaurant recreates the brand's oriental identity through traditional Japanese details such as ceramics and authentic black and red kimonos that complete the gastronomic offer.

The team of authentic chefs, trained and specialized in Japanese cuisine in Asia, will surprise you with specific juggling skills, such as unforgettable atmosphere.

Frequently asked questions about Benihana

What are the opening hours of Benihana?

In general, Benihana restaurants are open from 10:30 am to 11:00 pm, but this depends on the location. It is recommended to check this inthe official website page.

(Video) Trying Benihana's MENU for the FIRST TIME EVER! - Japanese Restaurant MUKBANG REVIEW!

What makes Benihana so famous?

Here are some of the dishes that make Benihana famous.

Salat Benihana

Getting a salad before your starter isn't new to any restaurant. But the ingredients in the Benihana Salad make it totally different from the salads you can find at other restaurants. The salad is tossed with fresh veggies like red cabbage, crunchy greens, grape tomatoes and carrots, then tossed with homemade Benihana ginger dressing. The most interesting thing about the sauce is that it is tasty, slightly sweet and always fresh.

Benihana Zwiebelsuppe

This has been a home-made specialty since the first Benihana restaurant opened in 1964. A substitute for traditional Japanese miso soup, Benihana onion soup includes mushrooms, chives, and broth. Before welcoming you to the table, the chefs first prepare the onion soup and then serve it hot to start your meal.

Hibachi Shrimp Appetizer

The shrimp are prepared in such a way that all the flavors can unfold. The chefs cook both sides of the shrimp, then use their superb slicing skills to remove the tails. If you order a shrimp appetizer at Benihana, expect it to be served with one of the restaurant's sauces.

(Video) Benihana Hibachi Review

Japanese hot green tea

Benihana is very good at preserving Japanese traditions. So you should expect to be served hot green tea as soon as you have finished eating. The chefs will encourage you to sip while you enjoy your evening and reflect on the food you just ate.

Who founded the Benihana?

Benihana Restaurant was founded by Rocky Aoki.

What cuisine does Benihana offer?

In the restaurants of Benihana you will find a different gastronomic experience. A well-trained and highly qualified chef prepares the food right before your eyes in traditional Japanese style at a hibachi table.

What type of oil does Benihana use?

Restaurants in Benihana are known for using safflower oil. In fact, the word "Benihana" translates as "red safflower."

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