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Bellagio Buffet Review 3600 Las Vegas Blvd. South: Mid Strip center (hours and prices at the bottom of the page).One of the Las Vegas buffets is still open in 2021, in general they haveimprovedafter 4 years of disappointment (mainly because of the high expectations of this wonderful resort and also because of the price!). Their service has improved (still not to the level of the "glory" years of the Bellagio buffets, when everyone felt like true VIP guests (years ago). The food has also generally improved, perhaps due to the limited time of the portions (see footer).

Overall rating of the Bellagio Buffet. Forgetful, uninspiring, on the decline... Not worth the price compared to thatThe best buffets in Las VegasBut…. Good enough, especially for meat lovers.The buffet at the Bellagio used to be the only all-you-can-eat destination in Las Vegas; It has slowly declined over the years and on our last visit we were disappointed. Do not misunderstand:In general, you will like this buffet.. But it's forgetful at best, and some dishes have started to be...just average. Fortunately, the service is still good. Let's go into detail:

The Seafood Theme. Seafood lovers could probably avoid the Bellagio buffet, especially during lunch, when the only seafood options are cold shrimp and some average seafood dishes (cold scallops, cooked salmon, and mahi - the latter two are very bland, for put it mildly). to say the least). Dinner, which costs significantly more, is better in this regard: it offers several types of crab legs, as well as another seafood option in the dwindling Japanese section (where, thankfully, you can still find the delicious crab cone). spicy tuna).

meat loverI will still enjoy this buffet as they have sliders (albeit super dry on my last trip), several house-made sausages (which, though, seem to be declining in quality), a generous roast section including ribs and rotisserie chicken. The mini sliders section (beef and turkey) was very bland on our last visit, quite dry and generally undercooked. Dinner offers similar meat options with the exception of Reuben sandwiches (which, unfortunately, are takeout) and an additional section for homemade sausages.

Bellagio Buffet Review Lunch and Dinner.As the new trend for this once-glorious buffet, you'll find a declining (but still decent) pizza section; a good selection of pasta dishes, however they were overcooked on our last visit and made with inferior pasta ingredients in our opinion; an average salad section with 2 tasty pre-mixed salads (Caesar and an "exotic" variety). however, they were served in kitten-sized bowls; a declining Asian section (when we last visited, the won ton and miso soups were neglected to the point where only water was offered for a long time); Soups both Mediterranean and traditional (the Roma tomato soup was probably the tastiest and best prepared of all) and a light and delicately prepared mashed potato. The charcuterie and cheese department was just below Bellagio level (two bad cheddars and one bad gouda). The fruit section is small but all the options (watermelon, cantaloupe and sliced ​​pineapple) were of good quality.

(Video) Basic Breakfast at the Bellagio Buffet, Las Vegas

Hedessert area(Bellagio Buffet Review) may not "wow" you, but everything is of good quality; Plus, you'll enjoy some traditional Italian "pasticceria" (puff pastry desserts) that are almost as good as you can find in Italy; the sugar-free options are hearty and flavorful but delicate. Health-conscious consumers should know that stevia is not (yet) used in sugar-free desserts. Maybe we could all make this suggestion!

ethnic options. We didn't see any Middle Eastern dishes or any Indian dishes. If you prefer ethnic food,SilveroPlaneta Hollywoodare the best option (and very expensiveBacchicof course) in the same strip area.

Self-service drinks.Finally, Bellagio has introduced self-serve drinks! The best options are still at the Mirage, followed by Treasure Island, but at least you can help yourself to a good selection of hot and cold drinks. Poorly filtered tap water is a thing of the past! Now we are waiting for Aria to follow us!

The popular overturn. Yes, you can pay for lunch here and stay for dinner (not all Las Vegas buffets honor us with this courtesy, usually the "cheap" ones, but so does Mandalay Bay, offensively). However, if you plan to show up at the end of lunch and stay for dinner, so only pay lunch prices (= lower than dinner), you should know that they seem to take a long time to change dishes here. That means sometimes you have to wait for a new dish to be served for dinner. We have experienced this more than once; Let's hope they change it as it's quite unacceptable for this fancy buffet.

Surroundings.Casual elegance, though now overtaken by redesigned buffets like Aria, Cosmo, Bacchanal. It could use a little updating, although the table and chairs are larger and more comfortable than most other Las Vegas buffets. Nice atmosphere, relaxing at times but very busy and crowded at other times. The dining rooms are spacious, although they are conditioned so that you never have to walk far to get to the food stalls; As mentioned above, unlike many other Las Vegas buffets, even the smallest table gives you plenty of room to move.

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Service (Bellagio Buffet Review): Used to be great with some professional servers; Nowadays those glorious servers are gone for what is average and really depends on each individual. .

lineups: The Bellagio Buffet naturally has lines on busy days, but they're relatively quick because, unlike most other buffets in Las Vegas, the Bellagio Buffet doesn't have many "closed areas," ensuring a constant and smooth turnover Of customers. Bellagio, like most other Las Vegas buffets, has a 2 hour max stay time (although they are not too strict: it depends on how busy they are).If you are a Pearl member (2nd level of M Life player card) or higher, you can join the VIP line, which is usually faster.

Opening hours and prices as part of our Bellagio Buffet review:

Note: in 2021They still have limited opening hours:

Monday to Wednesday, Friday to Sunday: 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Thursday: 10:00 – 20:00

Breakfast $25.99 Monday - Friday | 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

(Video) Brunch at the Bellagio Buffet.

Lunch $30.99 Monday – Friday | 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Dinner $40.99 Monday-Thursday | 15:00 – 22:00

Gourmet Dinner $45.99 Friday – Sunday | 15:00 – 22:00

All you can drink $19.99 Monday through Sunday

Weekend Brunch $35.99 (unless it's a special weekend when the price increases to around $44 + tax)

(Video) BELLAGIO BUFFET: Join me for the FULL Friday Night Bellagio Buffet Dinner Experience. Las Vegas

Unlimited Champagne Brunch $55.98
Saturday and Sunday | 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Chef's Table Add Daily $69.99 Reservations Required
16:00 – 22:00

Prices for children up to 5 years | $4.99
Children from 6 to 12 years | Half-price

(but always check with them by phone –702-693-7111
because the opening hours and prices can change in each establishment and they change quite frequently!)

spin: a blessing! What this term means is when a buffet does not introduce a break between meals, but all overlap. For example, the Bellagio lunch buffet ends at 3:00 PM when dinner begins (theoretically). If you left during lunch time, you won't be asked to leave and therefore you can enjoy the dishes for dinner! Absolutely beautiful when everything fits! We frown on buffets that don't offer rollover, even though many of these are budget buffets. The priority of a top buffet, especially in a casino hotel, must be to offer quality and flexibility to its customers. Be aware though that the Bellagio buffet seems to take a long time to bring out dinner plates. They can spend up to an hour looking at the half-empty train stations as dinner is slowly brought in. Did you enjoy this review of the Bellagio Buffet? Check the following:

(Video) Buffet at the Bellagio is it worth it?? #restaurtantreview #eatingout #chefdice

updated list ofThe 10 Best Buffets in Las Vegas, listed in order of excellence. Browse Las Vegas coupons with oursVegas Coupon Tipsbook page. Our Bellagio Buffet videos can be viewed on ourReal Las Vegas Videospage of book.Las Vegas Buffet Deals Guide.


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