500+ Exotic Dog Names - What's your favorite tropical dog name? - breeding farm (2023)

searchexotic dog names? We understand that she can break the norm and give her pup a name that stands out from the rest. So here we have an incredible list of over 500 names that are just as unique and special as your precious pup.

They are suitable for any race, but especially for the rarer ones like that.czech terrier, theLagotto Romagnolo, thethai ridgeback, theAzawakhor thePyrenean Mastiff, for instance. If you want to show the originality of your dog, then our list will help you!

Exotic Dog Names List

Here are several optionsexotic dog namesfor you to choose between:

  • Abraham

    Birth name of Abraham in the Old Testament.

  • As

    top of the stack.

  • Adler


  • Adi


  • adlai

    the justice of God.

  • Adonis


  • Adonis

    A mortal lover of Aphrodite in Greek mythology.

  • Adrian

    Form on the Latin name Hadrianus.

  • Smoke

    Greek fabulist and storyteller who was born a slave.

  • Bye

    Good health, well-being.

  • one Love


  • Alam


  • kingfisher

    Great power.

  • Alistair

    Greek origin and means "defender of man"

  • Alizé

    Alize aus Ithaka, New York.

  • señor

    lightning spirit.

  • ambassador

    An important and high-ranking official who represents a nation.

  • Ammunition

    Abbreviation for ammunition.

  • Anandin

    Happiness; happiness.

  • Geist

    Inside the Soul; Spirit.

  • Miscellaneous


  • anpona

    I hear the sun rise

  • Apollo

    One of the most important gods of Greek and Roman mythology.

  • Adler

    like an eagle

  • Archana


  • goalkeeper

    A person who participates in archery.

  • Ares

    Greek god of war.

  • Aristotle

    A Greek philosopher in ancient Greece.

  • armed


  • arnaldo

    Spanish for "eagle power"

  • Arsenic

    A toxic chemical element represented by the symbol "As".

  • Article


  • attire

    A tough dog name of the harsh ruler of the Huns.

  • Atlas

    The Founding Titan in Greek mythology.

  • Stingy

    My father is a judge.

  • axis

    A spindle for a rotating wheel or gear.

  • bahi


  • Baisong

    Tall pine.

  • Balaban

    powerful man

  • bart

    A name meaning to stutter and stutter.

  • Balaram

    The strong.

  • Bandit

    An outlaw who thrives on plunder.

  • suffering soul

    A female spirit believed to be an omen of death in Irish mythology.

  • Barak

    The 44th President of the United States of America.

  • Without

    A well watered place.

  • you put

    have mental awareness

  • Basil

    Herbs commonly used in Italian cooking.

  • unido


  • have put

    Big animal, big name for big dog!

  • Sent

    Seasoned expert.

  • Benison

    Blessing; Blessing.

  • Bentley

    A very expensive car.

  • Berhan

    light, lighting

  • Bhasanta


  • Come on

    mystical understanding.

  • bismarck

    The capital of North Dakota.

  • Bison

    Another name for the American buffalo.

  • llamas

    Means "flame" as in "fire"

  • Bo

    A wooden staff weapon from Japan.

  • Bodan

    wise scholar.

  • Bodia

    One with great understanding.

  • boris

    Experimental rock band from Japan.

  • Brahma

    The Creator God of the Hindus.

  • countersinks

    Quite appropriate for a tough fighting dog.

  • bron

    Spring; Spring.

  • bronx

    A northernmost borough of New York City.

  • brooklyn

    The most densely populated city among the five districts.

  • Braun

    Another name for a bear.

  • Bruno

    The name of the mockumentary comedy film "Bruno"

  • mills

    Abrupt, stumpf, stumpf.

  • gross

    Political figure of the Lower Roman Republic.

  • Budhila

    woken up; the enlightened.

  • To press

    A dormant volcano in the Philippines.

  • patterns

    A gun fires bullets.

  • bundy

    Serial killers in the United States.

  • Rig

    From the fortress.

  • Buster

    Like blockbusters.

  • Marimacho

    A term used to describe masculine characteristics.

  • kade

    paper fork

  • César

    Salad Caesar or Julius Caesar.

  • Phone call

    Perfection; Handsome.

  • Kapodaster

    Tone device used on the neck of a stringed instrument.

  • capone

    A notorious American gangster.

  • Carlito

    Means "little Carlos"

  • rollo

    Castor vegetable oil.

  • Girl

    Beautiful flower.

  • Champion

    Champion abbreviation.

  • chandi


  • worried


  • Oak


  • dig it up

    To the moon.

  • Chico

    A town in California.

  • Cook

    The term refers to the leaders of Native American tribes.

  • ring

    Never Dies.

  • Chiwen

    continuous; strong headed.

  • Chomden

    Overcome the negative.

  • Chopin

    A classical musician.

  • grievance


  • Clarence

    A name created for a 14th century prince.

  • clive


  • Oberst

    Commissioned military officer rank.

  • Kampf

    Another word for fight.

  • Comet

    An astronomical object made of ice and dust.

  • Conan

    Television presenter Conan O'Brien.

  • Confucius

    An influential Chinese social philosopher.

  • coral

    Polyps that live in the ocean.

  • kori

    Summit; Summit.

  • Costello

    An English word for son of Oisdealbhach.

  • crusher

    A tool used to break large rocks into smaller rocks.

  • As

    Port; Security.

  • Zyanid

    A toxic chemical compound.

  • Digger

    Protestant agrarian communist group.

  • Dachen

    Great joy.

  • daitan

    (Video) $1,000,000.00 FISH {Catch Clean Cook} GIANT BlueFin TUNA!!!

    bold; Bravo.

  • dakota

    States in the United States.

  • damien

    It means "to tame".

  • Damon

    The Conqueror; Conqueror.

  • Do


  • Darschan


  • dolphin


  • Cover

    Supreme happiness.

  • Delphi

    A city and archaeological site in Greece.

  • a demon

    Fictional character consumed by hatred of humanity.

  • Deoma

    A sentence.

  • Desmond

    Means "Man from Südmünster"

  • to have

    We are.

  • Really

    Given by God.

  • Right handed

    It means “right-handed, happy; the one who colors

  • Dhanesh

    Useful for everyone.

  • Dhonden

    Make sense.

  • Diablo

    A dark fantasy action RPG.

  • dione


  • full moon

    Full moon.

  • doromeno

    gift of power

  • Erpel


  • reyezuelos

    the wren

  • dryad


  • Herzog

    A private university in North Carolina.

  • Hold

    more permanent.

  • Dutch

    People or languages ​​related to the Netherlands.

  • Dymond

    It may be referred to as a city in Ontario.

  • Worship

    Worthy of Worship.

  • I help save.

  • Progress

    The one that advances

  • Eldon

    old farm.

  • language

    Floating; Clarity.

  • elion

    God of the sun.

  • elia

    God knows.

  • Emetall


  • emerald

    Ragweed; Immortality.

  • He has

    Grant favors.

  • erebos

    The son of a Chaos primordial god.

  • the sleeves


  • Euden

    good tree

  • eugenio

    Capital of Oregon.

  • Evander

    Good man.

  • ezume

    Pure water; Pond.

  • Faishtako


  • furniture

    Success; valuable.

  • Canine

    A long, pointed tooth used for biting and tearing meat.

  • Farhan


  • Child

    learned; intelligent.

  • Fidel

    A former revolutionary leader and communist politician from Cuba.

  • Fitch

    Famosa marca Abercrombie and Fitch.

  • Flechero

    arrow maker.

  • Fochik

    The heavenly stars.

  • Fred


  • Let's play


  • Up


  • Prince

    braver; gallant.

  • Gaspar

    Means "treasurer"

  • Paso

    safe haven.

  • gaza

    Treasure; Active.

  • rate

    The founder of the Mongol Empire.

  • Genki

    more alive

  • Gev

    brave fighter.

  • family

    American model in the late 70s.

  • Giles

    young goat.

  • bulk products


  • Goliath

    A biblical character who fought against David.

  • goren

    Standing out; above all.

  • snarl

    Deep, guttural sound produced by an animal.

  • Gucci

    A luxury leather goods and fashion brand from Italy.

  • Confidence


  • Type

    Canyon; Warrior.

  • hell

    Greek king of the underworld.

  • state

    Authentic; real.

  • hampton

    Mark Hotels and Suites.

  • handwan

    Song of the night

  • Hannibal

    A gifted Carthaginian military commander and tactician.

  • Harley

    Harley Davidson motorcycles.

  • hat on


  • Haylan


  • bullying

    Hector in the Greek epic "Iliad"

  • we will

    Sunny day.

  • Hercules

    Roman equivalent of the demigod Heracles.

  • hiero

    Holy place.

  • Hokama


  • hopes


  • horacio

    A prominent Roman lyric poet.

  • Hugo

    Heart; Spirit.

  • Casco

    An emotionally impulsive fictional superhero.

  • es

    Frozen cold water.

  • but

    From my heart.

  • and


  • Ikeno


  • Do


  • isis

    Goddess of ancient Egypt.

  • history

    There Chief.

  • Isaac

    Who laughs.

  • Jad

    Someone who is serious.

  • Jaideep

    victory of light

  • Jaleel

    Great; penalty fee.

  • Jamal

    Handsome; Nice.

  • Jamal

    splendor; higher

  • cena

    Knowledge; Be able.

  • jasper

    A surviving vampire in the twilight.

  • javanes

    But quickly.

  • Kiefer

    A famous thriller about sharks.

  • Youth


  • Jezebel

    King Ahab's wife.

  • jhazala


  • Jimbo

    Jimmy Donal, co-founder and promoter of Wikipedia.

  • jimin

    He saves people.

  • jona

    God gave.

  • cup holder

    Coniferous plants belonging to the cypress family.

  • Justice

    The idea of ​​moral rectitude based on ethics.

  • Kabir


  • Kadmiel

    (Video) Huge 500+ indoor plant collection tour and plant care tips | Indoor plants | Gardening Australia

    close to God

  • Doble

    A coffee flavored drink from Mexico.

  • Kalman

    Lightning strikes a tree.

  • Kamen


  • Kane

    An American wrestler and actor.

  • Kato

    The eleventh most common Japanese surname.

  • Café

    Above all.

  • Kebede

    Great value

  • Mut

    Cheer up.

  • Kenji

    Wise and healthy child.

  • knowledge

    Knowledge; Be able.

  • Kenya

    Republican country in East Africa.

  • Iglesia


  • nets


  • primavera


  • Able to

    A title given to a ruler in Mongolian languages.

  • Kiama


  • Song


  • Kira


  • matar

    The debut single from the American R&B group.

  • Killer

    This is almost self-evident.

  • kilo

    More of a masculine name.

  • König

    Another name for a monarch.

  • Some

    First man

  • a guitar

    Happy boy.

  • raza


  • Klingon

    A fictional warrior race.

  • So

    Hawaiian word meaning bold, intrepid, and daring.

  • Koda

    Stage name of a Japanese singer-songwriter from Kyoto.

  • We are

    To light the way.

  • Kona

    The name of a star.

  • Kono

    One with skill.

  • performance

    Strength; Energy.

  • To walk

    Increase; Evolution.

  • Kumi

    Beauty rarely seen.

  • hug

    An ancient kingdom in northeast Africa.

  • Fast


  • image

    performance; powers.

  • Kwanzaa

    Feast of the First Fruits.

  • Lakota


  • Lal


  • Laniyan

    more thoughtful.

  • Leandro

    A character from the Greek myth "Hero and Leandro"

  • Lecturer

    Famous fictional character in horror novel.

  • Lemuel

    they belong to God.

  • lenox

    A Scottish surname from Levenach.

  • León

    Leader of the Greek armies and king of Sparta.

  • Lewin

    Dear Friend.

  • Liam

    Determined Guardian.

  • freedom

    A political philosophy that includes the free will of the people.

  • Expect

    He brings us hope.

  • Lucio

    Small group found in the culture of ancient Rome.

  • Luna

    Personification of the Worlds.

  • Lyman

    man of the valley

  • Macho

    A person who displays masculine characteristics.

  • Whim

    Mack Trucks is a manufacturer of trucks.

  • Magnus

    Means "big" in Latin.

  • matrices

    Special kind of magic.

  • Immerse yourself in life; exuberance.

  • Maki

    good tree

  • Malak


  • Malone

    grace of God.

  • Maluk

    Arabic name for a male.

  • Mandeep

    heart fire; Motivation.

  • Manoj

    Spirit; Heart.

  • Manuelani

    sky bird.

  • Marjah

    The hope you have

  • mato

    have put.

  • Lonely

    Character played by Tom Cruise in the movie "Top Gun: Maverick"

  • maximum

    The points of a function in calculus.

  • Maximum

    Stoic philosopher and teacher of the 2nd century.

  • Medhavin


  • Medusa

    A chthonic monster in Greek mythology.

  • Meeko

    Pocahontas's raccoon companion.

  • planta


  • threat

    A damage that intimidates.

  • curiosity


  • Mezian


  • milam


  • Others

    more peaceful

  • Suave

    Term that means gift of God.

  • Mitsu

    Could be short for Mitsubishi.

  • Elegant


  • mohicano

    Like the Mohican.

  • Mohkave


  • Mojo

    An alien supervillain in Marvel Comics.

  • monroe

    Mountain on the Roe River.

  • collapsing

    A council area of ​​Scotland.

  • change


  • Schön

    loving power.

  • Mustang

    A breed of wild, free-roaming horse.

  • Expect


  • nadiv

    Generous and noble.

  • nahko

    have put.

  • I'm going in

    Dude; allies

  • Name

    star dancer.

  • Ivanov

    Bring luck.

  • Napalm

    Thickening/gelling agent for use in military operations.

  • neoscho


  • Nesschin


  • Neville

    The new city.

  • niche

    Latin American popular art object.

  • nightmare

    A frightening dream that can cause a negative emotional reaction in the sleeper.

  • nikiq

    moon flower.

  • niam too

    home of origin

  • nitro

    Nitroglycerin is an explosive chemical compound.

  • noam

    nice man

  • Nordun

    The Seven Jewels of Wisdom.

  • New star

    An explosion caused by the accumulation of hydrogen.

  • Obadiah

    Servant of God

  • Oban


  • Octavio

    An ancestor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty.

  • Anders

    One that is special.

  • odin

    The ruler of Asgard in Norse mythology.

  • Organo

    Extreme; Unlimited.

  • soy

    (Video) I Survived A 564 Hour Livestream


  • I won't be

    God comfort me

  • Omen

    A fact that is believed to predict the future.

  • Onsi


  • The neck


  • osceola

    Crier of black drinks.

  • Bone

    divine law.

  • osvaldo

    A Scottish Protestant Christian minister of the early 20th century.

  • otto


  • Oyate

    tin; Nation.

  • Quickly

    The good path in life.

  • pachama

    Mother Earth.

  • Pallava

    Outbreak; To flourish.

  • Maus


  • Partena

    virgin; pure.

  • patton

    US General George S. Patton who served in World War II.

  • Pavaki


  • Delete

    Thunder and lightning.

  • Padion

    Set up; open field.

  • perama


  • Phaedon


  • Ghost

    Like the Phantom of the Opera.

  • Pharaoh

    A title for the rulers of ancient Egypt.

  • Fereniki

    bringer of victory

  • Pilot

    A military aviator trained in air-to-air combat.

  • Iceberg


  • dedicated


  • predator

    A 1987 American science fiction action film.

  • Prince

    An American singer and actor named Prince Rogers Nelson.

  • princesa

    daughter of the queen or king.

  • Qadesch


  • qadir

    more capable

  • Look

    strong one

  • performance


  • DOG

    Honest and straight.

  • Qinda

    working man

  • my hate

    smartest; intelligent.

  • Essen

    Managed properly.

  • It works


  • like money


  • rama


  • Rambo

    From the Rambo film series.

  • Ramses

    Traditional name of the Egyptian pharaohs.

  • Randeep

    Excels in battle.

  • Ranielle

    Regen + Her.

  • Birds of prey

    A bird of prey.

  • rattlesnake

    It may refer to the rattlesnake.

  • gusto

    A gift from God.

  • rayna

    song of the lord

  • razor

    A blade tool for shaving unwanted body hair.

  • Remeleen

    White antelope.

  • rex


  • branch

    My sweety.

  • Rimalín

    White antelope.

  • rima

    pomegranate fruit.

  • player

    A fictitious name for an unknown serial killer.

  • Risette

    Nice little laugh.

  • Rochena


  • Rocky

    Rocky the boxer in American boxing drama movies.

  • Rodan

    fertile land; Fertility.

  • roland

    Famous throughout the country.

  • Ronel

    song of the lord

  • Rosalba

    White Rose.

  • roxy

    A very popular clothing brand.

  • Rueger

    A brand of weapons.

  • Rukia

    she gets up.

  • Rukundo


  • Rupert

    Famous shine.

  • nuevo


  • would know

    one with knowledge.

  • sadire


  • Safi


  • Sajjana

    a good person

  • Sajovia

    Obsessed with youth.

  • Salome


  • Samson

    A biblical figure.

  • A lot of

    Look at; consider.

  • Sanjay

    Reference to Buddha.

  • Sarani


  • Sergeant

    You may refer to Sgt.

  • Sarita


  • Sarojanetra

    lotus eyes

  • section

    The world.

  • sativas

    An annual plant used by humans as a drug.

  • Saundra

    defender of humanity.

  • ton

    juniper plant.

  • Seeley

    A fictional character from the television series "Bones"

  • Harmony.

  • Senator

    A member of the upper house of Congress.

  • Serena

    Quiet and peaceful.

  • Sewan

    Dedicated to the service of others.

  • Shaelynn

    Shae + Lynn.

  • Show

    Good luck; Happiness.

  • Shaka

    Gesture of greeting together.

  • Schalana

    Prefix Sha + Wool.

  • Schamir

    Guard; Protection.

  • Schana

    moose standing

  • Cinco

    God be merciful.

  • Shani


  • Cinco

    stone, debris

  • Sharonda

    A plain, a flat area.

  • advise each other

    to advise together.

  • Shawanda

    Sha + Wanda prefix.

  • Sheela


  • schilin


  • Mut

    Be strong.

  • Shiva

    Patience and perseverance.

  • Schori


  • Sicily

    An Italian island.

  • Sinjin

    Saints; Saint man.

  • Zion

    Summit; Height.

  • destroyer

    To break something violently into pieces.

  • Socrates

    He was an Athenian philosopher of classical Greece.

  • Sun

    The light.

  • Somedra

    The goddess Indra.

  • other

    (Video) English Daily Speaking 500 Sentences | Spoken English practice | English conversation


  • Sparta

    A famous warrior city-state in ancient Greece.

  • speed

    Polearm with stock and pointed head.

  • Speire


  • Upper part

    Fictional character from the television series 'Angel'

  • Stand

    Star; shining.

  • steel

    An African-American chairman of the Republican National Committee.

  • Stetson

    A famous brand of hats.

  • Sturm

    Fictional character from a comic book series published by Marvel Comics.

  • stormy

    A time characterized by violent civil unrest.

  • String instruments

    An eight-wheeled armored fighting vehicle.

  • Of


  • do not Cry

    good charm

  • Sumo

    A Japanese form of wrestling.

  • I got carried away


  • Surayya

    Stars in the constellation Taurus.

  • arise


  • It broke

    Cindy; hell.

  • hold on tight

    Persistence; Strength.

  • Expect

    From the state of Texas.

  • Thai


  • Taishiro

    Ambitious boy.

  • Taiyo


  • takaji

    elevated boy.

  • Of


  • Talitha

    Girl; Little boy.

  • Wert


  • Tamika

    son of the people

  • The body

    Tanana-Fluss in Alaska.

  • armored

    Armored fighting vehicle for front line combat.

  • Santo

    they have given us

  • Banda

    The spiritual path.

  • Wake up

    Born on Christmas day.

  • habit

    a treeless plain; Sheet.

  • Frisch

    New; New.

  • That's it

    Birth; Resurrection.

  • Tejomur

    made of light

  • Freund


  • Tenzin

    The name of the Dalai Lama.

  • Terenz

    A Roman dramatist.

  • Tierra

    The earth.

  • Terror

    A feeling of extreme fear.

  • Continue

    true enlightenment.

  • Texas

    A system of sentences developed by Donald Knuth.

  • Calamardo

    Derivation of the Aramaic word that means "sin".

  • touch


  • thor

    A hammer-wielding god in Norse polytheism.

  • Donner

    A loud bang or a loud crack.

  • Tierra

    dark skinned; serrated.

  • stripes

    Storage; Storage.

  • tito

    79 to 81 Roman Emperor.

  • Toya


  • Redondo

    God, please stop yelling.

  • Log

    The Law of God.

  • Toshiro

    Intelligent boy.

  • trample

    A former artist and writer.

  • Tsering

    Long life.

  • Support for


  • When I wake up


  • Tyson

    An undisputed heavyweight champion American boxer.

  • Geist

    The soul; strong spirit.

  • ulric

    A Germanic name meaning 'inheritance'

  • Ulises

    He served as the eighteenth president of the United States.

  • em


  • Milan

    One that is adorable.

  • inflammation

    stone; Jewel.

  • Urban

    Strong; healthy.

  • Usian


  • Mainly


  • Uzi

    An open bolt machine gun with recoil operation.

  • Vader

    A central character and one of the main protagonists of the Star Wars saga.

  • agua

    The ocean.

  • Vash

    A main character in Star Trek.

  • Vasu


  • Far

    The fifth brightest star in the night sky.

  • velo



    Believe; Believe.

  • Visible


  • viking

    The Nordic explorers who raided much of Europe and the islands of the North Atlantic.

  • Snake

    A venomous snake in the eastern United States

  • office

    Starker retained.

  • Neto


  • Geier

    A scavenger bird of prey.

  • Wein

    Heavenly water.

  • sister


  • he went

    bright sun

  • Wayland

    Land on the street.

  • West

    A tough dog name that sounds majestic.

  • Wicak

    Tell the truth.

  • Evil

    Stephen Schwartz's novel.

  • Lobo

    Gray wolves are social predators.

  • Xena

    Fictional character of a warrior princess.

  • Xurén

    Continue the mission.

  • xylón

    It comes from the forest.

  • Yakir

    Dear; Treasure.

  • cooked

    productive country.

  • Head

    Descent like the water of a river.

  • John


  • José

    God will add.

  • Yume


  • Some

    Means "rich, happy"

  • Zak


  • refugio

    Protection; Protection.

  • Zane

    Hebrew name meaning "God is merciful."

  • Sarevo

    Nice red glow in the sky.

  • Zeke

    From 'Ezekiel' meaning 'God will strengthen'

  • Zeus

    The "father of gods and men" in Greek mythology.

  • Zhenni

    Integrity; Virtue.

  • Towards

    Path; the way.

  • Grim

    Get power.

  • Zulu-

    Ethnic tribe from southern Africa.

Visit our dog name center to searchThousands of dog name ideas!

Inspired by the gods and mythology.

Every culture has myths and gods/deities, and that is why we can use such a rich culture as a source of inspiration to find the perfect dog names for exotic breeds. For example, if you have a Pyrenean Mastiff, you could give it a namethor, because it is as strong and majestic as your dog.

Also, if you are aWeimaraner, and you use it to explore and hunt in the wild, you could call it the demigodHerculesto represent how strong and brave your dog is.

If you have a very exotic bitch, you could give her a nameisis, Whatgoddess of ancient egypt. One of the main deities and mother of Horus (which, by the way, is another great name for your pup).

If you want your dog to represent your faith as much as you do, you can give it a nameObadiahwhich means servant of God. A very powerful and significant name and therefore an ideal choice if you have strong religious beliefs.

Apollois another cool name for a male puppy. She is one of the most important deities in the Greek and Roman pantheons. He is also one of the more complex gods. He is the god of the sun, knowledge, healing, music, dance, and light. Without a doubt, a rich and very significant name for your dog.

You could also name your pup.Brahma, as the Hindu creator god. A gigantic power delivery and therefore suitable for large dog breeds or if your pup has a very strong temperament. Also an excellent name for dog breeds belonging to India like that.Chippipers, theCombi, theBully-Hundor themud dog.

Exotic Dog Names From Foreign Words

Thanks to the vast and complex cultures that inhabit our world, we have a majestic array of words to go along with tropical dog names because they sound beautiful and are truly unique and outstanding.

In Semitic language, for example, we have the wordAdiwhich means jewel. So if your dog is as beautiful and shiny as a jewel, here is an ideal option for you.

If your dog is imposing and imposing, consider giving it a nameAdonis, which means Lord in Hebrew. It's also a great Biblical name for your dog, in case you want to represent your faith as well.

If Your Dog Is As Bright As The Sunrise Then You Might Give It A Nameone LoveWhat does that mean exactly. It is a name typically used by the Chickasaw, the indigenous people of the Southern Woodlands. It sounds very exotic, sweet and mysterious and of course it also has a deep meaning.

You could also name your pup.Geist, which is the Greek word for "within the soul." A perfect exotic dog name for a pup with stunning eyes. Excellent if you want to extrapolate the qualities of your dog to a much higher concept. Something that nurtures exactly what he wants his cub to represent now and in the future.

Great ideas for exotic puppy names

Honestly, our selection of names is so wide that you can define your own criteria. For example, you might choose one based on how cool it sounds, without any real meaning behind it.

Also, you can choose one that best defines the characteristics of the breed. A hunting dog like the bearded could be mentioned as an example.Article, which means the brave.

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If it is very charming, you could name it.armedwhich means honey. In this category we find the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the Collie, the Golden Retriever or theBeagle. Just a few examples, because these are some of thegentlest dog breeds.

For dog breeds that excel at learning tricks, you can chooseSent. means oneseasoned expertin Dutch and is ideal for more intelligent breeds (eg.border collie, apoodle mix, theblack german shepherdor thePapillon).

As you can see, our list ofexotic dog namesIt will be suitable for different purposes. All you have to do is explore to find the ideal name for your pup.


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