17 beautiful Airbnbs in Chiang Mai - Rating 2023 (2023)

17. September 2022January 3, 2023

Do you plan a trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand?We cover it with the best accommodations that are pocket friends and offer an impressive view.

These accommodations will certainly make their stay worth it.


Small house in a authentic Thai neighborhoodElegant executive suite with ceiling poolStyles Studio in a fun districtLarge pool villageLight study in GeimmanTraditional wooden house overlooking the mountains"Green leaf" land house in the organic gardenLuxurious condominium with integral perspectivesHoneymoon suite in center of Chiang MaiElegant and brilliant apartmentGran height thin apartmentLuxury boutique apartment with poolLitchi -hausChiang Mai Airbnb Modern with view of Mountain ViewLuxury house in a quiet areaBungalow Blauer with outdoor panBohemio Dala Ping River House

First small house in an authentic Thai neighborhood

This small house is located south of the old town in a quiet residential area south of the old town.

This property is perfect for all those looking for a house outside the home, without hustle and bustle.

The location is adequate to see and feel the local life of the place.You attract, all facilities are on foot of this place, including organic markets.

It is an open design with a double bed and a single bed, as well as a comfortable sofa.The room is equally suitable for couples, families, friends and travelers in solo.

The owner of the property carries out an embroidery and a workplace workshop on the other side of the street.

It is open and free for Airbnb guests.You just have to pay a minimum rate to use the equipment.

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2. Elegant executive suite with a roof pool

This property gives you a feeling of a luxury hotel for the price of an Airbnb.It is an excellent option for couples and a small group of friends.

The apartment has a bedroom with a King-Size bed, a desk and a luxurious suite bathroom with a separate accessible shower and a single ascent bathtub.

The living room is very spacious, super and elegant.While there is a wall of the living room of the mirrors, the other has the other on the floor and the windows of the roof.

In the middle there is a large spider lamp under which there is a dining table and a comfortable sofa.

It also has an impressive complete kitchen that is equipped with an espresso coffee machine and a washing machine in the unit.

17 beautiful Airbnbs in Chiang Mai - Rating 2023 (2)

3. Styles Studio in a fun district

It is a relaxed holiday apartment in the urban environment of Chiang Mai, which offers a beautiful view of nature.

The apartment is characterized by a warm exposed brick, clear wooden furniture and bright modern accents.

The interior of the place is old and elegant.The room can take up to 4 people.

It has a queensize bed, a sofa bed and a bath well equipped with a modern shower.

The living room and the bedroom combine, which makes all the property very spacious.The area is illuminated by the oral window overlooking trees, mountains and sky.

A fully functional kitchen has an electric plaque and a large dining area.Additional comforts include a washing machine in the unit and a television.

17 beautiful Airbnbs in Chiang Mai - Rating 2023 (3)

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4. Spacious Pool Village

This unique residence option in Chiang Mai is suitable for large groups and joint families.

The old town was built in 1945 and has ancient furniture and a unique decoration.

This house has a large garden with a buried pool, which is surrounded by a quiet garden and an outdoor shower.

The four rooms are furnished with three King size beds, a bed wishes and four bathrooms.

The living room is outdoors, where you can enjoy the natural climate and refreshing breeze while relaxing or eats.

There is a kitchen fully equipped with a sink, a refrigerator, a microwave and a washing machine.

Due to its central location, the authentic design and its friendly neighborhood, the town is a popular residence option in Chiang Mai.

5. Easy study began

This study is located in Gimman's modern room.The place is conveniently located, near countless restaurants, bars, clubs and galleries.

The interior has several decorative pieces in retro style, wooden furniture and a lot of green, which contributes to the beauty and charm of the place.

The room has comfortable comforts, such as intelligent television and a dedicated work area, so that the study for office workers becomes an adequate residence option.

The bedroom has a King-Nize bed and a sofa bed in which couples and groups of up to three guests can be housed.

In the room there is a private bathroom with new facilities and a modern shower.

There is also a cozy living room with a small kitchen, a large window seat and a lovely washing support with an additional storage space.

17 beautiful Airbnbs in Chiang Mai - Rating 2023 (5)

6. Traditional wooden house overlooking the mountains

This traditional wooden house is southwest of the old town, outside the hustle and bustle of the city.It is perfect for people who love the relaxed environment.

Technically speaking, this traditional host family is two buildings;A main house of two stories plus a stable of adjacent rice.The Reis barn offers a beautiful view of the mountains of northern Thailand.

In addition to the bedroom, visitors have a spacious living room with a terrace with a beautiful hammock.

The host is very friendly and can help him plan his travel route in Chiang Mai.

17 beautiful Airbnbs in Chiang Mai - Rating 2023 (6)

7. "Leaf vegetables" land house in the organic garden

Perhaps this is the most unique host family of Chiang Mai, which is made completely of sound.The place was originally a meditation retreat.

The property is located in a Pacific suburb north of the old town, and there is absolute peace and serenity so that they can easily detoxify.

This host family is ideal for solo couples, friends and travelers who want to try vacations outside the box experience.

There are bunk beds that are very comfortable.

17 beautiful Airbnbs in Chiang Mai - Rating 2023 (7)


As the name implies, it is a high -end airbnb in Chiang Mai, near the historic center and the night bazaar on the Chang Khlan road.

The property has a bedroom with a Queensize bed, a spacious bath with a luxury shower and a kitchen fully equipped with a washing machine in the unit.

There is also a spacious living room with a wall doors of glass doors that opens to a private balcony.You can also use the well -equipped gym and sauna.

If that was less, the room has a luxurious pool on the roof and an impressive lobby with a coffee at home.

17 beautiful Airbnbs in Chiang Mai - Rating 2023 (8)

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9. Honeymoon suite in the center of Chiang Mai

As the name implies, this accommodation adapts better to couples or a small group of friends.It is located in a modern residential building with a peaceful but central location.

The interior of the place has a very charming attraction.It is decorated with local works of art, new modern comforts and real purple accents.

A private terrace offers an impressive view of the city and the distant mountains.The opulent bedroom has a luxurious King-Size bed and a suite bathroom with marble spaces.

There is a spacious living room, a cozy dining room and a fully equipped kitchen.The kitchen has an electric plaque, an espresso coffee machine and a washing machine in the unit.

Additional comfort here are not so prominent in other Airbnbs, such as an elevator, free parking and baby equipment that are aligned with a ceiling pool.

17 beautiful Airbnbs in Chiang Mai - Rating 2023 (9)

10. Elegant and brilliant apartment

It is another beautiful and modern airbnb rental in Chiang Mai.Tes has a bedroom and is suitable for individual travelers and couples.

There is a spacious living room with a large wall made of glass doors to the balcony.The neighborhood is very lively.

The building where the apartment has a gym and a pool of the inner courtyard.

You will find many restaurants, bars and stores that are at the foot of the apartment, and there is even a new shopping center nearby.

17 beautiful Airbnbs in Chiang Mai - Rating 2023 (10)

11. Delgated height apartment

This thin Airbnb in Chiang Mai is in a high ascent with a pool and a gym, hence the name of the thin high -level apartments.

It has a bedroom equipped with a King-Size bed, a desk and a spa-shaped bath.The bathroom has granite surfaces with a separate shower and an average bathtub.

The living room has high -end furniture, high ceilings, a mirror accent wall and a room height window.The general design is very refined.

The living room has a luxurious sofa and huge windows that offer an impressive view of the mountains.There is a private balcony in which you can decide fresh air.

The apartment also has a decent dining room along with a fully equipped kitchen.References are televisions, laundry facilities and free parking spaces in a private garage.

The place is just a few minutes walk from several restaurants, coffee shops, bars and supermarkets.

17 beautiful Airbnbs in Chiang Mai - Rating 2023 (11)

12. Luxury boutique apartment with pool

This luxury apartment is located on Quiet Street on the Geimman road.

There is a bedroom, a living room and a clean bath.In the property there is an open pool where you can swim or simply relax with your feet in the water.

The private balcony gives the mountains with a picturesque view of the green.The sofa in the living room can become.It can be used as a double bed if necessary.

The condominium is on the first floor of the building with slight access to gym and sauna.The safety in the building is first class and verifies each visitor.

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17 beautiful Airbnbs in Chiang Mai - Rating 2023 (12)


The house has its name of the "Litchi" tree, which is located in its garden.This lively yellow house has a strategic location near the road of the department and the old town right next to the Mayan Shopping Center.

The architecture of the house is very modern, with high ceilings and many windows through which natural light is flooded.

The property has three rooms and is suitable for a large family or a group of friends.

17 beautiful Airbnbs in Chiang Mai - Rating 2023 (13)

14. Chiang Mai Airbnb Modern overlooking the mountains

This modern Airbnb is on the seventh floor of a luxurious building.It is a new rental and, therefore, clean with modern comforts.

The place is suitable for solo couples and travelers.There is a bedroom with a wish bed and a desk and a full bathroom.There is a small living room with comfortable sofas.

There is a large window and a private balcony through which guests can enjoy the impressive view of the mountain.

You can also get a well equipped kitchen with a shiny black breakfast bar.The kitchen is always equipped with free kitchen and drinks.

There is a pool on the floor along with a state -of -the -art gym.

17 beautiful Airbnbs in Chiang Mai - Rating 2023 (14)

15. Luxury house in a quiet area

The luxury house is a spacious and private residence option in a quiet residential area.The host family can accommodate up to 7-8 people.

It has three bedrooms and is surrounded by gardens.The green around the city makes it a perfect exhaust accommodation in the busy city of Chiang Mai.

All location consists of teak wood and has artistically design furniture and authentic internal accents.

The exterior includes a covered terrace and a green area that is perfect for reading, sun and yoga withdrawals.The rent offers guests a free breakfast every day.

There is a King-Size bed and two re-ennened beds, as well as two bathrooms.The neighborhood is very friendly, quiet and safe, cozy.

17 beautiful Airbnbs in Chiang Mai - Rating 2023 (15)

16. Bungalow Blauer with outdoor bathtub

The blue bungalow is conveniently located in the center of Chiang Mai and, therefore, close to all popular attractions.

This compact bungalow is equipped with all modern and essential comforts, such as fast wifi, air conditioning and fresh coffee in the morning.

It is a spacious garden with an outdoor bathtub.The neighborhood is very attractive and accessible.

Verify availability

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17 beautiful Airbnbs in Chiang Mai - Rating 2023 (16)

17. Bohemian Dala Ping River House

The Bohemian River house belongs to a family of interior artists and designers, which is explained a lot how this fascinating place was built.

The property has two rooms and is suitable for small families or groups of friends.A private pool is inside, but prefer to soak up on the beautiful Ping River.

The property is located from the old town for 15 minutes and 25 minutes of the airport, and you can also use the free selection service.

17 beautiful Airbnbs in Chiang Mai - Rating 2023 (17)

To involve

These wonderful stays in Chiang Mai became manual admiration so that I do not have to waste time to explore the best accommodation.In addition to accommodation, we would like his stay in Chiang Mai to be unforgettable.

Take a look at some excellent places in Chiang Mai that cannot be lost.

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